Friday, July 22, 2016

This is getting to be routine.

I went in to make a sandwich, and turned on the news.  There has been a shooting attack on a mall in Munich, Germany. It's the second Islamist terror attack in Germany this week.  All the news is saying is that the shooter/shooters got away, and there are multiple dead among the civilians who were in the mall.

It's always possible this was not Islamic Terror, as the news shows here are bending over backwards to stress. But I'd give them 10 to 1 odds on it.

Makes me wonder who would vote for Hillary Clinton. She won't do any more than Obama to keep us secure here, which amounts to zilch.

No, it's more than that, Obama has made our situation worse. Hillary promises to follow in his footsteps.


  1. Hey Harry,


    I just saw the latest on the munich attack awhile ago. Matt Bracken kinda called it when he said there would be multiple attacks and maybe many at the same time on larger scale months ago.
    I can just imagine what next summer will be like in Europe.

    Not everyone that drives a Toyota truck is a bad guy. I don't carry a gun mount or an RPG in my truck. I carry beer, pork, pork ginds, spam, bacon, pork chops and also I carry ham in the bed of my truck. I eat with my unclean left hand and when I lay on a rug, I face west.

    1. You're probably an ISIS sleeper agent, if you drive a Toyoto!

      Yesterday was a mess. The US news services were reporting that the dead shooter was a right wing Nazi! Where the hell did that come from. The guy was an Iranian, and multiple witnesses heard him yelling the Allah Akbar standard phrase.

      Here's another weird thing. When it first happened, Fox had a news clip taken by some people on a balcony. You could see the shooter (or one of them anyway) wandering around on a roof top at the mall. You could hear the people taking the video talking. Then the guy on the roof cranked off a round and that was it.

      By afternoon, the same video was circulating but this time it had an audio track that was completely different. Now you couldn't hear the people making the video, but you could hear the guy yell " I am a German!" Figure that one out.

      I thought it was interesting that the German press was all over this as a "nazi" attack. Anybody to the right of Merkel is Nazi, of course. Our press was talking about the fact that the "Nazi's" have attacked refugee camps in the past. Well, there have been firebomb attacks against "refugee" camps, but they were invariably after attacks on local German women, and they were local men who had had enough. Hardly evil Nazis.

  2. If Trump wins, I guess we will find out if he will make the world a better place. I'm not voting for either of the two major party candidates this year. Unless I change my mind by November. But still, I'm so tired of all this placing blame on Obama and Hillary. It takes more than those two. and it's easy to place blame and not so easy to fix it all. We'll see what happens.

    1. That's true, Inger. But you couldn't have had Nazi Germany without an Adolf Hitler.

      Obama has done more to damage this country in 8 years than anyone would have believed possible. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, power mad liar. Trump may not be perfect, by any means, but at least he will acknowledge that all is not well. Did you hear Obama on the news yesterday, telling us all that "things are ok." Things are not ok. Then he came out to talk about the attack in Munich, spent 32 seconds (Fox timed it) saying the stock phrases about "our hearts go out" and "our prayers are with" then he started making jokes and laughing. No class at all.

      It's true that just those two didn't do all this damage alone, they have half the people in the country on their side, doing the same things.

      It's not easy to fix, you are right. But maybe Trump can keep it from getting worse.

      You're a smart lady. I sure hope you vote. Even if you don't vote for my candidate. It's a civic responsibility. The system hasn't given us the candidates we might have wanted, but they are all we have.

  3. Yup. I talked to a woman today while waiting in line at Home Depot. She has only seen the liberal media talking points about Trump. She believes that he is an evil devil....and Hillary, too, to a certain extent. She will not vote in the election. How many more out there like her? I steered her towards some online alternative news websites, but I felt like I was spitting in the wind. God help us all, Harry. I am glad to be back home now.

    1. Lots of people have just had it with the entire system. One symptom of this is that people just quit paying attention to current events because they are too depressing or upsetting. If a person feels that they have no way to influence events, then the next logical step is just to withdraw from the arena. I can understand that although I don't agree with it.

      The sad fact is that most people get their total exposure to the events in the country from grossly distorted reports on the major news networks or the evening news. NBC evening news started out with their black newscaster calling Trumps acceptance speech a "tirade" last night. All of the networks except Fox have been attacking Trump nonstop since the speech. Obama is going around saying "that the dark picture the speech painted is not accurate." Maybe Obama should ride downtown in Chattanooga with me next time I go.