Friday, June 24, 2016

Big News Week

British voters decided, by a razor thin margin, to leave the European Union.  Although Obama made it clear he wanted Brits to stay in the EU, enough people ignored his meddling in their internal affairs and made their own decisions to leave .  Today the MSM here is predicting doom and excoriating the British. Only Fox looked at the vote in a positive light.  By shaking off the EU, the British won't have politicians from other countries making critical decisions about immigration and other issues for them. They already have a huge Moslem problem but at least now they may be able to keep it from getting worse.  There's also the fact that other citizens from other countries may take heart and see that they can restore their national borders and run their own affairs.  I think it's a good thing for all of us. The British may no longer have their empire, but they clearly still have the courage that created it.

"Britons never will be slaves!"

That's not the only event this week that has Black Jesus rubbing his eyes.  The Supreme Court deadlocked on whether his "Presidential Executive Order on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens" was constitutional, four to four. That means the lower court ruling stands, which in turn means Obama's attempt to make law by edict is stymied.

So the five million illegals he tried to keep from being deported no longer have that shield.  The reporter who was presenting this on the news said " that means that five million illegal....I mean, five million undocumented immigrants." I wonder if he lost his job for  that slip?

The feds have finally set a court date for Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the Libyan who masterminded and directed the attack on the American diplomatic post and CIA compound in Benghazi.  Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General of the United States and the official tasked with overseeing the governments efforts to protect us from terrorism, has decreed that the government will not seek the death penalty. This is in accord with her publicly announced belief that only love can conquer Islamic hate.

Personally, I put more faith in Colonel Colt in this matter.

Thought for the Day.

The Roman Legions successfully dealt with the barbarians for hundreds of years. Love and Compassion had little to do with it.


  1. CBR, for some reason, your comment would not post. So I did a cut and paste to put it on here.

    Hey Harry, I watched in great anticipation of that vote and was surprised. I did not think Britain had the courage still but apparently they do. Hopefully the Germans will wake up out and oust their current government in their elections and follow suit. That would probably dissolved the E.U. since no one will pay for the failing economies and socialism of the socialist member states. Europe has historically never faired well when it comes to alliances. I cite 5,000 years of bloodshed in Europe as my evidence. Peace in Europe has only existed since 1945 (not that long ago) I don't even understand why the (chunnel) was built. It was a remarkable engineering feat but it left a huge gap in English security. Now anytime rampaging muslim normans can storm the gates of Old Brittiana with their pikes, crossbows and spears. A Muslim Norman. That would be a hell of a mix. A rampaging snail and baguette eating barbarian with a prayer rug, funny helmet and a crossbow (Go away you silly!)

    1. This puts absolute control of the fate of Britain back in the hands of the British. They still have a problem, in that they have several million people living in their country who are not British, don't want to be British, and are intent on forcing their own Dark Age values on everyone. But at least the British now will have the say so what about what happens in their own country. They won't have European One Worlders forcing things down their throats that are detrimental to them.

      I honestly think other countries may follow their example. I hope so.

  2. I'm in the middle of reading a book series about The Tudors. And As I read it, I keep saying to myself "Good Lord, if England had Henry V111 again". I am so darn proud of the British people..Good for them!. I bet BO has smoked atleast 2 cartons of Newport this week.....I freaking love it!

    1. It's encouraging for us here. If the British can throw off the yolk of the E.U., maybe there's actually hope for Europe. I saw on the news that there are now movements in France, Germany and Denmark for leaving the E.U. as well. Maybe it will spread. When European countries controlled their own borders, they were able to prevent the waves of third world immigrants to some extent. But when the EU took over and eradicated those borders, the individual states had no way to control Moslem immigration and we can sure see where that got them. Barrack Hussein was furious. He sent his "spokesmen" out on every major network the morning the news of the voting results reached us. They all had a canned speech they gave, starting out with "The British people have a right to determine their own future" and then launching into a screed against the Brits, predicting their economic doom, and stating baldly that we would not be doing any trade agreements with them now, just as Obama threatened when he went over there.

