Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Sydney Colonial Muzzle-Loading Club Hill End Winter Muster 2016, and some good clips from a good movie.

I have a friend who is Australian, and a black powder enthusiast.  He and his cronies get together at a big shoot, camp out, and just enjoy the good company and the shooting.  Many years ago, the gun club here used to do that, when it was mostly older guys and there weren't so many members. So I particularly enjoy hearing about his experiences.

 I asked him if I could use some pictures he sent me, and he was ok with that.

These guys are blazing away.  I wish now I had put more effort into learning black powder shooting. I have a Hawkins Plains rifle replica, and a Colt Army replica, but just never got the knack of using them.

Shooting black powder is so meticulous, and the steps involved are more intricate than just putting another magazine in the weapon.

I was surprised that the kick from my .50 caliber Hawkin was not very much.  I thought it would be a lot worse than a smokeless powder battle rifle,  but it wasn't.

One nice thing, as long as you have powder stored up, you can get lead from all kind of things and make your own bullets. The guys I was shooting with used "fake" black powder, that wasn't so explosive. The real deal is dangerous, but I think that would add to the experience myself.

 These fellows camp out on site.  Take a look at that vehicle! I don't know what it is, but I'd like to have one.  Looks like something out of Mad Max, which is appropriate since these shooters are Australian.

This is more like a camping vehicle you would find here. My crony and his wife travel all over Australia.  He's an accountant, and having been one myself, I hope he retires pretty soon before the job kills him.  However, he and the wife get out enough to provide some stress relief.

When I still went out in the woods and stayed there, I didn't mind roughing it some. There is a wilderness area SW of me, and you could meet some interesting people camping there. So I imagine that when you get a bunch of shooters together in that environment, good times are had by all.

Who doesn't enjoy sitting around a camp fire at night, with boon companions to hand?  Of course, in Australia there are things like giant snakes and monstrous crocodiles, but these fellows are well away from the ocean or the swamps. I'd still take a big light and a pistol if I had to go out to the woods after dark.

Looks like fun.  All in all, given the interaction I have with this particular individual and other Australian friends, they seem to be more inclined to "rough it" when they hit the road. Most of us, I think , are more Holiday Inn campers. Of course, there are some people like Six Bears who are stalwart travelers and think nothing of living it rough. I just think it's kind of  a dying breed here in the states. I don't count the young people who ride their bikes around and camp in little bitty tents, I'm talking about  real camping.

Thanks to the Sgt. for letting me share these pictures with everyone.

I was lurking (I do that a lot) on a blog that had a conversation going on about the crusades. I didn't participate because, in all honesty, the folks were not really looking at the historical aspects of it, just using the fact that the crusades took place to justify Islamic radicalism. They seem to feel like there was no history between the West and Islam prior to the Crusades.  Not so.  The Spanish, Carolingian's , the Balkans , the Byzantines..... there was a lot of history in this regard before the Crusades.

In the 8th Century A.D. the Carolingian's (French) and the Spanish were fighting Moslems, before Ragnar and his doughty band of TV Vikings ever reached Paris.  We are still fighting them today.

I didn't hang around, as I mentioned, but it did put me in mind of the movie "Kingdom of Heaven." A very good and fairly accurate drama about the Horns of Hattin and it's aftermath.  Here are some good scenes from the movie, presented for your viewing pleasure!

This first scene from "Kingdom of Heaven" always makes me think of two things. One, you had to be pretty hard  to be a soldier in the Middle Ages. That hand to hand stuff has no appeal for me. I think just before the charge, I would have been the dust trail headed for the castle as everybody else went forth to do battle with the Islamists. "Hold them off boys, I'll go get help!"


The other thing the movie reminds me of.. They didn't horse around with a bunch of philosophical breast beating. They liked simple solutions.  I've been in many a conference and meeting where "God Wills It! " would have been a great way to end an interminable get together!


Thought for the day.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Making the list. Maybe you did and don't even know it.

If you get on the wrong side of an ISIS sympathizer, or just some malcontent who doesn't like you, you can wind up on one  of several internet ISIS "kill lists."  ISIS isn't going to send a hit man to your house. (Well, maybe , if you post cartoons of the prophet.)  But they hope some brain dead Moslem living near you will drop by with a machete or a hunting knife.  The strange thing is, the government isn't going to tell you if you make the list. Not if you are just Joe S**t the Ragman.

ISIS came out some time ago urging it's supporters in America to kill the families of military personnel. Most of the people on these lists appear to be individuals who fit that profile. However, some of them are college professors, bloggers, news people, and people who have no idea why they are on the list. Apparently, the lists for just four states now contain 15,000 names.

