Monday, September 12, 2016

Everybody is going to get their turn in the barrel. Everybody.

My kids came back to their apartment, and parked their car in the front row, near the door. There are large bushes there, for decorative purposes. There was also a guy behind the bushes who tried to rob them.

My daughter was driving, and my son was in the passenger seat. When he got out, this guy came out of the bushes and demanded money.  He did not have a weapon in his hand. He tried to close with my son, who moved him back, and about that time my daughter gave this guy some incentive to leave. That was the end of it.

She did not have her pistol because her concealed carry license expired, and we did not renew it when she was here. We did more important things like going to movies and parks.  That's something I can't rectify until they come back.  The state she works in recognizes our concealed carry permits, and we recognize theirs. But that state has onerous , expensive and time consuming requirements for their permits, while renewing hers here entails no more than paying $70.00 at the court house.

What she did have in the Jeep was a magnum sized cylinder of bear spray.

I can't say enough good about bear spray.  It's got a 30 foot range, as opposed to the puny little tubes of mace people carry. It's very powerful.  It's not as powerful as a firearm, but you don't have to go through a long involved process with the law if you use it on somebody. If , on the other hand, you kill some low life with a gun, it's going to be an expensive and stressful experience up where the kids live.  Not so much so down here, unless of course you are in Atlanta, or Valdosta, or Macon.......

Stay out of cities. Common sense still exists in the countryside, but not in cities.

 Hit somebody with it and they are going to want to exit the area post haste. It is non lethal. 

I asked my daughter and son how this happened. They said , and I agree, that parking at night, near anything that obstructs your view, is unwise.  Also, my son said the guy came on so fast that there was little time to react and he hesitated before taking appropriate action. That's normal. 

I suppose it was a good training evolution but of course it's not something that makes me feel good about their situation. That apartment complex is upscale, but not far from the lairs of the Morlocks, and they are having more and more issues with Goblins coming up out of "de hood" and attacking or robbing people at the apartment complex. 

Then there's this with my mom.  She's 88 now.  Lives in a quiet college town in Oregon.  She went to get her hair done at the Beauty Parlor.  In walks some Moslem, with his wife covered head to foot in a burka. The guy says he wants his wife's hair done but it has to be in a private room.

The lady who runs the place told him that she didn't have a private room, and couldn't do that. But this fellow, who was either a Pakistani or a Saudi based on his behavior, starts yelling at her. So she told him this was America, and he would have to get used to the way Americans do things. That drove him berserk and he cussed her out using the absolute foulest language you can imagine. Tough guy, acting the horses ass in front of a bunch of octogenarian old ladies. He stormed out with his burlap sack wife in tow.

Some people believe all these things going on today won't touch them personally. I am sure my mom felt that way. But it all catches up to everybody sooner or later. It's just a matter of when it's your turn.

That's why I never go anywhere unarmed. You can't tell when something out of the blue is going to come up.  I'm not interested in being another statistic because some libtard somewhere wants me to live his lifestyle. They can pass all the laws they want but I am adhering to the Heinlein Philosophy.

I also believe this quote from Colonel Jeff Cooper.

After my experience in Chattanooga with the four black "youths" I always carry a nonlethal deterrent as well. Right after that happened, I bought a really expensive air gun that fired tear gas "paint balls." But it's too heavy and too bulky to carry along with a pistol. Fine for the vehicle, but I carry the bear spray now as well. Last time I went to the car shop the lady who works at the counter said "you sure do have a lot of pockets" and I said I did, and that she'd be surprised what all was in them.

I've always thought this was a good poster and I try to follow it's guidance.

Thought for the Day.  

Get what you need now, while you still can.


  1. Times are getting sketchy, that's for sure. Hoping to start grad school in May, and that's complicating things to say the least. Have to move away from home for a while when the future is less than certain. If my field was anything other than medicine, I might seriously reconsider. I just can't help but think that a doctor might not always be a phone call away.