  3. prayed about this and so glad britain may be saved, at least a little.
    mother is british. we are scots, german, breton, and irish also.
    thanks to God that He raised up truth telling men to save the nation.

    we need to rid ourselves of nafta, tpp and all other hand-tying pacts.
    God will save us if we ask Him and do what is right.
    down with political incorrectness and up with morality- good morality.

    1. I'm Scotch Irish (or, as they say over there, Scots Irish) but I like the English and admire their history. I know the Scots and Northern Irish are not happy, but I don't think they were getting the brunt of the negative impact being in the EU had on the British as a whole.

  4. Hey Harry,


    stock markets fall as investors dump Euro's and get into safe havens like Gold and U.S. T-bills.

    This is healthy and this needs to happen.

    Complex financial systems extending over borders create more risk due to political instability.

    The markets I predict will fall and at some point they will rally again as 'bargain hunter's converge in the feeding frenzy. 'Closed borders create more financial safe haven's for big investors and in the long term stock prices will go up but not as high as previously believed.

    Some will call this stagnation. I call it 'deflating the ballon before it pop's.

    Alan Greenspan, 90 year old globalist stalwart predicts this will be worse than the October, 1987 crash. He also said in an interview on Fox Business that this will be more corrosive and very, very bad.
    I believe the opposite. Independent financial systems are less prone to massive failure infecting all systems. If a retirement hedge fund is in New York. It is less prone to massive value loss that would happen if let's say the Chinese economy failed and China stocks went under.
    Investors and retiree's in that fund may be more insulated against what happened in China.

    'By and large independent systems are always less prone to infected with failure than if they were integrated'

    I am mentally jumping with joy over the news of this 'Britexit' New money will be made. New opportunity's will be found in the rubble. Its almost like the best thing to happen to Japan was getting destroyed in World War Two and rebuilding their entire system and country and now they are an economic and manufacturing powerhouse of Asia with more money than the emperor or his minion's could ever dream of having even if they were victorious in WW2.

    1. Alan Greenspan is an idiot who did an inordinate amount of damage to the American economy. Everybody knows it now but him.

      I personally don't feel that the doom sayers are right. True, some American companies are making anomalous statements about "reviewing" investments in the British Isles, but that's just the CEO's bending to pressure from Obama to him help put the worst possible picture on events.

  5. If Obama had not threatened them. a move that raised their hackles, they might not have voted to leave the EU. We win some, we lose some. Today, the Governor of Hawaii signed a bill to put gun owners in an FBI data base. It is time to take our country back, too.

    1. I saw that thing in Hawaii. All I can say is that it's part and parcel with the Democrats and their childish antics. They work so hard to turn the problem from terrorism to "gun control." Watched a short clip of one of the female representatives literally having some sort of fit on the floor, she was screaming and thrashing around, like a holly roller. Pretty embarrassing to have trash like that in any position of authority.

      There is some hope for us in what happened in Britain. However, I doubt our political rulers would ever permit any kind of public referendum on any important issue. They like their cushy nests and their perks, and nothing is going to be allowed to threaten those.

  6. Harry - i have been praying for Brexit and am so happy that England had the guts to actually do it - for one reason and for one reason only - so that other countries might follow their example, as you said.

    i think we all realize that we are living in interesting times. (*shuddering*) but i think that there has to be some good to come.

    sending much love, as always! your friend,

    1. Hey, Kymber. Our news here is saying there are movements in some of the major European countries to emulate the British. They are only reporting this because they are trying to say "oh, look what a bad thing the British did, they may have brought down the whole EU structure." What the news media doesn't realize is that many, many Americans feel like we were all safer when the European countries controlled their own fate. If the reign of the bureaucrats ends in Europe, maybe some people with some common sense will be in charge again.

  7. glad to see the UK come to their senses, for a while at least. wonder whose next? will the french grow a backbone? Germany? interesting to see how this all shakes out.

