Thursday, July 21, 2016

Similar Times , eh Patronius?

People draw parallels between the Fall of Rome, and what's happening today.  I think they are correct in doing so. Obama and Nero seem to have very similar personalities.

If you have been watching the Republican Convention, you've noticed that none of the important "Party Insiders" have shown up.  They are making it clear that they prefer one of their own class, even if it's Hillary Clinton, to someone who isn't part of their bunco scheme. They're about preserving a system that exalts the handful of political insiders while draining the common man and woman of their last ounce of vitality.

About half the people in this country are screaming liberals who think Barrack Hussein is Jesus Christ. His anointed successor, Hillary,  will get virtually the entire minority vote, and the white liberal vote, and the 'I'm mad because Trump is the nominee so I am going to vote for Hillary" vote.

The MSM is pillorying Trump. They cover up the outright crimes of Hillary Clinton, and never miss a chance to disparage Trump. When you consider that the vast majority of Americans are low information voters who get all they know of politics from 30 second sound bites on the evening news, the impact of that is overwhelming.

With all these things going against him, I don't see how Trump can win.  At the same time, I honestly believe he's the last hope of America. For all his faults, and he has some of course, he will try to stop the rot in the system. It may be that even if he is elected, he won't be able to do so. But at least he will make an honest effort.  Hillary Clinton winning will finish us off. 8 more years of an Obama clone, when Obama himself has just about destroyed the country with his "social engineering" and total lack of leadership.

It doesn't look good to me. I think all Clinton has to do to win is keep drawing breath til November 6th. After that, the deluge.

As for me, however it goes, I'm not a Republican anymore . I've been voting since I was 18, never
missed an election for the Presidency or the Legislative Branch, even when I was overseas. I always voted Republican. But henceforth, I entertain no more respect for or trust in the Republican machine than I ever have for the Democratic machine.

There's really no difference between the people who run either party anymore.

Here's my scenario for a good post apocalyptic novel.

Hillary Clinton becomes the next President. As a result, Islamic immigration increases dramatically. (She's already said she wants a 500 percent increase over the current rate.) Consequently Islamic terrorism spirals out of control. No one dares go to a movie, or a concert, or a mall because they run the risk of being a random victim of the Jihad. Any public activity runs the risk of Jihadi attacks.

  The federal government puts more and more pressure on the police and exalts the racist movements like Black Lives Matter. As a result, the police simply cease to exist as a barrier against widespread crime. No one is safe anymore, and the streets become death traps. Going to work is  taking your life in your hands. Letting your kids out of your sight is tantamount to losing them.

With the break down of law and order, the already shaky infrastructure starts to collapse. Trucks can't move, power supply becomes intermittent, food supplies dry up.

As the situation worsens, the federal government tries to maintain control by confiscating firearms, outlawing the possession of weapons or ammunition, increasing taxes on working people in order to buy off the inner city mobs with increased "benefits." Increasingly repressive "emergency laws" limit every personal freedom guaranteed by the Constitution. Anyone who criticizes the government is guilty of "hate speech" and disappears.

Somewhere in the process, normal people will begin to say "no."  They won't comply with oppressive and predatory federal edicts. They won't keep working at jobs where burgeoning taxation of their income continues to reduce their purchasing power. They won't put up with being "jacked" by thugs. They won't let intruders break into their homes and hurt their families.
They won't consent to being bullied and treated with contempt by Hillary Clinton and her Unicorn lovers.

What happens then is anyone's guess.  But then, what happens in the real world, and in my fictional novel plot, may not be that  dissimilar.

  • There's a reason that 15 years ago, there was one survival oriented magazine of any stature in the country. It was published by a wealthy eccentric and was a niche product.  Today, there are some fifteen high end survival oriented magazines, published by top of the line commercial magazine businesses.
  • There's a reason that people are building survival retreats all over the country, from the middle class fellow who does the work on his buildings himself, to the rich man who just writes the check. 
  • There's a reason that "survivalists" were considered to be Ted Kaczynski clones 15 years ago, but now being a "prepper" is mainstream and admirable.
  • There's a reason that 15 years ago, there were no survival shows on television. Now they are one of the most popular genres and are carried by multiple channels from ABC to the National Geographic Channel.

I get lots of emails from people who don't want to post comments. I respect their privacy concerns. Let me just say that a great many level headed, well grounded individuals, from young adults to retirees, are looking at the future with trepidation.

I can't say that I blame them.

