Friday, August 5, 2016

The Only One Who Can Save Us Now!

I was frying a hamburger for lunch, and the TV was on to the news. I can see it from the stove, across the kitchen counter.

Hillary was addressing the National Black and Hispanic Journalists Convention. It was a friendly crowd. She had just finished telling them how she was going to enhance immigration from Mexico and points south once she was President. She went on about how she was going to spend billions on "black and Latino communities." I'm sure she meant to include white communities like the miners in West Virginia, it just slipped her mind.

Some woman journalist asked a question.  Given the racist and violent tendencies displayed by Trump supporters, what did it say about the sad state of America that almost half the population supported him?

Trump Supporters

Hillary heaved a great sigh. She said she wasn't going to address "some of his worst supporters, you know who I mean." As for the rest, they were "misogynist, xenophobic and racist" it was true. But , she said, even so when she was President, she would work hard to continue the good efforts of Barack Obama to improve the economy.

Misogynist , Xenophobic and Racist Trump Supporter. Dog is just as bad. 

The kind of people who support Trump will be happy and no trouble if they have a can of pork and beans on the shelf, and a used pick up truck in the driveway, don't you know!

Trump Campaign Workers

 People like that, My Dears,  are really just worried about their economic situation and they would all settle down and be good little serfs when the Great White Queen improved their lot.   Everyone applauded tepidly. All those intelligent black and hispanic people know those old crackers are just no good.

Yet, there is still hope!

A hero may yet arise to save us from Hillary.  Hope of the masses, come forth, I conjure thee!

I'm beat.  No walk for me today.  It's too hot and humid outside, and I didn't sleep well last night. I'm just flat tired out.  I've got the morning chores finished, I'm not going to check the mail, and I don't have to do anything else outside until dusk.

I'll finish this tonight after I've had some rest. Hell, maybe I'll delete it. Or maybe not.


  1. Hey Harry,


    I really think that this will backfire on the democrat's. The more negative things people say the more the other side will vote for Trump just out of spite.

    If they ran a campaign that did not make fun of Trump supporters as 'white trash' and so on. Some of the Trump supporters may be 'lured in' to vote for billary. They keep this up and you can damn well bet it will turn more than a few people off.

    Trump may yet still have this one in the bag. I say that because a great many Americans are just plumb 'pissed off' and the democrat's, media outlets, actors in Hollywood are just shooting themselves in the foot.

    I don't believe the media hype of billary. I don't think she is really popular as the media is trying present. One can spray paint a piece of dung gold and its still a piece of dung.

    Now the country and the world is still in 'deep do do' even if Trump win's so I am still not very enthusiastic about the world and global affairs.

    A 'Trump Win' would slow down the process of decay but until some things are delt with. Its a downhill slide.

  2. I hope you and some of my other friends who come here are right. You're not the first one to say things are not as dark as they seem. I tell you though, to me it looks pretty grim. My experience has been that when things look blackest, it's just before the boat capsizes.

    But I could be wrong. I hope I am. I just wouldn't put any money on it.

  3. Don't pull the post, Harry; it's too big of a hoot! lol - As for the future, I believe our course has been set since the second election of Bill Clinton. An immoral, immature nation of voters CANNOT elect "leaders" any better than themselves. We're doomed because we, as a nation, are not even worth saving. Unfortunately, those of us in the minority are just that, in the minority.

    1. It's a bleak choice if Clinton wins. Sell out and head down to Banana Land to live for the rest of my life, or basically go into hiding.

  4. Always try to find the actual methodology of the "polls" . If it is heavily weighted to Communists with lesser commie lights and independents, and it gives her a YUGE lead, then you can be pretty sure the poll is BS. Fortunately for us the interwebs breaks their control of the narrative for those that are awake enough to think. Trump is drawing thousands to his events, Hitlery draws hundreds...although that is not any sort of final arbiter.
    I do not know if any or all of this is true or not. If even half of it is... Holy cow.
    Never give up Harry. There are WAY more of us than there are of them...

    1. Less than four months and we'll all know. If I thought it was a level playing field I'd be less concerned.

  5. Replies
    1. I have a feeling I won't like the story when it does.

  6. Hey Harry,


    I just saw an article on 'The Gateway Pundit.

    More democratic staffers are coming up dead. One of which apparently 'crushed his own throat' or something like it.