    1. France, Germany and Denmark are being identified as countries that might follow Britain's lead. Having seen what happened when the people were allowed to choose, I personally have doubts that the ruling classes in those countries will give the people a chance to speak. I hope I am wrong.

  8. This is a crushing blow to our government leaders. It also shows that sovrenty is important to people. The British breaking away from the ero will make it harder for our leaders to force U.N. mandates down our throat. Camron bet it all and lost. Or is this a bid to divide nations so in a decade or so WW3 can start?

    1. I think, purely and simply, that the common man in England was sick of the EU, sick of hosting 3rd World leeches, sick of paying for it.

      It's certainly a wake up call for the tyrant and his minions here in America. However, unless there is a modern miracle, we will be exchanging Black Nero for the Wicked Witch in November, and things will just keep getting more insane, more horrific. I hope I'm wrong. From my personal perspective, events in Britain make me feel more hopeful in terms of our own future here.

  9. Replies
    1. I feel that way. And good for us, as well. It may reenergize the resistance to the federal oligarchy here.

  10. George Soros and the globalists=0
    Liberty and Independence=1

    I'll take a win any day no matter how small.

    1. Troy, it's ironic to me that the British, who really started the tentative movement to limit absolute authority on the part of the ruler, are the same people to say no to totalitarian rule by the bureaucratic oligarchy of the EU. Have to give them a lot of credit. The "one worlders" are apoplectic, which is good. I saw a bunch of protesters in London waving signs. The signs were big cardboard EU flags, and carried the annotation, "I am not British, I am a European." That about says it all.

  11. Looks like the Establishment world wide is in trouble, except Russia and China..I'm at the point that i wait a day or two to watch live news. I only watch Fox News now in the am, and have stopped watching local news too.

    It will be interesting to see what country is next to jump from the EU.

    Harry a question for you, the EU has every country in it that the Nazi's occupied in WW2?? except UK?

    1. List of European Union Countries

      1 Austria
      2. Belgium
      3. Bulgaria
      4. Croatia
      5. Cyprus
      6. Greece
      7. Czech Republic
      8. Denmark
      9. Estonia
      10. Finland
      11. France
      12. Slovenia
      13. Greece
      14. Hungary
      15. Ireland
      16. Italy
      17. Latvia
      18. Lithuania
      19. Luxembourg
      20. Malta
      21. Netherlands
      22. Poland
      23. Portugal
      24. Romania
      25. Slovakia
      26. Spain
      27. Sweden
      28. United Kingdom

      Germany overran some countries in the Balkans that are not EU members.

      Not every country on the list of EU members was conquered by Germany.

      There are movements in Germany, France and Denmark that are well organized and funded , and they will certainly be emboldened by the success of the British movement.

  12. Interesting times. Can't wait to see how it all shakes out.

    Apparently love does not conquer all. A buddy of mine has a T-shirt that says: A crossbow and a kind word will get you further than a kind word alone.

    1. I think the screeching about the end of the world because Britian reasserted it's independence are largely the work of infuriated "one worlders". Old George Soros will have to spend some money backing Leftist movements, and Barrack Hussein will undoubtedly sulk and skip his golf this weekend.

      People who think love will conquer all have never been out in the real world. If they went into the real world, they wouldn't last five seconds.

  13. I was surprised too, British friends in Canada were not. They moved to Canada because of the Muslim impact on British society, they also moved to an area that is 2 hours from a big city...they did this in 1998. Their concern for their safety was foremost in their decision to move out of the UK to a more isolated and less socialist region.

    Immigration without assimilation does no one any good and is terminal for the original country!

    1. Well said, Fiona. I admire the way you state the facts calmly and analytically. I often get angry when I think about the way things are, and it bleeds over into my writing. And that, in turn, reduces my effectiveness in expressing myself. But I've been in a lot of the Third World, and I can't stand the thought of America, (or Europe, for that matter) turning into a Third World hell.

