Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday morning

I am bottle feeding a kitten, so I got up well before dawn and took care of that. The mother cat just abandoned the baby. Usually my wife takes care of this kind of thing but she's not here right now.

 I get the powdered cat milk replacement.  You mix it with water. I usually make it in an old olive jar, then I microwave a half bottle full for five seconds.

You test the temperature by letting a drop or two fall on your wrist, just like you did when you had babies in the house. I used to walk the babies at night and feed them so my wife could get some sleep. Kittens are not much different.

Percy is settling in nicely.  I have some pictures of him now, but I need to hook my camera to my computer and download them. I have to unhook some of my other equipment to do that, so I am waiting til I have enough pictures to make it worth while.

He is very affectionate. Percy must have been carried and picked up a good bit at his previous home, since he's underfoot all the time, begging to be carried.

He's very strong. I watched him mock fight two of the cats yesterday and it was the cats who finally turned tail and took off, not Percy.

He has to have fresh ferret chow. If the food has been on his saucer for more than a few hours, he won't eat it. This is not proving to be a problem as the cats eat his food. It figures, since ferret chow is the most expensive of all the animal feeds I buy.

I have always enjoyed the Jason Bourne movies. I bought the DVD's for the preceding shows. The nice theater up at the lake is showing the new Bourne movie. I would like to go see it, but after I found out Matt Damon was anti-gun, and was making scathing statements about gun owners, I decided not to see his movies anymore.  Look at what he said up above, and how stupid it was.

So, you are attacked in the parking lot while leaving a restaurant, by a knife wielding Goblin who wants to rob you, and do who knows what to your wife. Would you not want to kill him? I would. I get tired of  Hollywood convoluted logic like this. I won't spend any money to support it. Too bad for me, guess I'll have to find something else to watch.

I've been doing more research on the state of the military.  It's not good. After eight years of a Democratic regime, look where we are now.  After eight more years of Hillary, I wonder if we will have any military left at all.  Since the military is the last trustworthy institution left in America, there are all sorts of negative ramifications of running it down like this.  And with the morons in congress interfering in planning, we are still building mega-billion dollar systems like boomer submarines, but don't have enough small arms ammunition for marksmanship training. I wasn't kidding when I said the Marines are scavenging parts from the mothball fields to keep their FA-18's flying, and 75% of the FA-18 fleet is not 100% operational, for lack of parts.

I took the dogs down to the creek yesterday so they could swim.  There's a deep water pool there under the trees, where my kids used to swim in summer.  Unfortunately for me, clouds of mosquitoes came swarming out and I got eaten alive. I don't remember there being mosquitoes down by the pool  before. Well, I can be a guinea pig for Zika virus. The news says it's coming here anyway.

Here are a few books you might want to run down for your collection, prior to Hillary taking over as President.

Because when she takes over, everyone will have to make some tough decisions.

Thought for the Day:


  1. I bet it's sweet feeding the kitten! I saw one being born on a farm when I was a kid. I had no idea what was happening. I ran for my Dad yelling, "A weird animal is attacking the cat!" The men looked where I was at and said, "No it just had a baby!"

    I'm glad Percy is settling in. I bet he was curious at first, and got into all kinds of things.

    1. It's kind of a pain, because the kitten needs to be fed often. This is the second abandoned baby of the summer. The last one, "Golden Kitten", did ok and is now self sufficient. This one will be ok with any luck.

      Strange, the things a person remembers from when they were little. I can remember finding a coral snake out under the pine trees when I was about six, and hitting it with a piece of an old baby crib that was out back. Back then, everybody had a black maid. The woman who took care of us was "Queen Esther" at that time. She came roaring out of the house and gave me a good swat on the behind for messing with that snake.

      Percy is doing fine. He's a lively guy, and I think he likes never having to be in a cage.

  2. Matt Damon knows where his pay checks come from. Gotta suck up to the Hollywood liberals.

    Burying guns doesn't make much sense around here. Half the year the ground is frozen solid. Until the age of backhoes we didn't even bury bodies until spring. There are other ways.