Thought for the Day.

My extended family.  My brothers and their families. We do what we can. My own kids and my nephews and nieces are stout hearted.


  1. I was never a big Trump supporter, but I look at the big picture now. In my mind it comes down to 3 basic things:

    1. The Supreme Court--I have seen the list of potential nominees from the Trump camp, it's encouraging. With Hillary we already know we will get another Ginsburg.

    2. Obamacare--My premiums are absolutely killing me. Trump says he will scrap it. That's good enough for me.

    3. Second Amendment-- Need I say more?

    At least the Donald picked Mr. Pence, a guy who I think a lot of conservatives can now get behind (shoulda been Gingrich, but you can't win em all). --Troy

    1. Troy,I agree with everything you've said. The speculation is that the next President will probably nominate 4 judges to the Supreme Court. If Hillary is that President, we will never make it back.

      Hillary has already declared the private ownership of firearms to be an anachronism. California has shown that if you have a sympathetic court (like the San Francisco based 9th Circuit) you can pass laws that make gun ownership nearly impossible. Clinton can take a page out of that book.

      I had good insurance before Obama care. It's all really nice that now Juan Valdez and Abdul Scratassi have Obama care insurance, but it's kind of sad that my premiums have gone way up, my coinsurance is much higher, and my copayments are sky rocketing as a result.

      Pence is an ok guy. I wouldn't have voted for him for governor but he does seem to be a bridge to the more traditional elements of the party.

  2. Hey Harry,


    As you put it, that post was 'Spot on'

    Were seeing signs of some of that now. People playing online video games and not going outside (unless it is Pokémon Go)

    Online movies rentals, etc. etc.

    People in many area's live in fear of going outside. Now in my area and out west, lower human population equals fewer problems.

    In my book (if we were to co-write a book Harry) The federal goverment in order to detract people from the suffering back home starts a war with Russia, China or someone else. This further strains the economy.
    Meanwhile with your scenario taking place. Some states start to stand up to the federal government and at some point as with all massive, inflated bureaucracies they contract and collapse as many federal workers abandon their post's.

    'Many states start to clamp down on crime. In some area's state milicia's, Sheriff's posse's etc. start hunting down criminal gangs and terrorist groups and their is no taking prisoners either since states cannot afford jails.

    This is where the 'balkanization begins' Some states form alliances based on related culture and economies, example. Texas and Oklahoma. I can bet that would be a guaranteed alliance. Toss in a few other southern states too.

    New York, Maine, New Jersey will be with Washington D.C. Many other liked minded nanny states of course will be in this colition.

    In my novel the feds will lose control and with restoration of tenth amendment powers. The states with the culture for independence will re-take control of what duties were assigned to them by the Constitution in the first place. In those states some law and order will start to exist again. Massive deportations will take place and what I really hope does not happen is 'ethnic clensing' Genocide of all types has been taking place since we wiped out the Neanderthal's. It is normal human behavior. Do I approve of ethnic clensing. NO' I DO NOT! However it is a result of cultures being forced together and at some point the party keeping them from killing each other backs out and the anarchy begins.

    I cite the Balkan's, Bierut, East Africa, etc, etc for my hypothesis.

    Now in the collapse in my book. I think the troups overseas will be almost abandoned and I can see a 'Dunkirk' styled escape back to U.S. Territory. I would write about how thousands of battle weary troops are packed onboard aircraft carriers leaving the devastation of South Korea as it folds and is absorbed by the north.

    Ancient fueds reignite. Regional and border wars break out worldwide with countries like Pakistan and India. China contracts back into a hermit kingdom and sends IPhone engineers, factory workers etc. back to the rice paddies in another Maoists styled 'cultural revolution'

    In my book this would be a global collapse. If America goes, so does the rest of the world. Our economies have become to well connected and globalism was the death blow to independence along with independent financial and trade systems that would have have had 'firewalls' in place.

    All in all the books I would write are all simuliar in theme with different ending scenario's. Some worse than others and in every aspect. The books would be depressing as hell.

    1. You'd enjoy Rawle's series of novels. I think the first book is called "Founders." Pretty much written along the lines of your thoughts, although there's no war with Russia in them.

      I read them and they were ok. He was still feeling his way as an author the first time, but his books got progressively more polished and professional as he went on. I hear he is starting a new series shortly.

  3. Your scenario reminds me of the movie "Z"
    in which the Greek Government bans the letter Z. In Hillary's government, she would ban the word "No."