    -Blind Ambition

    1. Things are hard enough in normal times. But now, it's very difficult for people to get by, in a lot of ways. My wife nd I used to enjoy going to Chattanooga for day trips and sometimes to spend the night at a nice hotel. We don't go there anymore because of the Goblins.

      My kids have good jobs, making good money. But they live in a fortress and the walls are being breached with increasing frequency by the Morlocks. So they have to put up with things like that as well as the normal wear and tear of life. Hope things work out for you at grad school. My sister in law and her husband are doctors. It's a hard row to hoe, and it doesn't get better after you finish your residency.

  2. Bear Spray what a great idea, I'm going to add it to my get home bag!

    1. Most people up here carry the item that Senior Chief recommends below. It costs $3.00 a can, not $36.00 and it has the same range and the same effect. I am talking about wasp and hornet spray.

      The reason I carry Bear Spray and sent that to the kids is purely for court room reasons. Bear Spray is an up engined form of pepper spray, and has no permanent effect on the target. Wasp spray, I just don't know about. I don't care a Tinkers Damn about any trash that puts me in the position of having to use it. But in these times, where hulking black thugs are metamorphed into "Gentle Giants" on their way to their bible study class, I feel like I need to be more worried about the legal aftermath of an incident than I do about the incident itself.

  3. Too many folks don't lock the barn door until after the horse has escaped. I'm glad that you and your kids know better.

    1. It's a savage world out there, and getting more so by the day. In the city where my kids live, police moral is low. They are understaffed, and the basic philosophy now is to go on shift and then get off shift with your job intact and no charges being pressed against you by the politicians and the Black Lives Matter rabble rousers. My daughter knows several young men her age that are police officers, and they tell her it's futile to even write up a report about most incidents involving the Goblins because it's just going to sit in a filing cabinet.

      People don't report crimes like my kids experienced because the police will never bring in the perpetrator, but you might wind up in trouble yourself for some minuscule violation that turns up in the report.

      To be honest, Gorges, I never really worried about the non lethal aspect of self defense until the thing in Chattanooga. I always figured that I had my gun and that would deter any scum that crossed my path. But I don't want to be the next white guy being pilloried by the press and mobs of screaming, sweating, stinking Morelocks in the street, carrying signs and prancing back and forth. I don't want to spend my retirement savings on a lawyer.

      We have a castle law here. We have a stand your ground law here. Neither of which they have up where the kids are. So the bear spray is standard issue in the family now. I considered buying them the same paint ball technology based equipment I bought after Chattanooga, but it's a gun and so it's more "dangerous" than a can. Also, it's heavy as hell and just as bulky as an M1911.

  4. I've never been robbed, but when I lived in Atlanta I saw thugs rough up an older person. Some younger people pushed in to help her out - thankfully!

    1. I've never been robbed, although as a young man in New Mexico , during the early 1970's, I got stabbed in a fight with some Mexicans and that opened my eyes early to the fact that just walking down a street minding your own business is no protection from Goblins.

      I'm surprised that anyone helped the individual you saw. Most people today just look straight ahead and keep walking.

      The Black Lives Matter mob doesn't mind beating up women, as they proved on the street in Baltimore. I put a video on the blog at the time all that was happening, it was a youtube posting by a black guy that lived there and he was disgusted with the pond scum who attacked and severely beat a young white woman for no better reason than that she happened to be on the street when they came down.

      That's why I carry extra magazines in my shoulder holster rig. When it comes down to brass tacks, if I have no recourse, I'm not going to get beaten up, or stabbed, or whatever by the Morlocks. If I am in Georgia, I am covered by the law should I have to act in self defense, or in defense of another person. I try to stay out of states that don't have the same philosophy. For years I wouldn't go to a South Carolina beach, or travel in South Carolina, because they did not recognize our concealed carry permits. Now they do, and I can go to any of the states that border Georgia and carry legally.

  5. So good to hear the kids are OK!

    I can hardly wait until we're OUT of Southern Kommifornia.

    I just pray that things hold together long enough that we can escape this metro-area madness....

    1. "Coming apart at the seams" is a phrase that fits today just fine.