    In the days leading up to WWI, the British empire had a very professional army, perhaps the best it the world. The problem was that it was tiny. After the pros were used up in the early days of WWI they had to start from scratch. A lot of unnecessary death because of those decisions.

    The Brits relied on their Navy, but a lot of their ships weren't even the best anymore. We rely on our technology, but others can play that game.

    There is no substitute for boots on the ground.

    1. The Victorian Army and the British Army prior to 1914 has always been a real interest of mine. It's no coincidence that my writing name is taken from a series of books about an English officer during the Victorian era. Great books, really funny.

      They were able to get away with a small professional army as long as they only had to fight small wars in out of the way places. But a world war, that was a different matter.

      I like Douglas Reeman's books about the British Navy. They span the period 1853 through modern times. Great novels.

      You're right. If you are going to be in a place, go in heavy and crush any opposition. If you aren't ready to do that, don't go. This nickle and dime stuff accomplishes nothing and gets a lot of good people killed to no purpose.

  3. Hey Harry,


    That's really cool that your hand feeding that kitten. You know that I am not an uber Christian bible thumpin' freak but there is a special place in heaven filled with happy ferrets that are all war dancing and 'dooking about' that you may be assigned to one day:)

    Now onto something negative.

    Matt Damon is a hypercrite of the worst sort. Making movies with guns and stuff. One movie had him using an AK-47 (one of the Century Arms WASR's)

    if he hates guns and made movies with no guns then I could disagree with him and respect his argument for at least doing movies with no guns.

    Being anti-gun and making pro-gun movies...that falls into the hypercrite jackass range.

    I will never watch any of his movies nor will I watch any movies by that loathesome pond scum 'George Clooney' for making fun of Charleston Heston's Altheimzers disease years ago.

    Onto bad military projects.

    Check out the U.S.S Ford (the new aircraft carrier) and all of its problems. A 13 billion dollar aircraft carrier that does not work!
    The catapults don't work, the weapons elevators don't work and the new phase array radar does not work either?

    what the hell went wrong?

    The cant see the targets, load the weapons on the aircraft and they cant launch any aircraft.

    what the hell went wrong?

    1. Have you noticed that during the week leading up to the release of the movie, they were pimping it on a lot of channels, with an advertisement featuring Matt Damon being interviewed about the movie by some woman. In the foreground of the shot was what looked liked a Sig.

      Hipocrazy and the left just go hand in hand. I've never had any use for George Clooney. He's a sanctimonious jack ass. What he needs is a good beating.

      My God. It's almost eerie that nothing works on a ship named Ford, because if you remember the man himself, he was a real klutz. Couldn't walk down a flight of stairs without falling. Going on the golf range with him was taking your life in your hands.

    2. i personally boycott all movies with stars in it that are anti-gun...but especially anti-gun stars who make their living off of making movies using guns!!!! hypocrites extraordinnaire!

    3. Kymber, I don't go to many moves, but I do go to some that I like, movies such as the one about Benghazi, and American Sniper. Those are made by good people. But I'm not going to any that are by or for left wingers. Like you, it strikes me as very strange that so many of them make money off of violent movies, and then decry peaceful gun ownership by citizens.

  4. I think Ragnar Benson's book will be next on my list.

    For the life of me I fail to understand why we are downsizing our military when China and Russia are growing theirs. I don't think we could sustain a war on two fronts anymore. Projecting ahead if Hillary is elected then I see recruiting taking a nosedive. God help us.

    It boggles the mind that a guy like Matt Damon, who was in "Saving Private Ryan" could come away from that as anti-gun. What a damn hypocrite, making his millions starring in "gun" movies. --Troy

    1. Good choice. Benson's books are all good.

      It's about money. If you are going to buy the support of the mob through the distribution of entitlements and other public circuses like the "P.J." system, you have to get the money somewhere. The Democrats have always taken it from the military. That's why we always go into our wars unprepared, and get our asses kicked until we can ramp up. These days, I don't think that strategy will work anymore. But the good thing, if I can call it that, is that this time it won't be the military people who pay the price for not being ready, it will be the civilian population.