    One of dead democrat's was had filed information he had on July 3rd on how the democrat's were organized against Bernie Sanders and that information leaked out on WikiLeaks during the convention so his information got out fortunetly.

    someone ought to research and come up with a blog called 'billary's graveyard' detailing all the dead since the 1980's that the Clintons had murdered.

    'Funny that maybe 'Erdogrown in Turkey is envious and taking notes on billary.

    1. The number of dead bodies Bill and Hillary have left in their wake over the years has been impressive. They make Scar Face look like a Boy Scout.

  7. Trump has just endorsed and will support Paul Ryan and John McCain. Boy, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I have to comment on one of your last posts about not registering a gun where you live. In Oregon, all gun sales have to have a background check....both public and private. Checked by the state police who then go check with the FBI. That is registration because they keep those records for 5 years, and probably forever. Why your friend wants to move to this state is beyond me. Almost as bad as California. You are allowed a switchblade knife, though.

    1. Tewshooz, it's my brother moving there from his place in Northern California. He has two sons, both married with little kids. My brother wants to spend more time with the grandchildren. Also, my mom, my sister and my other brother all live in Oregon now, having fled California.

      It makes a huge difference, what state you live in. States regulate firearms, so in a conservative Southern state you have very reasonable laws. In liberal states, the laws are purely and simply about limiting the citizen's access to guns so you have very restrictive social engineering going on.

      I can sell a gun to another citizen here with no government oversight. For now, anyway, although the federal government has been trying to block that for years.

      If I want to buy a gun in store, I just show my concealed carry permit. The Georgia legislature decided that since concealed carry permit holders go through an intensive background check every five years, it makes little sense to subject them to the federal NICS system.

      I feel sorry for Trump. He was forced to endorse those horses asses by the need for "party unity" even though they refused to endorse him, or made a big deal out of not doing so til the last minute. But I look at it this way. If he gets elected, he can remember who behaved how during the election and act accordingly.

  8. With politics and the Media Worshiping at Hillary's feet being the only thing on the new. I will be so glad when college football starts.
    Harry I want you to imagine Nick Saban as a candidate handling a press conference or a debate.

    1. Gary, I don't follow sports so I had to look Nick Saban up on the internet. Having read several encyclopedia entries on him, I get your point.

      Fox had a very good segment on the drive by media today, and spared no punches. Fox doesn't let you embed their segments anymore, so I have to wait until somebody puts it up on You Tube but I will try to get it on the blog here in a day or so.

  9. Sir Harry (kinda like that, sounds good on you)(remember, a real knight is a fighter with enough land to support him, not some fop poet)

    It is time to activate that old mine near your house and start an underground blog server as a backup just in case the worst happens.

    On the other hand, there are still more WikiLeaks to appear, Obama is shooting himself in the foot right and left, Hillary is busy sucking up to every anti-American organization out there which is pissing off lots of democrats, Bill is.. Bill.

    Things are getting out, like that really bad seizure she had a couple weeks ago The hole in the tongue And all the coughing problems she has been having.

    There is a reason she doesn't give interviews or answer questions at the end of rallies, and that she can't answer quickly. I don't think her mind can process at speed anymore. The way she reacts to hecklers and interruptins is by freezing, almost like sensory overload.

    Which makes me wonder if she is even going to allow the debates to happen. Hmmm.

    And this isn't factoring in the muslim factor. Bad enough that they knifed an American tourist in Londonistan, which the Main Stream Media is downplaying, of course. (Gee, if Teddy Roosevelt was president now, he'd have launched a fleet to take care of the issue. Barack, he's sunk more US naval ships than any enemy, by a huge amount.) More muzzie attacks, more BLM attacks, more BLM muzzie attacks, more attacks upon the hidden Christian culture. All of this works in Trump's favor.

    Not saying he'll win, but if it isn't the closest race ever run, then even the most blind idiot (like a Sanders supporter) will realize what she has done.

    Keep your head up. Remember, it's always darkest before the nuclear blast, oh, I mean the dawn.

    And keep posting. You serve as a bulletin board for a diverse group of odds and sods out there. Where else would I be able to rub shoulders with the Capt. Crunch, Kymber and others.

    Deus Vult, Y'all! (Southern Crusader, doncha know...)

    1. A fellow who sends me a lot of the material I use on the blog recently sent me an email cautioning that I was being too pessimistic about the election.