      It could have been worse. The guy could have been sober, instead of stoned on drugs. He could have produced a gun, which would have been a lot more dangerous. In this case, I think it was actually good for the kids. They will be more vigilant and will not be so careless again. As far as I know, this is the first time in his life my son actually used his martial arts training in a real world situation. My daughter was calm and focused, and they took care of the situation.

      I am utterly disgusted with myself that I let the opportunity to renew her concealed carry permit pass when they were down here for 12 days. On the very last day, I planned to go get that done come what may, but when I woke up that morning I found out we had to go to their grandma's house on the other side of the mountains.

      They have weapons at the apartment, but I told her not to carry the pistol without a permit. That particular state is not particularly gun friendly and her friends who are policemen told her that if she got caught carrying without a permit she would get arrested. Here, an attractive young woman carrying with no permit would probably get a warning and be told to go get one. Not up North.

  6. Sorry to hear that about your son and daughter, hope it didn't shake them up too bad. i agree the countryside seems sucha better palce to live, I don't like going anywhere bigger than my local town if I can help it!

    1. Kev, that kind of thing is so common here now that it comes as no surprise. There have been some very serious incidents at her apartment complex, including an attempted rape in her building. Some old guy coming home from the grocery store broke that up and gave the girl time to get away, but the Goblin stabbed him in the chest during the process. No one has been charged, or will be. Once they disappear back into "de hood" they're gone.

      I think more than anything else my kids were embarrassed that they violated so many rules. Lack of self awareness, lack of forethought. My son was ashamed that when this guy rushed him, he let the druggie get right up to him before he moved him back. I told him the first time somebody actually engages an attacker they always have that few seconds of surprise and bewilderment. Doesn't matter if you are standing in a parking lot or behind sandbags, the first time it happens your mind just goes blank. They both handled themselves well. My daughter is like my wife, feminine but calm under pressure and perfectly willing to do what the situation calls for. They are good kids.

      Our cities are hell holes now. In Atlanta, the city is divided up into ethnic enclaves. Iraqis, Cambodians, Vietnamese, blacks, and now they are getting "Syrians" down there.

      My Uncle lived in a very nice residential neighborhood off North Druid Hills years ago. That's gone now. Chamblee Dunwoody was a very nice place in the 1980's. We used to go to the mall there for day trips. Now it's "Chambodia" and we don't go there anymore.

      Chattanooga was always a graceful, clean city of friendly people. Not any more.

      It is what it is. I guess we have to adapt and survive.

  7. Frightening scenario to face. Did she have the satisfaction of hosing the punk with the spray? or was the mere sight off the can enough to make him run? Of course if the punk would have had a gun the outcome could have been different. And who knows if he will now come back to seek revenge. One thing is sure, I'd be moving away from such a place if that was the gauntlet I'd have to run to get in my own house.

    1. Michael, I want to stay kind of vague on the actual sequence of events. My kids are white, the hop head that tried to mug them was black, and you know how that can end up. Lots of the people who come by here are not friends of mine, I know you get my drift because you warned me about them a long time ago.

      I think if he had been armed, it would have been far more dangerous. The kids said he was high on something, and that helped because his coordination was off.

      There's always the chance that someone like that will come back, but I hope not. He had plenty of reason to go away when he left the scene. If he was as messed up as the kids think he was, he probably won't remember much about it.

      The trouble is, where to move to. This place is very nice, about 10 minutes from where they work. The whole city is festering with "black rage" and incidents are occurring even in the gated communities where the upper crust lives. The apartment complex is situated around a lake, with seven separate buildings. They put up a gate after the attack on the young woman and you have to know the punch code to get in now, but part of the complex is a park that reaches the outer streets, so these troglodytes are just walking into the place. Far, far worse , the city has implemented a program where "underprivileged" minority members can get an apartment in the nicer sections of the city and the city pays the majority of their rent. What happens is that granny Jemima gets an apartment, then her daughter Shakika moves in with the kids, then Shakika's long stream of boy friends move in, and presto! A $1200 a month apartment building is now the "P.J.s"

      I don't know where the kids would move to that these problems wouldn't exist. They have refused to give up their jobs and move here because they like the city life, like their jobs, and don't fancy being run off by the Trogs.

