"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."

Ariel Durant

Monday, July 25, 2016

Worn down to the nub.

This will be a short post. I was gone most of the day, and it was a tiring one. I went to Chattanooga to pick up a ferret that a friend told me he knew of.  The young person who was taking care of "Sir Percival" or "Percy" for short, could no longer do so and was trying to place him in a forever home. I was glad to get him.

So I drove over there, picked him, and we came home. The heat was terrible. I was worried that it was so hot the air conditioning might give out, and ferrets can't live in those temperatures. I had emergency plans in my mind, like getting a motel room and then leaving after dark this evening when it cooled down, but all went well.

I don't have a picture of Percy yet but will post one soon. He is getting alone fine with Spike,
and with the cats. He likes the house and seems to enjoy not having to be in a cage sometimes. He is fitting right in. He uses the cats potty box, which is strange in a way, but the cats don't seem to mind.

art by Stef

 I'm really glad to have him, and Spike is glad he's here.

I appreciate the friend who helped set this up.

Percy is young and strong. Most of my ferrets are either old, sick , or both when they come to me. It's been a long time since I had a young healthy one.

Percy about wore Spike out "dooking" and doing a war dance. Eventually Spike ran out of steam, and went back in the snuggy bag. But the kittens and Percy played until even the kittens were worn out.

Tomorrow I am not going anywhere, unless I make a short run into town.  Chattanooga is two hours over and two hours back, and that's about enough traveling for me, especially in this horrendous heat.

What with all this nonsense about the Russian security services hacking into the DNC files to help Trump win the election, CC said something in a comment that reminded me of this scene. Seem sto fit the bill.

There's a lot to say about events going on now, in Germany, here, and in Japan. But Bernie the Fire Brand is going to speak in a few minutes, and I want to watch that. I hope his minions refuse to obey his "bow down to Hillary" speech.


  1. Who cares who hacked the DNC emails? The only thing that matters is their damning content. Serves them right. So glad you got your ferret. Can't wait to see pictures him.

    1. You and I both know that, but it's a clear attempt to distract people from that fact by raising the specter of the old Bogey Man. Particularly people of my generation, who grew up doing air raid drills and hiding under their desks as kids, have this image of the Russians in the back of our mind. So it's easy for the media to reactivate those old fears.

      The strange thing is, the Russians looked at us the same way. I remember a Russian joke I heard.

      One Russian says to another "in the event of an American attack, wrap yourself in a sheet and walk slowly to the cemetery."

      The other Russian says "but why walk slowly?"

      And the first Russian replies "So as not to cause a panic."

      I will try to take some pictures of Percy today. I have to make a quick run into town. I got gas in Chattanooga and I drove off and left my gas cap on the pump, so I need to go find another one at the parts store.

  2. Hey Harry,


    I'm glad you got that Ferret and made it back okay. Just rest tomorrow and enjoy the new addition to your family.

    As per the Dems canabalizing each other. Please keep it up. I will pass out salt, pepper, catsup, napkins. Canabalism is common in primitive socieities and Democratic Conventions:)

    Maybe Bernie Sanders should tell them, No fighting in the War War Gentlemen!

    The best part is that oobama asked Debbie Wasserman Shultz to step down. She will quit at the end of the convention. Somebody should cart her off in a 'strait jacket' and hual her off to 'Angry, Social Justice Warrior Happy Land' where she can he 'happily angry'

    As per those 'peskey Russian hackers' Who knows what the real truth is. My guess is that now one enabled security on the mail server with password authentication, handshake authentification between devices and a few other nifty tricks that actually can make it harder for a proper intrusion to work.
    One method to keep hackers out is to actually pay a major computer firm millions of dollars to set up a system that is very, very tough to penetrate.

    The old saying goes. You get what you pay for.

    1. After all the misadventures with Sony, the banks, the big box stores, et al I wonder if any kind of protection can keep hackers out. I check my Visa card every morning now for unauthorized hits. I think I have had the same Visa card replaced by USAA three times already this year.

      I was glad to see all the screaming and shouting at the Democratic convention, especially after Hillary was so smug about it.

      I don't think many of Bernie's acolytes will vote for Trump, but maybe some of them won't vote for Hillary. They'd have to be awfully stupid to take that tack, but I've seen some of Bernie's Battalions being interviewed on TV, and I would say, off hand, that they are awfully stupid.

  3. I am so glad you have Percy now! And how lucky for him too. I can't wait to see the photos.

    1. He is really a beautiful ferret, and has the best possible personality. Obviously he has been well cared for and treated kindly. Sometimes, when you get ferrets that have been abused, they take a long time to settle down. I had a little white female, Rowena, who when my daughter brought her here would bite really hard. But she had been subjected to nightmarish conditions. Rowena got adrenal disease, and had to have a chip implanted to drip medicine into her body, but the chip killed her instead. That was when I started driving almost to Atlanta to an exotic pet specialist instead of going to our local vet anymore.

    2. Thankfully you have an expert close enough to get to. I hear some of my friends that raise goats have lost them because the vets didn't know particulars about the kind of meds they can have. We have some here but then again we're outside of St Louis and it has the zoo. I had one of them look at my poor deformed chicken, Bird, several years ago before she passed on. He was great with her.

  4. I am so glad Percy has come to live with you. He will really thrive in his new home and I am sure Spike will enjoy his new friend. Hope you get some good rest and stay cool. We finally got a little rain here, but the heat has been oppressive. Jana

    1. Jana, I got up at two a.m. last night and went out on the porch. It had cooled down some and was raining lightly. Going to be hot again today though.

      It was well worth the trip to bring Percy home. He seems to be very happy, and Spike is delighted to have a companion.

  5. Glad you made it back without having to shoot anyone.

    The heat and humidity up here in NH have been bad enough to slow down my outside projects. Can't imagine how bad it's down south.

    1. Me too. ammo costs so much these days.

      It's pretty rough. Yesterday I put my elbow up on the door frame while I was driving, next to the glass, and I could feel the heat radiating through the glass. Thank God for air conditioning.

  6. glad spike has a buddy.
    R&R for you!

    1. Hey, Deb. Yes, and ferrets really need other ferrets. Not to mention the pleasure I derive from their company. It can get lonely out here if you don't have some good companions.

  7. alissa apelJuly 26, 2016 at 1:03 PM
    That's good that Percy has a fur-ever home. I'm glad you got him safely. It's great he's getting along with everyone. I heard you can potty train them like cats.

    My boys used to play with Thomas the Train. There's a Percy character in the mix. Mica couldn't say that word right, it came out as something much different.

    I think of Percy Blankeny, the Scarlet Pimpernel, when I hear that name.


  8. I'm so excited you got a new ferret! I can't wait to see his picture. And how excellent that he is settling in well and getting along with everyone.

    1. It's a happy event. He didn't like the marshal's ferret diet i had (it might have dried out) so I ordered him some fresh and it should be here today. He has been good about eating kitten chow like Spike but you can tell it's second best.

      I will try to take a picture of him and post it today.