      I liked Matt Damon until all this started up. I didn't know anything about him, but he seemed decent enough. Now I know I was wrong, and he is just a typical Hollywood blockhead.

    2. And Bradley Cooper, star of "American Sniper" was at the DNC.

      Thereby making me not to watch any more of his movies.

    3. Strange how many actors make their fortunes portraying individuals who would not be caught dead within 50 miles of President Obama. I guess the money is more important than the immoral aspects of doing so.

  5. It is good to know that there are still folks like you who take the time and effort to save baby kittens. I have found that many just can't be bothered. Too busy - too important - too selfish - to care about one tiny kitten life. Bless your heart!

    One thing I really miss about having animals is watching their individual personalities. Sounds like Percy has personality plus. Glad to hear he is settling in and apparently enjoying life as well. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.

    There is very little I can do about the gun grabbers and those who are determined to take away our Constitutional rights, except refuse to spend one thin dime that would benefit that sort of stupidity. Same goes for stores like Target that make decisions that could have an effect on my family. Unfortunately, there are so many of them out there now that it sometimes becomes difficult to find a place to shop or makes it impossible for me to enjoy a movie like I did before the star lost all of his or her common sense. Sigh.

    1. My wife would be doing the kitten feeding if she was here, but since she's not it falls to me. I feel sorry for them, so I don't mind doing it.

      Ferrets have the greatest personalities of any animals I have ever had. They are just like people in so many respects (the positive ones). I thoroughly enjoy them.

      You and I are in the same boat. I can't do anything but withhold my business from outfits I don't agree with. It may not hurt them as far as I go, but if enough of us do it, then there will be some effect. If that's all that's left to us, then that's what we have to do. I miss out on a lot of good deals that way, but I take some pride in not patronizing things like movies made by people who would gladly strip me of my rights.

  6. If you can take care of a rejected, helpless little kitty then you have an amazingly big heart. Bless you for caring enough to do something - you're a very special person :D

    1. Most conservatives have hearts bigger than Texas. Double size it the more curmudgeonly one seems to be. Harry has one the size of Alaska and Texas.

      My experiences with pet rescues and shelters is the liberals are big on elimination, little on helping.

    2. I am not comfortable with some of the "animal shelters", especially those run by the county. But the ferret rescues are all run by individuals, in their homes, and they have proven to be good people. Ferret rescues run the gamut from people like me, with just a few ferrets, to some who are taking care of 30 or more!

  7. I have always liked animals, Dani. Don't know why I don't like most people.

  8. Awwwwww you are just an old softy. How sweet that you are feeding an abandoned kitten. There is a special place for you in heaven for folks like you. I am glad that Percy is fitting right in and that you have a young, healthy ferret to play with now. He has found his forever home and I bet he knows it. Boycott is the only real power we as consumers have; that, and voting. I don't watch the crap Hollywood puts out anymore; don't they have an elevated opinion of themselves, too? Arrogant bastards are as bad as Obama. Yes, boycotting stores that go against my morals is no easy sometimes, but it is the only way to make our voices heard. I was always taught to put my money where my mouth is. Oh, an aircraft carrier that doesn't work....what do you expect with the head of the Navy being a woman that never served. How about them naming a ship after Harvey Milk, the pedophile queer from San Francisco. Boy, that says it all, doesn't it? Makes me ashamed what has happened to my country. If Trump doesnt win, we will be in a world of hurt as this country will cease to exist. It will be a one world govt run by the UN. I get depressed just thinking about it. We must not let that happen. Boycott and vote!....

    1. I've always gotten along well with animals. Not so much with people. My wife worked at the general store here back in the late 80's. They got some Dixie shirts in, and the women in the store got together and bought my wife one to give to me as a present.

      It had a bull and a Confederate flag on the back. Underneath the pictures it said "Does not play well with others." There's a picture of me wearing it somewhere on the blog.