      I have an NRA bumper sticker on my Cherokee that says "stand and fight!" My daughter pointed that out to me when I was trying to cajole her to move back here.

      This is a lousy time to have young adults in the family. Come home and live here, be safe but have a crappy job. Stay up there, have a good job you can be proud of, and live every moment of your life under threat from the Goblins.

      How do you win that one?

  8. That was not a training exercise. It was the real deal. Glad they are Okay. A permit in NH is $10. One page. Usually takes a week or less to get the permit. Just saying.

    One of my kids is in CA, another in MA. Guns for them are out of the question.

    Once was approached by a couple of freelance Socialists outside of New Orleans. I never even slowed down, just kept walking at them. They bolted before my lovely wife even knew there was problem. It helps to be big and know how to handle yourself. Maybe they sensed they were in for a world of hurt.

    Cities freak me out. Drop me in the middle of the wilderness and I feel safe.

    1. Six Bears, I don't mind paying the extra money for a renewal, because Georgia has such excellent "Castle" and "Stand your Ground" Laws. The philosophy here on a persons right to self defense suits me. New Hampshire is a nice place, I've only been there once, when I was a kid in the 1960's, but I liked it.

      The biggest threat to a person in the city is what my kids ran into. A Goblin that's high. Totally unpredictable.

      The general rule in dealing with threats is that they go after the soft targets. They'd rather roust granny than a big guy whose appearance promises hard knocks and little plunder. But the drugs alter the equation because the Goblins are totally erratic.

      I'm sure we are a lot safer in the middle of the woods than in a city. That's an absolute fact. It's not really safe up here anymore, as recent events in North Georgia have proven to my satisfaction. But the odds are better here.

    2. The ones one hard drugs are difficult as heck. Many years ago I kicked an attacker in the man parts and . . . nothing happened. We grappled around a while until the cops came. About an hour later the drugs wore off and the guy collapsed into a fetal position. Did me no good at all when we were out in the street.

  9. Hey Harry,


    I'm glad your kids are okay.

    I hope that got them thinking about getting the hell out of the city.

    The good part was is that there was only one morlock. If there was two or three morlocks the outcome would have been different. I know that wont help you sleep any better at night but at least you trained your kids as best as you can. The time will come to where there will some kind of altercation where your kids will be involved and they will have to learn to survive like you did. I kinda grew up in a sheltered existence, shielded from all the boogey men in the world.
    I grew up and just out of pure boredom. I went looking for boogey men and lived among the 'vulgarians' ogre's, morlocks, berserkers, and trolls.

    I had to learn to 'hold my own' so to speak.

    Things will only get more interesting in our country. That's for damn sure.

    1. There are situations that you can't get out of. When those come up, you just do your best with what you have.

      I've reconciled myself to their decision about remaining in the city. I'm focusing my resources now on making sure they can get out if they have to, that they can protect themselves if they need to . I understand they like having money. They like their place on the lake, they like their jobs. My kids have their mothers and my genes, so they don't like being run off by trash.

      When I left the Marine Corps, I had had enough of people and I went where there were not that many of them. I had a wife and child then, and I needed some place safe. I also needed an environment where I wouldn't fly into a rage and do murder some fine day.

      Your solution seems to have worked out well for you. I know you live near some bad folks and don't seem to worry overly much about it. Everybody has their own fork in the road to follow.

      The situation is getting grim. A lot of good people haven't been touched by it yet, but they will be.

  10. How horrible!! Thankful that your kids are o.k. and that you had equipped them with the bear spray. I do feel a lot safer living out in the "sticks," but I know that there is no safe place anymore. I think I will look into purchasing some bear spray. Jana

    1. Jana,

      There are problems here too, of course. Our crime rate is up. Our problems with illegal immigrants and with the Black Lives Matter bunch are escalating. But this is my home ground, and I feel safe here. I never feel safe in a city anymore.