      I hope those who hold out hope are right. I have been watching the electoral prognosis more than I have the poles. I think, all things being equal, if Trump can carry North Carolina he has a fighting chance. The problem, as is generally acknowledged, is that the demographics of North Carolina are now against us. The Hispanic population there has grown like wild fire, and vast numbers of blacks fleeing the collapse of the northern manufacturing industries have relocated to North Carolina. It just doesn't look good.

      I have been horrified to see that there is a good chance, based on what the Atlanta news stations are saying, that Georgia will go blue in November.

      I have noticed the trend in Europe to identify Islamic terrorist attacks as "mental illness." It's not a lie, because anyone who follows the ISIS brand of Islam has to be mentally ill. But to tout mental illness as the sole cause of these attacks is disingenuous.

      This "Norwegian" from Somalia read and recommended books on Islamic terrorism on line. But the British government says there is no link to terrorism.

      In Germany, they had the ax attack on the train, the machete attack on the streets that killed a young , pregnant German woman. Then the Syrian who tried to blow himself up in a concert, then the shooter in Munich. All of this, according to Andrea Merkel , was "mental illness" and not terrorism. The fact that all these attackers were Moslems, and all espoused the ISIS line, just doesn't figure into it I guess.

      Since I intentionally lead a very secluded life up here, I enjoy the interaction with people on the blog. It's also uplifting to know there are a lot of good people out there, because you never would get that impression from the news.

      I guess it will all work out, one way or the other.

    2. Hey Harry,


      'Harry I think you being pessimistic is good. We need a 'wake up and smell reality' indicator and your it.

      I think Trump will take Florida, edge out barely in Ohio but he will get 'Stomped' in California. As per the 'Carolina's. Unknown. He really, really needs to be one the ground in those states.

      this election will be a nail biter to say the least.

      Even if Trump wins, Iran could go 'full Jihad' and pull of a sneak nuke strike and the economy could go into full collapse, and I mean 1929 on crack cocaine. While were distracted with a limited nuke war in the Persian Gulf. North Korea invades South Korea. China goes for the Phillipines, Indiana and the Paki's start tossing a few mushroom seeds at each other over Kashmir. The Wahhabies make a play for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the help of Oman and Turkey goes for a few of its neighbors like Syria (the Putin and the Russians get involved)

      Gee whiz, This makes a man want to move to the planet Mars and get away from it all:(

    3. Well, at least we won't die of boredom. Also, if law and order breaks down, I will get out my list and start paying off some old scores most riki tik.

  10. It's hard to be supportive of either side. I work with people that support Trump. They'd vote Republican no matter what. Mainly because of the abortion topic. They are Born Again Christians.

    Most of my friends on facebook were supportive of Bernie, and now Clinton. I'm friends with mostly artist types, so that's why. They believe in change, which I do too. But I believe in change only change for the better! I couldn't side with Bernie like so many wanted me too. I had a feeling if he got into office, which he won't - he'd have any trade school, art school shut down in a minute. There would be my job! I just got done paying off my college not too long ago; I'd be paying for every one else to go too.

    One of my artsy friends said, "Oh Bernie's out. There goes my dream of going to art college for free." I said, "It wouldn't be free! Art colleges would more than likely dry up. Community colleges and universities would be the first to be free. Everyone would go to them. Art colleges would be gone. Bye Bye." He said, "I can dream though." I'm like, Ok dude.

    1. Alissa, so many people who want to support Bernie and Hillary just don't have any grounding at all in the real world. They have no idea what it's like out here. They were born at the top of the heap and as far as they know, they're lives are typical.

      I started working my first job at 14. I left home at 17, and I worked until I was 62 years old. As far as I can tell, nothing worth having is free. I can't remember anything I have that was just given to me.

      I resent it bitterly when the government takes so much from working people and uses it to feather the nests of the elites, or just squanders the money. Clinton will do that, and keep doing it, and doing more of it, if she gets elected.

      Trump is not perfect. My hope is that , because he is a proven business man, he will hire the expertise he needs to round his own experience out. But anything would be better than Hillary Clinton, the race baiter, exploiter, corrupt and greedy reprobate that she is.

    2. Even my students from last year were pro Bernie. It was like they thought their student loans will magically disappear if he got into office. All I could do is shake my head. They chose to come to an expensive school. All art schools are expensive. They didn't have to come here. Some act like the school robbed them; once they have to start paying on their loans. We are upfront about everything! I think it's part of the new generation. I honestly don't remember so much complaining from my class going through. My schools were not cheap.