      Percy is a lot of fun. He wears me out a little, because he is so anxious to be held. He watches the news with me in the mornings to start out the day.

      I remember movie stars like John Wayne, James Stuart, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine, Tyrone Power, Errol Flynn, and their generation. They were good people with good values. Today, the Hollywood crowd seems to be spoiled, trashy, and shallow. Epitomized by that fat pig, Michael Moore.

      One of the big drawbacks to our system is that positions are awarded as political spoils, rather than by merit. One of the emails from the DNC that was leaked was a spreadsheet, showing how much individuals had donated to the party, and what job they had indicated they wanted in return. With low caliber people who have no qualification other than that filling important government positions, disaster is the only plausible result.

      It used to be you had to have done something important to have a ship named after you. Now we have ships named for Gabby Gifford and Harvey Milk, neither of whom had the slightest connection with the military and neither of whom made any important contributions to our society. Purely political correctness and nothing more.

      I don't think Trump will win. The media is crucifying him, no matter what he says and does. Lots of well meaning people are being led to believe that Trump is a fool, while in reality he just hasn't learned to keep his mouth shut yet. He is, after all, not a professional politician and that's what so many of us like about him. But there's just too much against him. A well oiled Democratic propaganda machine, complete Democratic control of the media, pouting and hateful hack Republicans like Cruz, Romney, McCain, Ryan. Democratic control of a huge immigrant population, which they facilitate and encourage. Democratic control of the courts, which make it easy for illegals to vote multiple times in elections. I don't see how the good guy will win this one.

      I agree about boycotting. In the long run, it may not make any difference but at this moment, what else can we do. If Clinton is elected, and things get much worse than they are now, it may be that conservatives will have to demonstrate their dissatisfaction more forcefully.

    2. how about a well oiled democrat steal-the- election-by fraud machine?
      read that dems pay people to go from poll to poll to vote multiple times, with lunch and dinner provided.

    3. I had a clip on the blog somewhere from a news segment. A black woman who worked at a polling place had been apprehended facilitating allowing unregistered voters to vote at her polling place. She got community service from the judge. Then the local Democratic Party organization threw a big party for her, and she was hailed as a hero. The clip showed her graciously accepting the accolades of the brainless at the party.

      When Obama ran against Romney (losers against losers), the Democrats in Chicago went down to skid row, picked up bums, gave them cartoons of cigarettes, and took them to the poles to vote for Obama. Just how unregistered people were allowed to vote at all has never been made clear. But Chicago is known as the town where you can die and keep on voting , for a reason.

  9. Harry - you have a great big heart and it shows in how you treat your wife, your kids, your animals and all of the strays that end up in your care...i am so glad that the baby kitten "found" you. as for Percy - he seems right up your alley - and keeping Spike and all those other kittens on their toes...i am glad Spike has a new buddy!

    as for Mr. Damon - go suck on a rock. you're anti-gun but every movie you star in showcases guns - have another rock, you hypocrite!

    i think i told you this before but Benson's books are one of the few books banned in canada...it's a short and very special list and of course, i would never have any of his books in my collection - teehee. no way. teehee.

    i am glad the dogs got a swim in but i can understand being bit to death. from mid-may until mid-october i am covered in welts, bruises and get sick out of my head from all of the bug bites. it's awful.

    you have put up quite the collection of books that people should look into having, borrowing...or even stealing. caches are our secret weapon up here...we have islands galore in our river...that no one knows about (even the locals????) and no one could ever find one of our hidden caches of "stuff".

    we went to a memorial tea today for a friend of ours who died last year. it was very well attended and for that i am glad. but jambaloney had 2 hours work on his contract after the tea and is now down for the count - we've been up since 4am. i bet you were up at all hours feeding the kitten. it's nice to come to your blog when i am tired and feel like i am visiting an old friend...who doesn't mind if i am tired and my mascara is smeared! (i only wear mascara when we go to events...i try to look nice for others at events. kinda like wearing your sunday best to church). holy crap am i blathering.

    sending much love to you, as always. your friend,

    1. Kymber, I'm always glad to see you here. I know sometimes I get political and that's not your interest. Trying not to do that so often but I get so angry at events here.