      Bear Spray is expensive at around $36.00 a canister. Wasp and Hornet spray will do the trick at $3.00 a can. I buy the Bear Spray for post action legal issues, more than anything else. Senior Chief mentioned it in a comment and he's right.
      Most people here have a can of wasp and hornet spray under the front seat of their vehicle.

  11. When I was a kid living in Peru and Ecuador, we got robbed several times. It left an indelible impression on me.

    Just last week I had some idiot tailgate me coming home from work. When I made an issue of it, he drove up along side me in an attempt to intimidate me. Even out here in the countryside we have morons. --Troy

    1. I'm sure that it did. No one likes being victimized and it makes a person really face how insecure life is.

      The road rage thing is dangerous. I've told this story before I guess, but some years back I was driving my Jeep Wrangler over the mountains and was up on a stretch of really bad road. Sheer cliffs blasted out of the rock on the left, and a steep drop off of several hundred feet on the right.

      Up behind me comes a sixties era convertible full of Mexican gangbangers from Hall county. They had the red bandannas tied around their heads that at that time was the hallmark of a bunch called "the Latin Kings." They started bumping the back of my jeep with their vehicle. The jeep was light and their convertible was very large and filled with these guys.

      I figured they were going to push me through the guard rail and down. There was a pull over (to cool your brakes they are scattered along the length of the road.) I pulled over and got out with my M1911 in my hand. I figured it was going to be ugly but I was so angry I didn't care.

      They stopped right in the road next to me, and they were laughing. They were laughing so hard spit was flying out of their mouths. I realized they were totally stoned. After they cheerfully called out some insults they drove off , waving "hand signs" at me.

      I got in the Jeep, turned around, and went right to the Sheriffs Office. I wanted to file a complaint. The Deputy they called to take the report told me I needed to just forget it. He said I was the one who broke the law, because I "brandished a firearm on the public highway." He said if I filed the report I might get charged, but they would never find the guys I was complaining about because there were over a hundred thousand Hispanics in Hall county at the time.

      He also reminded me of an incident in a neighboring county where a guy hired some Hispanics as day labor. They showed up the next week while he was out on a job, stole all the tools out of his shop, ransacked his house, and then tied up his wife and daughter and set the house on fire. The women got out, but barely. All this because he had fired these guys when he caught them trying to take his power tools with them on the job.

      I just left. What else could I do. It was patently apparent that the Sheriff's Department wasn't going to do anything about it, and I wasn't sure the District Attorney, whom I'd had dealings with when he was just a shyster, wouldn't bring charges about the gun business.

      I can sure sympathize with your experience. About the best thing you can do in a situation like that is call the cops on the cell phone and ask them to intercept you and the other vehicle along the road. Nothing will come of it in most cases but at least it could stop the process before it gets violent. Or, you could pull over but then if he didn't pass you but pulled in you'd have to react to whatever he did.

      It's the times we live in.

  12. I have a few cans of hornet spray around, its cheap and shoots up to 20 feet. I could care less if it is safe on a "PERP", the heck with them. Glad to hear your kids got out of that situation. That's a nice lake with some nice fish in I bet....

    1. That's what most people carry here as well. Just as effective, and only costs $3.00 instead of $36.00. I'm not concerned about any possible effects on the trash either, but I worry about "post action" legal issues. I'm white, and any individuals I need to use that deterrent on are likely to be minorities. These days, that's a really bad combination. So I use the bear spray and furnish it to the kids.

      It's a nice lake, and it's stocked. There are some big bass in it. I've not done any fishing there, but I have sat on the benches up in the trees along the beach and watched people catch some nice ones.

  13. Replies
    1. As a parent, I dread late night phone calls. The news is rarely good.

      It's just part of living in a society that's cracking up. I've done what I could to equip my kids, physically and mentally, for living in unsettled times.

      Doesn't make it any easier though.