But not to worry. The government says no one on the lists has been murdered. I'm sure they would put out the word on all the major news networks if people were getting an Islamic haircut, because they know how tough minded the average American is, so there would be no hysteria or panic.

 About two months ago, there was an article about a blogger in New York who had received death threats from individuals identifying themselves as supporters of ISIS.   The blogger quit blogging. He felt like he didn't need to be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. He was afraid.   While it was easy for me to disregard the threats he got, doubtless it would have been harder to ignore had I been the one getting threatened. I think you'd be worried when you went outside, always looking at the tree line. Every noise at night would wake you up. (It does me already but I've been hyper vigilant for over thirty years, so what the hell.) I don't believe I would  have folded my blog because the sand people threatened me, but I think that's a call for each individual based on their own circumstances.  So I am not going to say anything snide about this guy caving. I did, actually, but I rewrote this paragraph at least five  times before I felt comfortable with it.

I've got some serious protection, too.

Given the long established record of people who make the Moslems mad enough getting whacked, the blogger  took it seriously.  I am not going to put any pictures of the Dutch artist laying dead by his little bicycle in the street, or any cartoon about it. It's not really funny.  The point is, lots of these killings have taken place in the West, and they are invariably not by hard core ISIS operatives, but by lunatic whack jobs who "hear the call" on the net.

Killing the families of people who aggravate them is a  long established tactic of militant Islam, going back to the inception of the religion. So, the blogger in the article was more than a little concerned. If ISIS publishes your address and name, (and in some cases, photos of you or your family) it would probably be wise to be concerned.

It would also be nice to know it had been done so you could at least be a little more situationaly aware.  The government is following these on line antics, but it would appear they don't bother to notify the selectee's unless they are "somebody" The run of the mill Jill or Joe doesn't get the word. Nor do the local police.  Makes me wonder how many murders are written off in the country as unsolved, or just "bash and dash by a druggie" type of stuff, when it fact the killing was related to these lists.

I took at look at disguises, in case I ever make the grade, and here's my mask I picked out.

I could wear it whenever I go to Chattanooga, in case I have another interaction with "de bruddas" and it gets out of hand.  What mask would you choose, I wonder?  I think the women have a greater selection to choose from than the men.

Spike said he didn't need a mask.  He says this is his "concerned look".

I tried to find these lists on Google, but couldn't. If anybody does find them, let me know.  I'd like to scan them and see if anyone I know made the grade.

I'm good if they come for me.  Like GoodGulf the Grey in "Bored of the Rings" I too wield a trusty elven weapon!

"  In his hand he carried an ancient and trustworthy 

weapon, called by the elves a Browning semi-automatic."

Mine is named "Aelynthi", the foe perferator!

Thought for the Day:

Strive to be like Travis.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The House Select Committee on Benghazi released their report today.

I am posting this clip for people who don't have access to television.  It's the best synopsis of the report I can find on all the MSM. Newt Gingrich is an honest man who tells a straight story. After the first few minutes they turn to other subjects if you want to stop there, but the discussion of "elitists" is pretty interesting.


Gingrich is more articulate and better informed than I am .  He pretty well sums it up.

Thought for the day.

This is a 46 minute program on Benghazi, featuring some of  the survivors of the contract protection team. It's a good program.

What a detestable individual this woman is.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Busted the budget.

The last few weeks have been unsettling. Because I have been trying to keep up with what's going on, I have been watching a lot of news. That's never a good thing to do if you are looking for peace and tranquility.

The British vote to leave the EU is viewed from a different perspective here.  Reading a good many British bloggers, they sound a lot like we do. Half of them want to stay, are unhappy with nationalism, like the one world idea.  The other half want to retain their national identity, take pride in their own culture and preserve it, and take control of their own affairs. A lot like us here, except that the last time anybody in this country tried to leave "The Union" there was a four year long war and the side that lost is still being occupied by the Feds today.

Updated 1145Eastern 27 June 2016 :  Having read some more English blogs, it's clear  that some people are primarily concerned about potential economic impact of leaving the EU, and worried about the uncertain future. The fact that they voted against leaving doesn't necessarily make them leftists or liberals. Thought I needed to clarify that.

At least the EU Bureaucrats can't make the Brits take more of these.

The Dems are hot and heavy on their little circus shows. They still don't get it about Moslem terrorism. Or, if they do, they don't care and are just trying to make a little hay out of the Orlando shootings.

I spent a lot of money this month on rounding out a few things. Heavy on .223 and .308 , plus some pistol ammo in .40 S&W, 45 ACP.   I probably already have enough, but this business in California about requiring background checks to buy ammo is probably going to make it harder to get, as the decent people out there will be drawing down on supplies before it becomes law, assuming it does.