      The animals have always given me a lot more than I give them. Living way out here , you need companionship and I am comfortable with them.

      I knew you get all eaten up by those black flies. They must be pretty terrible, because I know they cause you and J a lot of trouble. Also, Les Stroud has mentioned them on his shows filmed in Canada!

      If you ever need any help getting any book you want, one that might not be sold in Canada, let me know and I will send it to you. Knowing your resourcefulness and your independent nature, that might not happen too often but if it does you can count on me.

      Lots of people here are really into Caches. There's even a game they play with GPS where you build a cache with some little token in it, then put the coordinates on the internet and people find the cache, take your little token, and leave one of their own.

      I have a relation who caches supplies in the Nevada desert between Boise and the Sierra Nevadas. I'm talking the whole shooting match, too. He is moving to Oregon though so I guess he will have to go dig all that stuff up and cache it in the Eastern Oregon high desert.

      Sorry you had to go to that memorial thing. I don't go to funerals. I have not been to a funeral since 1983 I don't think.

      As I say, you are always welcome here. You're not blathering, you're visiting. And I enjoy it.

    2. I am just curious, how does one get around the "banned books" in Canada? If you order them through Amazon how do they know? --Troy

    3. Where about in the eastern Oregon high desert, Harry?

    4. Harry,

      Glad to hear the new kitten is getting care. I love animals but choose not to have them here in the mountains of upper ID/MT mountains area. Way too many fleas, ticks and predators. I could never keep them clean as I have high long grasses in between thick timber areas. I have been to the shelter looking many times but keeping them locked up in the house would be a disservice to them. Letting them run wild would be a disserve to them also so, I don't have them although I'd love to have a blue healer to scare away the Black bears but the Griz's don't bat an eye on dogs, according to my neighbors. I'd love to livein your seclusive area but I' ve been to Orlando in August and the humidity is too much. I melt at 90 degrees in 30% humidity and couldn't imagine living in 90 degree, 90% humidity, Hats off, I'll deal with wildfire danger thank you very much...

      As for the Hollycripts, I don't watch a lot of them. When I watch a movie, I first check my list to see if they are anti gunners. If they are antigunner libtards, they are axed. Ben Afflack is another FYI. I ain't gonna give them squat in royalties. I am happy to see Jim Carey detonated his career by going hardcore FU gunners before his movie came out, which tanked. Then the libtard bastid apologized to gun owners but he is toast. I still love to chuckel at that move, Schadenfreude. lol

      I doubt your level of political discussions annoy Kymber as they are fairly mellow, she's a ficken Canook, who is the most hardy of the hardy. She'll get over your mild incanations as she is a trooper. It's your blog, fire away. The main problem with this country, as the support for Trump shows, is that so very many of us are tired of having to get out thoughts criticized by others and worrying about it. I don't personally care what others think about what I have to say as they can go somewhere else or ignore it. It is not my problem what others think and if they don't like it, too bad. That should be the attitude of all Americans as it used to be. So many of your readers feel like you in our frustrations with the way things are, we seek opinions like yours. Helps me to know I'm not in a small group of frustrated Americans.

      I'm a tad older than you so we are on the same page although I did my six years in the green weenie enlisted as you started your enlistment. Got out as the Corps got too spit and polish for my old school attitude. I don't hold that against you in the O-Corps as I have served under many good O's and a few idiot 2nd lewys who had they not been corraled, would have fraged us all.

      Semper Fi and keep up your real thoughts, veiwers be dammed. You did your time and you don't owe shit to any reader. Their thoughts or ideas are not your problem.

