Saturday, September 24, 2016

Premium but no regular.

My wife and I went out "kaboodling" today.  No particular place. I put 10 gallons in the Jeep from my Jerry cans. Enough to go out and just meander around.  We went into town, and two stations had premium for almost $3.00 a gallon, but that was it. Didn't seem like the gas problem kept anybody home. There was a Harley Davidson event in Union County this weekend, and a "Hog" event at the fair grounds in Hiawassee. As a result there were literally hundreds of motorcycles cruising around the mountains. We saw groups of up to 50 ,  and they were everywhere. Not the "Hells Angels " wannabe's on choppers, but decent looking people on big Golden Eagles and the like.

Lake Chatuge

It got pretty hot.  If Georgia has 5 more days of temperatures over 90 before the end of October, it will break the record.  At least the humidity is down.

We had lunch at a nice place up on Lake Chatuge. It was full of the motorcycle people, so it wasn't very quiet but they were interesting.  From the looks of the motorcycles, it's a hobby for the well off.

I'm not a motorcycle fan. They get killed a lot up here in the mountains. The road between Blairsville, Ga and Dahlonega Ga goes over a high mountain and through a pass. Both sides of it are sprinkled with crosses that mark where people got killed. I got drafted into helping the Lumpkin County Sheriff's Department haul a dead guy back up a cliff strapped to a board once, when he went over the cliff on his bike and nobody who came along had a winch on their vehicle.  It took 8 men to pull the body back up all the way. My son loves motorcycles and we spent a lot of time hauling him to off road tracks when he was younger.  When I think of motorcycles, I always think of this scene from the first Terminator movie.

How about that Winchester Model 1887?  Nice touch.

I have eight of them at last count.  Two double barreled coach guns, one in 12 and one in 20. One semi -auto browning, and five pump 12 gauges.  I keep one of these Mossberg 590's on the wall next to my easy chair.

The great thing about the 590 is that it doesn't have a plug in the tube.  I have removed the plugs from my other weapons that have them, and I've put tube extensions on some of them from time to time. But the 590 is a home defense weapon, not a hunting weapon. The heat shield makes it heavy, but I'm not planning on carrying it anywhere.

I don't talk about shotguns much because I like my old collectible weapons better, but the shotgun will take care of business, flat out. Some people say racking the slide back to scare the Goblins is a good idea. I figure anybody who has come all the way up here in the dark isn't going to be scared by a noise, so I am loading one in the chamber before I go out if it looks like I might have a problem here on the mountain top.

I have intentionally not looked at the news this evening. I don't know what's going on in Atlanta or Charlotte tonight.  I thought I would just take a break.  Tomorrow morning the network weekly news reviews will be on and I'll see what I can pick up from those.

Not a bad day at all.

Thought for the Day:

They have a good point.


  1. We don't watch the news much. It's so rank with propaganda and stupidity that it seems like a waste of time. I learn what I need to know on the blogs and Facebook. (I don't have the usual ditsy dummies on MY friends list.)

    1. I don't have a facebook account. I listen to the local radio station though, and I listen to CB. I read the local paper, and watch Fox 5 in Atlanta for news and weather.

      I usually skim through the major network news at 6:30 and 7:00 pm. In the mornings, I have my coffee and listen to the Fox Headline News program for about fifteen minutes on the Satellite radio. Sometimes lately, I just don't listen to any of it. Not a good idea, as the gas shortage fiasco proved.

  2. Glad you have some gas in the area. Wally world has field load 12ga shells 21.47 a 100 right now. I have an old Daly auto I got for 100$ may have the barrel cut to barely legal for home defense.

    I almost got me a Harley when I turned 40 glad I didn't I would be dead by now.

    1. I used to buy those 100 round boxes when they were $14.95. I think I have maybe 20 of them in 12 and 20, in a plastic tube out in the shop. The only shotgun ammo I really don't have enough of is 16 gauge. I looked at a case of buckshot on Sportsmans Guide, but they were asking too much.

      Is that a Charles Daly? Those are good guns. Really good guns. I remember them.

      I never was into motorcycles, but my son was big into dirt bikes when he lived at home. We used to go out to the big off road tracks in the national forest. I would off load the bike, and while he was riding I would hang out with people who came up there on the weekend and camped out, riding the whole weekend. They would set up tents and have camp fires, and they were very friendly, good people. I enjoyed talking with them and sitting around drinking coffee. Those were good times.

  3. It seems the fuel issue did not hit us up here in Maine. Prices jumped up about 10 cents to about 2.25/2.30$ a gallon but that was about it.
    As for shotguns I have pared down to single shots only. A 12 and a 20. I figure around here if trouble comes through the door a handgun is the first tool I am reaching for.
    The only really big bike meet we have around these parts is Laconia NH. Here in Maine we do get a bit of spill over from that but not much. Never cared for big noisy bikes. But a nice pre-1975 BMW would be a nice Sunday rider. Saw a nice one at a car show we went yesterday. I'll try and put some pictures up today.

