“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Monday, June 20, 2016

You have got to be s*****g me!

This is just getting to be too weird for me.

The Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, has ordered that the 911 tapes of the Orlando terrorist attack must be edited to expunge any reference to Islam, Allah, or ISIS before they can be released to the American People.  It's on all the news networks today.

If anybody had any doubts at all that Obama and his boot lickers are completely out of touch with reality, this attempt to scrub the attack and make it all about "gun control" should resolve their doubts.

I watched an interview with a Democratic Senator who was touting their big "gun ban day"up in D.C. They are putting on a big push for four gun ban bills in the Senate. They know none will pass but it's good theater.  The news show host asked the slug why they were making all this noise and not doing anything at all about the real issue, terrorism. Jowl Man gobbled a bit, but said absolutely nothing. What a sick bunch of Neville Chamberlain clones those people are.

"Come on now, don't be a smarty, let's all join the Democratic Party!" Lifted from "Spring time for Hitler and Germany."

Thought for the day.

I can acquiesce in that.


  1. The current administration has a track record of being sneaky. They like to sign executive orders on a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend. Or they like to do something outrageous to get everybody worked up and then while the firestorm is blazing, they will sneak in something under the radar. Either they really are totally out of touch or they are up to no good. I have to wonder...

    1. I'd say all of the above. The people that form Obama's inner circle are the most decadent, dishonest, revolting creatures since Stalin had Lavrenty Beria on the payroll.

      I wonder if they are so anxious to disarm the American people because they know that the Red States are so angry they may stop taking orders from Black Jesus? Our Governor has certainly gotten the word from the rural citizens of this state that we have had a bellyful. His problem is that all the urban centers are nests of Obama worshipers. So he is under a lot of pressure to doff his cap and take orders from the feds.

  2. If this does not prove that our president is in bed with the Muslims, nothing will. Oh, actually, I personally think he is a Muslim, a traitor to this country. He has done more damage to us than anyone in our whole history as a country. Congress is no better as they should have impeached him long ago. The enemy is within and now, once again they are trying to disarm us so we are helpless against them. Not this old lady....just bought another 2,000 rounds of ammo.

    1. I listened to a German girl's video this evening, about the state of affairs over there. It was pathetic, truly. They are in the same state we are in but the population is disarmed. At least we can defend ourselves. Maybe that's why the left hates the Confederate Flag so much. It reminds people that it's possible to say "screw you" to the Feds and go your own way. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. I'm about to the point where I'd go along with the program. I am sick of Obama and his minions.

  3. Hey Harry,

    Yeah' Loretta Lynch is a real piece of garbage. I bet her orders came from the executive branch on that one and she agreed.
    Like I said before. I have a very grim view of where the country is heading. No point in being offended. Just be happy and watch on TV as the chinease dump our treasury bills and the EBT's no longer work. Watch the riots as they burn down their own cities and places of employment like in Furgusion, Missoouri.
    Its pointless. We are no longer in control.
    It's one big mass of corruption on a global, epic scale.
    'By the way. Some years ago Gold was found in Haiti and Hillary and some of her corporate buddies from the Clinton foundation did some deal and she's invested in the Haitian gold and got her brother on the board of the Haitian gold mines. Now what I heard they are offering few if any jobs to the Haitian people. Most of the workers are imported and all the money leaves Haiti which is a third world, unsustainable hell hole. The situation is pure colonialism all over again.
    Hillary is a Conlonialist. A 19th century throwback. Its all about the money and power at the end of the day with the 'Clinton corruption team'

    On a sidenote. I heard in Venezuela that people are hanging and killing each other in the streets. A food truck shows up to a market and the Venezulian Army confiscates the food truck (that's another story I heard) When are the people going to rise up and go after their own government in Venezuala?

    1. Well, when the anarchy breaks out in the cities, and they start to burn, I can tell you one thing, Old Watash isn't going to be sitting up here on the mountain with a club in his hand. I don't care a tinkers damn what the dems get past the senate on that issue.

      Venezuela got what it asked for. If you let some tin pot dictator mess up your country, then you have to live in the squalid result. That would be a good thing for us to remember, I think.

  4. We are certainly not at war with islam, but islam is quite certain they are at war with us. And the and the lying filty POS facilitating that war on us is living in a big white building in DC.

    1. As far as I'm concerned, we've been at war with Islam since 1983. But as always, when we get into a pinch, the politicians blow smoke up everyone's rear and tell them "all's well." So we screwed around and did nothing until 911. And now we are screwing around and doing nothing until the next really big disaster. It's coming, as surely as death.