      Green Weenie. E-5

    5. Harry - thank you for your offer and you know that if i needed you to get me a book that i would ask. but there are many, many ways of getting "banned" books here. all of my benson's were gotten when i was down in the states. i couldn't buy them up here so got them in the states. it was a very savvy Sgt. at Fort Meade that recommended these books to me; as well as teaching me about kurt saxon, the original survivalist. i got benson's books in the states and i just put them in my suitcase with other books and no canadian border officer ever caught notice when i flew back. it might be different now but this was in the early 90's.

      and to Troy - i don't have first-hand experience...i brought a copy of "American Psycho" across the border in the early 90's but i had a few friends get caught and had that book taken from them. and i have often received innocuous things from amazon that have been opened by customs here in canada. they always put a little sticker on the box that says that customs canada has searched the box.

      sending love Harry. i don't mind your political posts at all...i just don't know what to say to them being a canadian, ya know? but i am always here and if there is anything i can send you - just yell. you are one fine friend and in this day and age - THAT is a hard thing to find. xoxo

    6. Troy, I think it's more of a "statement" by the Canadian government than anything else.

      Tewshooz, he'll be putting his stuff somewhere along the route from his new place in Oregon to Boise. His girlfriend lives in Boise, so he spends part of this time there, and part of his time at his own place. The caches are along the route that he would have to take to go get her if things go bad.

    7. Kymber, I figured you could get anything you needed up there, but I would help you if you needed it.

      You and I talked about Paladin Press once, and how it had been ordered by the courts here to stop selling certain "how to" books. They may have been able to suppress Paladin, but the same books are available used on line.

      The Anarchists Cookbook caused a stir when it first came out eons ago, and the U.S. government tried to have it suppressed, but at the time the courts wouldn't buy that. Now, with liberal judges and the circuit courts of appeal becoming more like the infamous 9th, I'm not sure freedom of speech is as protected as it once was.

  10. I forget who it was, Claire Wolfe, maybe, that said "If you're think it's time to bury your guns and ammo, it's probably time to be digging them up".

    1. Who will bell the cat? If Hillary wins and there is a mass rising, I'm sure a lot of people would be glad to join it . But until and unless such an event occurs, might be better to hide your stuff than have someone inform on you and then have FBI or ATF sturmtruppen show up in the middle of the night and murder you.

      When the ranchers out west tried to take a stand against BLM, many conservatives condemned them and made fun of them.
      So there are plenty of people who decry government abuses but revile those who take a stand. I don't see any active resistance to the government taking place no matter how bad it gets unless there is a general break down of law and order. As long as people who will stand up are ridiculed by both left and right, and people know they will end up dead or in jail for doing so, it isn't going to happen. That's how tyranny thrives.

  11. Hey Harry and Kymber.

    The game you all are talking about is 'Geocaching' that's where you leave stuff and pick up stuff buried or hidden.

    I thought about Geocaching myself except I would be a bad boy and leave a full can or beer, a rubber snake or some other funny item.

    I like banned books and other books that really make other people angry.

    My thought is, is that if someone cant handle the first amendment. Then maybe they should go somewhere else.

    I am still an optimist.

    Maybe Trump will still win. The narrative that Trump is using about media bias may help propel him to the White House. I cite people being fed up with the status quo in Great Britian and 'Britexit' as a possible precursor to a Trump victory.

    Trump has a few things really going for him that 'Romney' did not have in '12.

    Now its still possible that the Trump could lose. I'm being realistic but the attitude of our country has changed quite a bit in the past four years under the idiot in the White House. The people in this country are just plumb fed up. Just fed up, plain and simple. I predict a Trump landslide in Florida and maybe a slight victory in Ohio but a loss in California where the Mexicans have taken over.

    'Just imagine a Trump victory in November and how many people that it would really piss off.

    The victory would be wonderful:)

    1. hey captain - isn't it about time you owed me an email??? sending lots of love to you always....oh and apparently the end of august through october is the best surfing weather here for real surfers. just sayin' buddy. we got a tent and all the other requirements if you ever want to head out this way. xoxoxo

    2. CC, I sincerely hope you are right. I think everything you said in your post is true. I know I'm damn sure fed up to the gills. And the Islamists have not yet really started killing people here. That's coming though. Wait till we lose two or three hundred in some event, and listen to the wailing and rending of garments when the same people who kiss the Islamists behinds lose family members.