    1. We are inundated with different motorcycles up here, depending on the event. I don't mind the big Harley style bikes, but I don't care for the "crotch rockets." Those are generally younger men, who drive like idiots. If I get a big crowd of those behind me, I pull over and let them go by as soon as I can. As for the choppers, we don't have events for that crew up here. Too many bad vibes from places where they get together and things get out of hand.

      You have to have some arm and leg strength to ride the big bikes. I'm probably past that stage, now. I'd be interested to see the pictures, I don't really know a lot about motorcycles.

  4. Hey Harry,


    I'm not much of a shot gun fan. There is one shotgun I would like to own and that's the Mossberg 930 10 shot semi-auto. I think it works just as good as that fancy Beretta but it cost a hell of a lot less (about $700 I think) The Mossberg ain't as sexy as the Baretta but it gets the job done.

    I a street bike license but I have not road in years and years. I would like to have a early 1980's BMW R-80 (800 cc) with the two Bing Carburators. The older BMW's are all mechanical. No electronic garbage and run super smooth compared to Harley's. I mention this before. I like anything German before 1991. German built stuff since 1991 has been poor quality in my opinion since the early 90's and all the commies and their crappy building came over when the wall fell.
    I also think too that all the old, tough West Germans that rebuilt Germany after WW2 were retiring or dying off and they took the concept of quality with them to the grave.

    On a quick note. I would love to own a early 1980's Mercedes mechanical diesel station wagon.

    1. You have a pretty selective want list. I'd like to have a houseboat, a nice RV self contained rig, and a nice Wrangler 4 door , but unless I win the lottery I guess most of that isn't going to happen. But everybody has dreams.

      I have some German pistols and they are top flight but they also date back to the period 1956-1996.

  5. Harry, did you fill up your gas cans at while in town or are you still doing OK with your home supply?

    Love my 870. i just found out that my son's Remington 700 in .308 is now being recalled for trigger problems. Lots of accidental discharges it would seem. I suppose he can use my rifle for his upcoming hunt.

    I never did get into the motorcycle thing. I lost too many cousins to accidents for it to interest me. --Troy

    1. Troy, the Remington 700 furor has been going on for at least 10 years that I know of. They got sued because somebody had a bolt failure, I think it was, and that's been dragging on and on. Maybe they settled it and are doing some recall work to finish the business. If I had a nickel for every time Jeep did a recall on one that I owned, I'd be a Pasha. I guess recalls are just part of the modern landscape.

      I didn't buy any gas yet because all I could get was premium at extortionate prices. I still have about 10 gallons out in the cans and the Cherokee is half full. I figure all this will settle down and prices will get back down under two dollars by the end of this coming week. The guys who own the pipeline didn't repair it, they just built a 500 foot bypass around the leak, so at some point they will have to fix that but it shouldn't be a big deal.

      No, I'm not a motorcycle guy either. I got into aircraft at a very early age, and by the time I couldn't fly anymore I was way past any strenuous new hobbies.

  6. I like the thinner "corncob" shotgun forends like the ones in your pictures of the mariner and the Mossberg.

    I read about a 10-round box magazine add-on for Mossbergs. It replaces the tube, costs about 300 bucks, and I think I read that it was developed with some input from Mossberg.
    - Charlie

    1. Charlie, you can buy replacement tubes for most shotguns, that come with the tube and spring, and increase your capacity to 9 or 10 rounds. They used to run about $48.00 but I haven't bought one in a long time. I am too old fashioned for a box magazine on a pump shotgun I guess. The aesthetics would just be off. That's not a rational reason, I know, but there it is.

      I like the Mariner. I bought it a long, long time ago because two guys I worked with were ordering them and asked me if I wanted one too, so I thought, why not? It's a sweet gun.

  7. I keep my 870 loaded with 00 buck by our bedside.

    The sound of it racking wouldn't scare any real goblins, but the sight of it pointed at them just might make them think twice.....

    1. I bought a can of S&B 00 not too long ago. Right now my shotguns , if they are loaded, are loaded with #7 or #8.

      I looked at buying some of those goofy rounds they make now, like bean bag rounds, but they were ridiculously expensive and really, I can't think of a situation here where I would need them.

      I never know who or what will come out of the tree line or up the jeep trail. I think if I had to go outside at night to see what was going on, I would probably take an AK-47. I have one in the bedroom, and another in the apartment in case I am out there watching television or listening to the radio. I finally got over my obsession with spring compression, so I keep a bag with six loaded mags (only 20 rounds per mag, just in case spring loading is real after all), and a magazine in the weapons.