  14. Glad all are safe. warnings heeded.

    1. Randy, it went ok this time. But the thing that worries me is that everybody in my extended family is having these kind of run in's, some more drastic than others. It's just a matter of time before something really bad happens to somebody.

  15. Hey Harry,


    I read all of your replies to the comments above.


    On the one with you getting stabbed back in 70's. I remember the big thing was Mexicans with switchblades. That was the big thing back then.
    I am not afraid of Mexicans because I know how they think, their culture, family structure etc. Mexicans are not as prone to 'spontaneous violence' as other groups unless (underline unless) they are MS13, drug cartels or central American gangs.

    Inner city blacks in the hood' may have a 'built in rage gene'

    I know that's the mother of all bigoted statements but I say that out of 'pure satire' in regards to the state of inner city America.

    The only logical conclusion I can come up with based on science is the 'rat experiments' in the 1970's when rats were placed to closely together in a cage and the 'alpha rats' attacked and ate the other rats.

    I predict that if things stay on their current path in our society American cities will all look like 'Detroit Michigan'

    Imagine hundreds of run down wastelands (former American cities) where 'ghetto's are managed by gangs or whatever ethnic groups are in control of their ethnic enclaves. Police do not enter, hell a column of armored Humvee's would be at risked without superior air support from helo gunships.

    that is what will happen to America.

    'I call it my 'Beirut Theory'

    I think I would be correct to assume from what I saw tv that Beirut in its worst days was a country/city where there was no one in charge of the mass of Beirut, only self controlled ethnic regions that were battling each other or tossing missles/RPG's into Israel (or each other)

    I think at some point before the full 'balkanization 'little Beirut's concept starts to settle into American cities your kids Harry will be forced out like many of the whites that where forced out Detroit back in the 1970's.

    Detroit was the forerunner of what is to become.

    I also predict that the city, state and the federal governments wont be able too control inner city area's. If the armed forces are called into a martial law situation to take over an ethnic area like a 'little Syria' they will be in overwhelmed and the forces will be stretched too thin on such a large area and it will be impossible to control like the attempted German occupation of Stalingrad during WW2. What will the federal government resort too, chemical weapons, fuel air explosives, turn a ghetto into a miniature Horoshima from a 20,000 pound daisy cutter dropped out of a C-130.

    (it would make for one hell of a novel:)

    This is a no win situation.

    This is diversity. You want diversity, great. Get the armed forces ready to fight 'diversified neighborhoods' because they don't want to be like everyone else. I cite the moslim enclaves in France as an example. The French military has already been working on plans to retake those enclaves in case of a full on moslim uprising.

    Basically the only solution is for anyone who wants to be an American. 'Embrace Americanism and American exceptionalism must be willing to move to their own enclaves where peace, productivity and Constitutional law is still respected.

    1. I can't find anything to argue with in your comment. Certainly things are developing along those lines. Just take a look at Chicago and you can see what happens when a corrupt, bloated bureaucracy lets criminal elements run the city.

      I have no doubt the process is ongoing, but I think another 8 years of Barrack Hussein style social engineering will bring about the conditions you discussed in terms of the breakdown of our society.

  16. I may be a gun owner but reading your post made me realise how lucky I am not to live in the USA.

    1. There are parts of the country that are still beautiful, and peopled by decent individuals. But the disease of balkanization is far advanced now. Before Australia joined the gun ban wagon, I applied to emigrate but they turned me down. I tried to get resident alien visas for my kids, but the Canadian shyster took my money and didn't get the visas. I have been thinking about Costa Rica, along with my brothers. I believe the people in Europe are further along the path to oblivion but I think we are closing on them fast. Until you actually experience an unpleasant incident that's symptomatic of our problems, it's all academic and not that distressing. But it wakes you up when it happens to you, or to your family members.

      There's still time to fix this. We had bad times in the mid sixties, but recovered. If we can get rid of the Dims and get some decent people in government, and get rid of the slimy politicians we have now (from both parties) maybe we can pull it out of the spin before we auger in.

  17. Thank goodness your kids were week prepared to manage that situation. How terrible that happened to them. Bear spray is good to have around.