      Geraldo Rivera was always talking the "Moslems are good people" and "we have no business fighting in the middle east." Then the night of the Paris attacks, his daughter was in the stadium and he couldn't get in touch with her as the cell system was clogged. He was on the air with "Mincing Prig" Shepard Smith. Geraldo started talking about Bush having been right, that we just need to bomb these people, bomb them where ever they are!" Shepard Smith was freaking out and saying "oh, no Geraldo, you don't feel that way, you are just upset."

      I tried to find the clip on Fox News, and of course they had not posted it. I looked on the internet, on you tube, no joy.

      But I saw it. So when things start getting dicey here, and everybody really has to worry about getting shot, blown up, or beheaded, then they'll wish Trump, who has some balls, was in charge. Not Hillary, who is good at lies, at scams, at skulduggery, at dodging blame but nothing else.

    3. 'A tent' that's it! Do I look like a homeless vagabond. I require a van to sleep in. A dirty microwave, beer, pizza, instant coffee and a 200 millimeter thick (heated) wetsuit/spacesuit to deal with those cold northern waters. I am used to 89 degree seawater, that's what. 200 degree's celcius:)

    4. captain - we have a 1986 chevy vandura that we drove here in 2010! it came with all the bells and whistles - fridge, stove, sink, sleeping loft AND a bathroom. you could live in it! but yes - you will need an insulated snowsuit to swim in these waters - you could do it buddy! sending love to you as always! xoxox

    5. Whatever floats your boat. People say the less you have, the less you worry. Not sure about that myself. I have a brother who says he doesn't want "things" to tie him down, but he has a beach house, a town house, a boat, etc etc. Hum....

      Seems to me you lead a pretty happy life. There have been times I envied you down there on the beach....

  12. Harry,

    I forgot to relay this push News aggregator to you and your readers. This thing gets the news from many sources as it comes up. I don't know all of its sources but I've been using it for a couple of weeks in a new window although I have to refresh it about every 30 minutes to get updates as it sometimes just stops. I have a lot of blockers in place so it may work for others without this flaw. Well worth a look and give it ten minutes before refreshing. I do find it has amazing archive sources when searching on it though so if using it on a specific search, it is amazing.


    Semper Fi
    Green Weenie. E-5

  13. Awww, what a sweet kitten! I'm so glad you are caring for it. I can't wait to see photos of Percy too!

    1. I'll try to put up some Percy pictures today. I am in lower level computer room right now, and I can hear his claws on the wood floor overhead as he scampers around.

      I am hoping ugly kitten makes it. Not a very pretty little animal but when she grows up, you never know. I think if she can make it another week she will survive.

  14. Growing up I got raise a baby skunk, your comment about your kitten rings true. I made the mistake of mentioning that to my daughter about her first born....she didn't take it to well...our baby Bella being compared to a baby skunk.... but she still fell asleep in Grandpa's arms more often than anyone elses. :-)

    1. Babies are pretty much alike, regardless of species. They need mom. Skunks make good pets, they are intelligent and not aggressive. I'm always sorry when people talk about killing them.

  15. Yes, that was me. When I tried to see the entire article only the introduction was there. I have now enjoyed your entire post.


  16. Oh, ok. I thought the blog or my email was acting up.I have been having some really irritating problems with the Harry Flashman account.

  17. I just watched Matt Damon in The Martian and it was phenomenal! I didn't think I'd like it because it looked a little sci fi but it turned out to be a neat survival story.
    Hope your little kitten makes it. It's tricky when they're that tiny. I tried bottle feeding a tiny baby bunny this spring that the cats dragged up but he didn't survive.
    Percy sounds like a great ferret!

    1. I enjoyed the Martian very much. I even bought the DVD. But I guess that's the last of his movies I will ever see. I fed the kitten just a few minutes ago. If we can make it another week on the bottle, then I will wean her onto canned cat food and I think she will be ok.