    1. I remember when that was showing, but I never saw it. It was a long, long time ago. Now that you mention it I ought to find it on line and watch.

      I think if Hillary gets elected, she may do a lot of strange things. Maybe we will find out just what all the FEMA camps were about after all?

  4. And now that I think of it, the recent FBI "investigation" of Hillary reminds me of another foreign movie, "Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion "

    1. That one I have never heard of. If you think it's good enough to justify the effort I'll try to get a copy of it.

  5. All we can ever do is our best. It is up to God, or Fate, or whatever to show us if it was good enough. I have very few helping hands where I actually am, but my building here is a fairly decent defensive spot.If I have the chance, I have help (and can BE help) within an hours travel. I have plans to clear out, but they will likely not be complete before the election.
    I have had several conversations with "conservative" types who are planning to vote third party, or (Spit) for Hilary. No one can articulate why Trump is so bad, but boy are they convinced.One of my sisters, who should KNOW better says Trump brings her to tears. Meanwhile Talk radio (yes Levin I am talking about YOU) are so hung up on "Conservative Principals" that they seem willing to have the wretch win... Great, enjoy those principals in the FEMA camps you morons.
    So, I prepare as well as I can with the resources I have. I will vote to try to save the Republic, and if and when I am irretrievably pushed into a corner, I guess I will make my stand. This is not the future I was hoping for, nor the one we were promised. So very sad.

    1. Some years back, I subscribed to a magazine called "The New Scientist" just to get the right to copy a single article from a single issue. It was entitled "Is the collapse of civilization inevitable." The researchers felt that the rise and fall of civilizations was an inherent feature of human society and could not be avoided. At the time, I thought they were being a bit pessimistic but now I realize they seem to have been right.

      People who sit out the vote, write in Mickey Mouse, or actually vote for Hillary are going to get just exactly what they deserve. I hope they enjoy their moment of triumph while it lasts.

  6. Harry while I agree with your collapse timeline (and captains). I think prepping and survival is being pushed by elitist that want a work force to tithe I mean tax after. They think they will change colors wrap themselves in the flag to maintain there status .

    1. Gary, if you mean that they want enough people to survive a collapse to support them with their labors after a collapse, I suppose it is possible. I am inclined to think that survivalism, which has for most morphed into a kinder, gentler life style called prepping, is a reaction to a declining quality of life, and to anxiety over a converging series of disasters and negative trends in current life.

      I started out in survivalism in 1986. At the time it was just considered to be a lunatic fringe thing, basically associated with the fear of nuclear war. But there's been a lot of change since 1986. Mel Tappen wouldn't even recognize America today.

  7. Orson Scott Card wrote a book called "Empire" about the fall of the USA.

    It is an interesting read that has some very good observations.

    We are in so much trouble with the political scene. We need a strong leader who does what should be done and does not play the money lined pocket game of kick backs and big returns if you support a candidate.
    I still marvel at the GOP attitude toward Trump...Ted Cruz showed a lack of class in his speech I had not expected to see in a grown man.

    Hang in there America and be brave and prepare!

    1. An interesting thing. This morning I saw a clip on Fox that showed Cruz meeting with the Texas Delegation. He said some ugly things, and then the clip showed him walking out of the room to clapping.

      Tonight I saw the entire incident, and people were furious that he had not endorsed Trump. They gave him what for about it, and he got mad and stormed out. It was clear that the earlier Fox footage had been edited to give the impression that the Texas delegates supported him, while in reality they absolutely did not.

      The GOP insiders are little men, with little goals. They want to pull the strings, be the puppet masters, and have all of us dance to their tune. If we don't, they will hold their breaths til they turn blue, and sulk out on the ranch like the Bushes are doing.

      Cruz never had much class to lack. He's a liar and a poltroon. At least now more people know it than did before this morning.

    2. Never read or heard Poltroon before looked it up. A fitting and accurate description . It is an archaic term that could make a come back. :)

    3. I'm very interested in the Napoleonic Wars, and I read a lot of primary source accounts. Particularly with the English and the Austrians, poltroon is a word that pops up frequently. Austrian generals tended to be way too old and way too cautious. British generals were either very good, or very bad. The purchase of commissions system put some real nincompoops into their officer corps. With the French and the Prussians, you got professional officers and I can't remember any of them that were accused of outright cowardice. The Russians had old generals who were overly cautious, but they weren't poltroons.