Friday, August 5, 2016

Obama must think Americans are idiots. Too bad he's right in so many cases.


  1. He does. Always has.

    How do we get Trump in office? Or do we need to?

    We could be kin.

    1. Stranger things have happened, and the Williams Clan is a big one.

      I don't know about the election. Fox had a guy on today who said Trump has a great chance of winning, and that all the doom and gloom is being manufactured Wag the Dog style to discourage his supporters. I think there is a lot of truth in that. All these ridiculous things, like the attack on his wife over her modeling, which are voiced as facts, attributed to shadowy, unidentified figures in the parking garage, and then allowed to just quietly disappear without having been identified as B.S.

      The guy also said Trump just needs to forget about the Republican party, it's dead set against him and doing it's dead level best to get Hillary elected. He said if Trump will just be himself, and not worry about offending the elite, then the average citizen will get behind him.

      As for this ransom thing, Obama may be able to blow smoke at the Limousine Liberals, the Campus Clowns, the Congressional Black Caucus, etc but the average person who works for a living, who has to survive, pay his bills, care for his family, is not going to be deceived by any of this.

  2. WHAT?!?!?!?! You don't believe he paid a ransom? Just like exchanging Guatanamo prisoners for Bergdahl. You should be more trusting of our leaders.

    1. Obama and Clinton both say "trust us." I heard her say it again on her love fest speech at the Black and Latino Journalists Convention today.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I was thinking that sooner or later, Israel will have to attack Iran or be attacked themselves. Maybe that will be the 'black swan' event that sets everything else off.

    We know that 'obami the sheik' is protecting and supporting Iran and supporting all the radical muslim 'buggery groups'

    maybe we will get lucky during the next presidents inauguration with the emergency headlines "Israel Attacks Iran" on Drudge Report the moment the new president is being sworn in before anyone in the upper echelons of the chain of command can figure out whats going on and block Israel, the dead is already done and the Israeli F-15 fighter bombers will already be on a return over the Iraqi airspace on full supersonic.

    In the big picture, this is just full on 'Crusade time' Stand back and look at it from a distance and look at the entire situation in the muslim world and the only solution is to reignite a massive crusade to topple severel nations and to oust most of the refugee's from Europe and repatriate them into the neareast sandbox in their part of the world.

    That is the only solution.

    As long as the conservative wahabbist movement is afoot. Islam is a threat to the western world, western ideology and western freedom.

    Pope Urban the 2nd and a few others figured this out a long time ago. Same enemy, same ideology, same battlegrounds.

  4. I'd go along with your solution. But what if the next President is Hillary. She'll import more disease bacillus, let ISIS grow and grow, gaff it off when we get hit, concentrate on nurturing Black Lives Matter and other offshoot lunatics and leeches. We need a Trump or someone like him who will fight. Americans are ready to fight Islam, but somebody has to facilitate the process. As for Israel going after Iran, I can see Obama or Hillary cutting Israel off from resupply, sanctioning Israel, and sending aid and reparations to the Ayatollahs in the hope of gaining their good will.

    As long as Islam exists, it's a threat to the West. The Wahhabi's are just one branch of the poison tree. They may be the worst but there are plenty of others out to emulate them.

    Didn't you suggest using Nukes on the Islamists some time back and I said we couldn't do that for political and ethical reasons? I've changed my mind. A few tactical nukes in the right place would work wonders.

    1. Hey Harry,


      The Jews have already been down this path for centuries and centuries and as well as you know they were almost exterminated under Hitler.

      Now Iran is exulting 'extermination' by running the 'Jews back into the sea.

      I know where this is going. When the Jews have their backs against the wall the mushroom clouds will sprout up all over the arab world. I read one book where the Isrealies targeted the Answan high dam and the floods wiped out almost all of Cairo. That's the example.

      I can see the 'Mosada option' being played out. Israel unleashing massive devestation on the muslim world and then nuking their own population centers before being invaded so as not having any Jews being taken as slaves.

      Look at the past 5,000 years of human history and you can see how this will be played out.

      The small minded idiots in The State Department don't study histories and don't understand 'historic cultural influences' that determine modern policy and modern events.
      Therefore history is more likely to repeat itself.

    2. The Israelis have already said, over and over, that if they are going down, they'll drag everyone around them into the same hole. Not that Israel has any nukes, according to them (wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) And you can bet the first two lightbulbs (that don't officially exist) appear over Mecca and Medina.

      The idiots in the State Department are the same focks that supported the Communist Chinese over the National Chinese during WWII, even though the Nationalists were the only ones fighting Japan.

      Senator Joseph McCarthy, besides lambasting Hollyweird and Soviet-controlled newsies, specifically targeted the State Department over all of it's commies, socialists and fellow travelers. And that is the real reason he got tossed under the bus. It wasn't the private citizens, it was all the government workers who he was pointing the finger at. And the really bad thing is the commies and socialists had already been outed, but were protected by FDR's administration.

      It would not be a sad day if a tornado hit the State Department and sucked most of its employees up and dropped them off in the middle of the Atlantic.

      Hopefully the surf is good from the tropical storm, captain. May your board be wet and your powder dry.

      Deus Vult.

    3. When I was on a NATO staff, I used to go up to the NATO officers school at Oberammergau, in Bavaria for two week courses.

      One of those was about NATO doctrine on the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

      There was a guest speaker, an Israeli professor who gave a lecture on the adverse effects of tactical nukes in regard to maneuver through the battle field. This would have been about 1984 I think.

      After the lecture there was a little soiree at the officers club in his honor. I got a chance to to talk to him briefly, and I asked him about Israeli nukes.

      He said "well, Captain, my government, believe it or not, has not chosen to confide in me on this subject. However, if Israel is ever pressed hard by an Arab attack and left to it's fate by your government, I believe your question will be answered."

      The State Department is the same bunch of Pan-Arabists and Islamic apologists who caused the debacle in Lebanon. The names have changed now, but the song remains the same.

    4. The truly scary thing about the State Department is that many names haven't changed. There are whole family dynasties that have been firmly entrenched at the SD (sounds like a social disease, which, in a way, it is) since the USSR started paying them before FDR was elected.

      My dad was given the option, as an Air Force Reserve Major, to take a liaison position and retire as a Lieutenant Colonel, or get commissioned as a regular officer and go work at the Pentagon, and probably make general some day. He enjoyed his retirement. Reason? The further away from Washington, and especially the State Department, the better. He hated those SD weenies for all the friends he lost in Korea and Viet Nam, and the loss of the space program (the handwriting was on the wall already in 69 for those in the know.)

  5. At this point, even Pres. Cater is looking good. I think he was the worst one in my life time

    1. Carter was an idiot and remains so. He's the biggest sand man lover who ever lived and it's a modern miracle he hasn't converted to Islam. I wish he would do Georgia a huge favor and die. But the old fool is immortal.