  14. Hey Harry, one unhappy Brit here.
    I am sad we voted leave, I honestly believe that our economy will suffer.
    Our government is a bunch of privately educated boys club imbeciles (look at Boris Johnson, who can barely string a coherent sentence together) and the opposition believe that we should spend more than we bring in through taxes year on year leaving us in massive debt to pay half the population to sit at home, generations of whom have never worked, whilst the middle classes are screwed for tax to pay for it all.
    When the conservative government took a stand and made people in social houses pay extra if they had unused bedrooms in houses we subsidise there was media chaos, how dare we make them pay for their housing, how wicked!
    I'm disgusted with both sides; we live in a country where working hard is penalised and never working a day is subsidised. At least the rest of Europe don't have a ridiculous social system, I should go and join them for not letting their citizens take the piss, but like every Brit I never learned a second language in the self righteous belief the world should speak English (said only slightly tongue in cheek).
    Anyway I think my kids will suffer for the damage this vote will do to our economy. Scared for the future...

    1. Kirsty, I can understand how you would be anxious. Big changes always carry the threat of disaster, but they also offer the hope of positive change.

      I certainly understand how you feel about your government and the parties that run it. We have the same situation here, with two major parties, neither of which care a damn for the common man. They collaborate to make sure that the ruling class stays on top.

      English and French were the two languages of NATO when I was a staff officer on a NATO staff. It was largely because they were the two most common and the languages that most Europeans spoke one or the other of. That's really true all over the world today, with Spanish a close third.

      Of course, Mandarin Chinese is getting more popular as the Chinese grow more powerful and extend their economic reach over the whole planet.

      Maybe this will help your country in that the EU won't be able to force the British to take more and more Third World criminals and leeches.

      I honestly believe things will be better for your kids now. In this country, the situation is growing much worse. I started trying to get my family out of here in the 1990's, when I tried to go to Australia and was turned down. Then I sent my kids to Canada to go to technical schools. They lived in Vancouver for three years, all the while I was paying a Canadian lawyer to get them resident alien visas. He took thousands of dollars off me and did not do his job. The kids had to come home when they couldn't get extensions on their student visas.

      We are all worried because the world is in a state of flux right now not seen since the collapse of the Roman Empire. I hope and believe Britain took a positive step to at least arrest the rot, and I can't show anything similar in my own country. We are finding a lot of encouragement in the British decision.

      Nobody can work through adversity like you people, whatever comes.

  15. Well Harry,

    The Proles have rejected what was best for them (as determined by the political ruling class and big business)!! I honestly did not think that Brexit would ever get over the line but the Poms have surprised me and taken the first step to re-establish their freedom.
    I see on the news that the Stay crowd are already calling for another referendum and have organised an online petition to Parliament to debate the matter. I guess that a democratic vote and result only counts if the decision goes your way!

    1. Sgt. I got a kick out of that. What could typify the left-wing, one worlder thought process more exactly. They have a temper tantrum when they lose and want to keep voting until they win. This petition thing is getting a lot of air time here. The reporters talk about it breathlessly, it's called breaking news. The MSM is trying to spin it to show that all the yes voters are overwhelmed with regret.

    2. I see that tens of thousands of the online signatures have turned out to be fake. It appears that the elite and socialists will not accept any result that is not in their favor!

    3. That's not going to get on American news shows, I can promise you. They've been making a big deal out of it. It would be nice if every time my side lost a vote, we could just keep taking it until I won, but life doesn't work that way. The Lefties over there apparently haven't figured it out yet.

      I think I'll go log on and sign the petition a couple of hundred times to help them out, I have a whole list of names like Barrack Hussein Obama and Loretta Lynch that surely ought to be on there.

  16. I was happy with the outcome to and not surprised that they were immediately punished with the plummeting stock markets and devaluation of the pound sterling. National propaganda radio was really cruel in their comments.

    1. Obama is really angry and he's pulling out all the stops to punish Britain for daring to ignore his will. The British stood up to Hitler and now they will have to stand up to another totalitarian egomaniacal monster. But I believe they are up to it. NPR is a criminal organization. They'll be the first against the wall come the revolution. ;-)