The Attorney General is sticking with her belief that we can handle Moslem terrorism with "love and compassion." I'll bet you a dollar to a donut she's never been into the Middle East. She ought to go to Lebanon for a weeks vacation. Spend it in Beirut. See what she thinks about loving Islamists when she comes back. If she comes back....

Of course, 50% of the country doesn't believe we have a problem with Islamic terrorism, because their beloved Barrack Hussein says so.  Wonder how many people at that bar in Orlando thought that, and how many changed their minds afterwards. If they got the chance.

and Hillary is still gaining in the polls.  Eight years of Black Jesus, and eight years of her.

Spent a lot more than was in the budget on food, as well.  When things get unsettled, I like every nook and cranny to be full of supplies. Both freezers full, pantry full, store rooms full. Of course, if I want something in particular it's guaranteed to be on the bottom of the freezer, but I will just have to deal with that.  Can't think of anything else to do now, except keep an eye on developments.

Thought for the Day:

CBS Monday 27 June 2016

PORTLAND, Ore. -- An Oregon mother shot and killed a home intruder she found in her child's bedroom early Sunday, reports CBS affiliate KOIN.
Police say the 33-year-old woman returned home with her two children, 5 and 10, and found the unidentified intruder, 59. KOIN reports the woman shot the man, a stranger, with her personal handgun after a confrontation.
Police tell the station the woman and her children are victims in the situation. They say the family is traumatized. They were reportedly not hurt in the incident.
The woman cooperated with investigators and the case is being sent to the Multnomah County District Attorney's Office for review, according to the station.
Neighbor Amber Murray told the station the home was vacant for a while before the woman and her children moved in recently.
"I know when the previous renters were there, there was a lot of mischief," Murray said. "After they moved out I think there were a few squatters in and out of there."
Investigators are working to determine why the man was in the home. An autopsy is planned for Monday.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Crushing heat in the mountains, while the propaganda drums beat.

Artist: Rachel Pohl

The last two days here have been blistering.   In Atlanta they hit 105 degrees in some parts of the city, thanks to the heat plume created by all the asphalt and metal. Up here, it was around 98 most of the afternoon, and didn't cool down below 80 at night.  The air conditioning is running overtime. We've had some brown outs. Those foolish people who let the electric membership cooperative finance new refrigerators, freezers, and other appliances are now feeling the hook.  All these new appliances come with controls the power cooperative can shut off from their main office. So when the grid gets stretched (which isn't hard with our 1930's technology) the Power Lords start turning off people's gear. Not mine. When they tried to pimp that stuff to me I told them I'd make my own decisions about what to turn off and when. I can run everything on the generator if I have to, I don't need a bunch of dishonest bureaucrats in my decision making loop.

I'm not really interested in having anything in my house that acts as a data collection device for God knows who out there in the ether.  I have satellite television,  satellite radio, and the internet. As far as I know, the internet captures everything I ever write on it. That would explain how I look at Southwestern blankets on and then get adds for Southwestern blankets on the news pages I go to. I don't think there's much I can do about that.

The MSM has been attacking Britain left and right since the voting results came out.  ABC, NBC and CBS all have the same clip of some "dull normal" Indian woman saying she voted for leaving the EU but "now I wish I hadn't."  I've never seen all three major networks using the same clip before, ever.

There's another one they are all sharing. It shows a bunch of people standing on the steps of some public building. They all have custom printed protest signs that look like the EU flag. Printed across the bottom is the caption "I am not British, I am European!"  Guess George Soros paid for  those.

Obama is livid. On the morning the voting results reached us, he had his "Whitehouse Spokesmen" out on every news network and every major network news show.  They all had the same canned speech. First "The people of Britain are allowed to choose their own path" or words to that effect. Nice of Obama to give the Brits that favor. But it went down hill from there. All about how this was going to hurt Britain, how they would regret this, how U.S. companies would have to reconsider doing business there.  I saw one host ask the Whitehouse goon why all these things would happen, and the mouth didn't even break stride. Just kept reading his script.

Even the news people who want to be honest have to toe the PC line. I mentioned in another post that I was watching the news and there was a segment about how the Supreme Court dead lock on Obama's attempt to change immigration law by Executive Diktat stymied the Dictator.  The newscaster said " this will impact some 5 million illegal,.. er, I mean, undocumented residents."

I am watching most of the news channels to learn what I can about current events, but I always have to remind myself, look for the little bit of  truth hidden in the waves of B.S.

The only channel that has been positive in any way, shape or form has been Fox. They are far from being the conservative stalwarts they once were, but at least there's a glimmer of truth in their segments.

If you watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or MSNBC all you get are pure, unadulterated propaganda.  They have the old Russian TASS news beat all to pieces when it comes to distorting the truth.

