Monday, June 20, 2016

Out of the mouths of children.

Deutschland Erwacht! Or,  at least some of the young people are.  Only a kid, I guess, would be naive enough to actually say out loud what so many people are thinking. Not only in Germany, but all over Europe and in this country.  Like her, I don't know how this will end but I know how I would like for it to end. I know how it will end if nobody does anything to stop the tidal wave of immigration into Europe and North America.


  1. Angela Merkel should be tried for treason. It's despicable what she has allowed to happen in Germany. And when will your average citizen rise up? So far, silence. They must still be living with the guilt of National Socialism from yesteryear.

    And speaking of years ago, the Germans allowed countless Turks into their country. That was the opening salvo. When my brother lived in Frankfurt he was threatened by some knife-wielding Turks as he was minding his own business eating a damn doner kebab.

    But we can all rest easy knowing that Loretta Lynch and Jeh Johnson knows whats best for us here at home. You don't need that weapon of war with the high capacity mag! And don't use the term jihad! It makes me sick...doesn't it feel like we have been in juvenile prison for 7.5 long years? --Troy

    1. I first went to Germany on an exercise in 1977, up around Kiel. We were warned before we went on liberty from the ships to be careful of the Turks, who came into the country as "guest workers" and had their own little crime syndicates going. Some of these Turks tried to rob some sailors from the U.S.S. Manitowac, but they picked on the wrong guys and the sailors wiped the pavement with them. The German police picked up the sailors but turned them over to the shore patrol and recommended they not be disciplined as "the Turks richly deserved what they got." The ships Captain "verbally reprimanded" them for the incident but in reality the consensus was they had done the right thing.

      The frustration that people are feeling all over Europe, as their governments import this disease bacillus into their countries, is the same we feel. Obama is quietly accelerating the importation of "Syrian Refugees" into the U.S. , dumping them off on the states that resist the Democrats in order to dilute the conservative population. He knows damn well his "refugess" will be voting Democrat in short order, as any attempt to verify citizenship is called "racist" and struck down by the courts. In the South, the "Justice Department" can overrule any laws we make to ensure that only bonifide citizens vote, as Reconstruction still reigns down here.

      That girl was right about one thing. It's going to come to violence, as men are not going to stand by and watch the constant attacks on their wives and daughters and do nothing. There has been a lot more resistance in Europe than our MSM lets on, but if you read the English language European papers there's a lot of strife. In Finland, the people there have actually run a lot of the Moslems out. In places like Sweden, Denmark and Norway the governments are trying to bribe the Moslems to leave, offering them cash. But none of those half measures will get rid of Islam, not here or there.

    2. Exactly right. Sometimes I pity the Europeans. You know, not much scares me, but when I hear Hitlery talk about wanting a 500% increase in Syrian refugees on the one hand, while banning my right to defend myself on the other, I lose sleep. -T

    3. obama will not allow any Christian refugees, who are the real refugees, in great need of rescue.
      he will go to hell.
      there was no one to really vote for in the last election.
      those who pull the strings make sure of that by their corrupt practices.
      hell will be so full you couldn't slide a piece of paper between the occupants.
      hope i'm not one of them.

    4. I hope he does, but by the time that happens the harm will be done. Mitt Romney was such a whiny little bitch that a lot of people stayed home, and that let Blowjama just keep on keeping on. I hope the lesson was learned and conservatives don't do the same thing with Trump. Although I have to say, Romney would have been as bad as Barrack Hussein has been.

    5. T, they can ban anything they like in DC, but it's all Alice in Wonderland. They can never pick up all the guns and a vast number of gun owners will just go underground if they try.

      Bringing all these blood suckers and leeches to America just exacerbates all our problems, and bringing in terrorists is going to be the straw that broke the camels back.

  2. Hey Harry,

    Every day it gets worse. Now on youtube a subtle form of censorship begins this week with new rules governing 'political correctness' by labeling it 'harassment' There are a great many youtube people that make video's critical of islam and I think soon they will be 'kicked off of youtube'
    The majority in this country are critical of islam and despite that fact the ones that control communications and media will soon snuff out dissent.

    1. I noticed the Germans are censoring videos now. The British have long censored any speech that the politicians deem "to instigate disorder" but the Imams in Britain preach Jihad openly and I haven't seen them being carted off to Gaol.

      I can't understand why the FBI arrests and holds Militia members for innocuous statements made in a public place, but can't arrest these Islamists that they interview repeatedly and place under surveillance. Four old guys in a McDonalds say the country would be better off if somebody did Obama in and they all wind up in prison. These Moslems rant and rave and make bombs, fill their homes up with Jihadi propaganda, coordinate with overseas terrorists, and the FBI sits on it's collective ass and doesn't do a damn thing. I guess they know if they did they would offend Barrack Hussein and Loretta and lose their jobs.

  3. if vladimir putin ran for president of this country today in an incorrupt, fair election he would win.
    if obama can rule by edict, then any president can also be a tyrant.
    congress has to be under threat of blackmail, and they are a mass of cowards, or they would put a stop to the usurpation of their powers.
    every true german needs a weapon and ammunition.
    let the men and boys walk to the store with their kids and sisters and 'neutralize' every member of the invading moslem army that threatens them in any way.
    it is simple, neat and 100% effective.

    1. I have no bone to pick with Putin. He's a hard man for hard times. The Russians are blessed with a real man to lead them, while we have an effeminate narcissist who worries more about his golf score and his vacation time in Hawaii than he does about dead Americans.

      The Europeans are trying to resist, but they have the same problems we have. Here's an example. A Muslim walked into a cell phone store in a German town and demanded a free cell phone. When he was refused, he went berserk and attacked the clerk. Three German men in the store held him down til the cops came. When the police got there, the three Germans were arrested for assault and false imprisonment. The Islamist walked out of the store a free man. That's the God's truth, I read it in a newspaper, it's not "internet scuttlebutt."

      But all people have a breaking point. At some time in the future, something will happen and the good, stolid , working citizens will have had enough. Then they'll give the Black Lives Matter and the "refugee" crowd some of their own medicine.

  4. As much as I know he is a bad guy, you have to respect Putin. He's a leader and stands up to these Muslims who want to take over other countries. Our president does nothing except help them to do it. And they blame it all on gun control, not the terrorist, not the psychotropic drugs they have all the kids on, not the complete saturation of violent video games in combination with these drugs. (I like video games too, I am just not immersed in them) My friend's daughter was on these and decided to get off. She said she was tired of feeling nothing. That mean no feeling of happiness or sadness, no remorse. So if you kill someone, you just kill them. Done, game over. No sadness. It can't be a coincidence. Maybe I'm just too suspicious put it seems to be a plan.

    1. I'll tell you the truth, Kathy. I think all this running down of Putin and Russia on the news is just a throwback to the bad old days of the cold war. Back then we used the Russians as bogeymen to keep the big fat contracts going to defense industry outfits. Today, the old guard tries to use the Russians to distract people from how screwed up the country is, and how fast it's getting worse.

      Everything you say about Barrack Hussein is 100% right.

      I don't think you are too suspicious at all. Obama came to the White House promising to fundamentally change American society and he has damn sure done that. I can't remember a time when we have been worse off or our future looked as grim.