I remember the Radio Moscow news story I heard once on shortwave many years ago. Talking about a European car race, they said "the Russian car came in second, and the American car came in next to last."  Turns out there were only two cars in the race, and the American won. But their statement was true. It's all in the presentation.

Thought for the Day:

Friday, June 24, 2016

Big News Week

British voters decided, by a razor thin margin, to leave the European Union.  Although Obama made it clear he wanted Brits to stay in the EU, enough people ignored his meddling in their internal affairs and made their own decisions to leave .  Today the MSM here is predicting doom and excoriating the British. Only Fox looked at the vote in a positive light.  By shaking off the EU, the British won't have politicians from other countries making critical decisions about immigration and other issues for them. They already have a huge Moslem problem but at least now they may be able to keep it from getting worse.  There's also the fact that other citizens from other countries may take heart and see that they can restore their national borders and run their own affairs.  I think it's a good thing for all of us. The British may no longer have their empire, but they clearly still have the courage that created it.

"Britons never will be slaves!"

That's not the only event this week that has Black Jesus rubbing his eyes.  The Supreme Court deadlocked on whether his "Presidential Executive Order on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens" was constitutional, four to four. That means the lower court ruling stands, which in turn means Obama's attempt to make law by edict is stymied.

So the five million illegals he tried to keep from being deported no longer have that shield.  The reporter who was presenting this on the news said " that means that five million illegal....I mean, five million undocumented immigrants." I wonder if he lost his job for  that slip?

The feds have finally set a court date for Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the Libyan who masterminded and directed the attack on the American diplomatic post and CIA compound in Benghazi.  Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States and the official tasked with overseeing the governments efforts to protect us from terrorism, has decreed that the government will not seek the death penalty. This is in accord with her publicly announced belief that only love can conquer Islamic hate.

Personally, I put more faith in Colonel Colt in this matter.

Thought for the Day.

The Roman Legions successfully dealt with the barbarians for hundreds of years. Love and Compassion had little to do with it.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Failed State", "Banana Republic"

Some harsh words for the Democrats on the news this morning.  Their little "hold my breath til I turn blue" gig on the floor of the House is being used as an example of just how bad things have gotten.

I was thinking, maybe the solution to the Red States/ Blue States is just to split the country.  California, New York, New England, the Pacific Northwest could be the Democratic People's Republic of Cloud Coo Coo Land.  The rest of us could have the old United States. I know a lot of  good people would become refugees. It would be similar to the India Pakistan split. But it would solve a lot of problems.  Portland could be the new Capital of the Blue State people.

The British are voting today on whether to stay in the European Union, or restore their independence. They'll have to get out to avoid becoming a Moslem state, but no one knows how it will go yet.

You can't control the flow of immigrants if you can't control your own borders. We've proven that to our cost in this country.  One thing no Western Democracy needs is more Moslems. But the leadership of the EU, like the current occupant of the White House and his party, seem intent on committing cultural suicide.

On a brighter note, I hear some more Mosin Nagants are coming into the country. The good old days of buying an "unissued condition" rifle, with all the accouterments, are over.  As Archie Bunker used to say, "those were the days."

Today it would cost you a lot more.

Back when these rifles were dirt cheap, in the late 1980's and the 1990's, most people ignored them because there was so much else to choose from. Today, the Mosin Nagant is about the only rifle you can buy from a wholesaler, they just don't have any large quantities of surplus military rifles anymore.

If you still have no rifle at all to defend yourself with, there's still time.  This new batch of Mosins (if indeed it exists) may be the last to come in.  So pawn your collection of Roy Orbison vinyl and get yourself a rifle. You could do worse.

These are hard to find.  The rifle is a Mosin Nagant Model 1938 carbine.  Like the Model 1944 except it doesn't have the heavy and cumbersome permanently affixed bayonet.  The 7.62X54R cartridge the rifle fires is said to be the oldest military cartridge still in use. It's a full powered cartridge, and will jar your teeth even in full sized rifles. The kick out of this gun is tremendous. Still, it fits right behind the front seat in a Cherokee if you have the back seats down. Very handy.

Once upon a time (1980's and 1990's) we were awash in cheap 7.62X54R.  A case like this, with the ammo in stripper clips , in the can, in the case, would run you about $100 delivered, and that includes shipping. Now just a single spam can costs as much, when you can find it.  On the positive side, back then reloadable brass was very expensive, and today it's very cheap. So if you reload, you can make up a good stockpile of components and be good to go.

We are in for another hot, humid day.  I was planning on going over to the little lake to swim this evening. We have the beach all to ourselves if we go after five o'clock.  Tomorrow we are going to the movies up at the big lake in the next county, to see  the sequel to "Independence Day."  I liked the first movie and this one looks good as well.

Thought for the Day:

perhaps a bit coarse, but certainly true.