"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."

Ariel Durant

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Random attacks on Malls, creating new citizens for the dems, the debate.

This past week, though you may not have heard about it, there were random attacks on malls in Washington State, and Minnesota.  The MSM suppressed the news, since terrorism in the U.S. is a big concern of the average American, and the Obama / Hillary camp has done nothing at all to stem the tide. Instead, they've done all they could do import more Islamists as quickly as possible.  A series of emails between government immigration officials  exhorted one another to make maximum efforts to increase the flow of immigrants prior to the election, and to create as many new voting citizens as possible.

Immigration officials work overtime to create new citizens before election.    

To keep these new attacks from worrying people or influencing the debate, MSM initially reported that the individuals who made the attacks were "hispanics" or just skipped over the issue of ethnicity at all.

They also simply avoided reporting the story. Even Fox gave it a brief ten seconds on "Happening Now" and as far as I could tell, CBS, ABC, and NBC reported the stories once, briefly, then dropped them.

Taking a page from the British Press, the brief reports didn't address Islamic Terror.  Rather, they insinuated that the shooters or stabbers were "unbalanced." The fact that they had web pages extolling ISIS, or had Islamic backgrounds, etc was minimized.  Remember the "Norwegian" who stabbed the old lady to death in London. The press said he was "mentally ill." But he was a Somali and had terrorist literature in his apartment and terrorist material on his computer.  Anybody who would do the things these people do is clearly mentally ill, but that does not automatically exclude terrorism as a motivation. The Press seems to think it does.

Looking over the events of the last few weeks, it strikes me that most of the fatalities have been women. The guy in Washington went to the cosmetics counter in a store there at the mall and shot four women dead.  I notice he was able to walk all the way through the mall, from one end to the other, carrying a rifle in full view and nobody did anything about it.  I wonder why not?

The Great Debate:

I thought Trump did well last night. I also wondered if the moderator was receiving a large donation from the Clinton Foundation. He seemed to be bought and paid for, a tactic that would be right out of Hillary's play book. Lestor Holt is an NBC Talking Head, so there's no surprise there. I wonder why the Trump campaign agreed to have him moderate.  It's like having Mussolini moderate a debate between Hitler and Churchill.

I don't actually think the debate scenario is going to make a big difference, unless someone makes a highly unlikely gaff. It's too carefully choreographed by both camps, and neither candidate is going to be lured into some unexpected demarche.  My guess would be if you are a Hillary clone you think she did well last night , and if you are in the Trump camp you were pleased overall. If you are one of those people who don't care either way, then you probably didn't watch anyway so it doesn't matter. I would expect at this point the vast majority of Americans are in the last category.  Still, all the networks except Fox are putting out the "Snow Job" maximum effort. They've edited the debates in their reports on television to make Shrillery look good and Trump look bad. All of their web pages are lauding Shrillery as the next Messiah, and CNN has a big leading article entitled "Hillary Wins Debate."

And on the Home Front:

This is a quiet day.  I'm not going to try to do anything in particular.  It's cooler outside, and less humid than normal.  I doubt we'll go off the mountain. My wife has a show she wants to watch on QVC at four. I have some more good books to get through. 

Fall is great up here. Cool, crisp air.  A fire in the fireplace at night. Woodsmoke in the breeze.
Life is Good!

Thought for the Day:


  1. I just wish some one could have smacked that arrogant smug grin off her face. Made me wanna puke..... Along with most other white men.

    Lester Holt's interference only reenforces the idea that the lame stream media is in the bag for Hitlery and drives more people to Trump.

    Most all the polls including many liberal ones like CBS and Time came back with Trump winning.

    1. Alas, I watched the first half of CBS news tonight at 6:30, and their lead article was "Debate stops Hillary's fall in the polls." Then their talking head came on with a new CBS poll showing Hillary had gained points. Of course, no one in their right mind believes anything CBS, ABC or NBC (or CNN) say. Nothing.

  2. Oh boy, QVC! I watch on my computer but not too often cause I want what they have, lol.

    You live in a beautiful place, Harry. I grew up with woods like yours and miss them. All evergreen forests here; the forest smells differently. Ya know?

    I think Trump is biding his time....there are still 2 debates. Hillary won't know what hit her when he finally stomps on her. Just wait and see.

    Thankfully, there are no Muzzies here. Have never seen any the next town over where we do our big shopping, either. But then, this part of the country is heavily armed and pro second amendment....not easy pickings like they like.

    1. There are no Islamists here either, as far as I know. But then, it's only been in the last few years that Catholics were accepted here, so I am not surprised.

      My wife loves to watch Quacker Factory, and a few other shows like Susan Graver. I hate it when she orders something though, because the first I know of it is when it shows up on the USAA statement. Fortunately, she is frugal and when she buys something, it's something we can use and it's cost effective. I can't be too huffy about it, since I ordered her mothers day present off Evine, that set of six pieces of cast iron cookware I got here.

      Wiki Leaks promised an October Surprise that Hillary wouldn't like. I am waiting with crossed fingers. I watched the Director of the FBI being questioned by the Senate Subcommittee about why 5 of Hillary's top aides were given immunity on the misuse of classified material. He looked like the chump he is.

      We have lots of pines and spruce, but also Maple, Poplar, Oak, Dogwood.. I have had people come in on the backside of my property with four wheelers and steal my trees.

  3. I watched the debate, and wished I hadn't. I walked away utterly frustrated and pissed off. Trump missed a lot of great opportunities, and the Hildabeast had him on the defensive too often. His biggest gaf was when they were talking about ciber security. That one was served up on a platter for him and he let it pass as if he did not notice. He should have brought up the issue about how right there on stage we have the criminal who by using a personal unsecured server put our national security at risk and exposed state department dealing to hackers from Russia and others, very likely exposing the gun running activities of ambassador Stevents in Benghazi thus causing his death. And she is going to tell us about ciber security when she is criminally reckless in that matter her self. That right there makes Hitlery unqualified to be president.
    Again, the subject of gun control and violence in Chicago and other big cities was one he passed on. All he needed to say was look who has run these cities for the last 50 years. They all have the strictest gun laws in the nation yet they have the highest black on black shooting and murder rates of the country. Proving democrat gun control schemes do not stop gun violence because the violence problem is a much deeper seated cultural issue in those black communities. And it stems from how democrats with their soft bigotry of low expectations, have subjugated blacks to the welfare state. Thus diminishing the value of life and eliminating the purpose of fathers other than as genetic donors, and their progeny have no proper role models or respect for authority and have no idea about self restraint or self preservation.
    He could have roasted her on a spit with those. But instead Trump tried to respond with nebulous excuses to Hitlery's crooked accusations and he did not look good. I was very disappointed.

    1. It is a chess game, Harry. Just bide your time and wait and see.

    2. I think he is gravely handicapped by his tendency to go high and right when he deviates from his scripted appearances. My guess is that he could have handled those issues effectively, had he been off the leash. But then, what might have popped out of his mouth on the spur of the moment?

      I really think that the debates are not going to be very important. What will be important is the 16% of people who are going to vote, who say they will vote for the third party candidate and thus cast their votes away. If they are Bernie supporters, all well and good. But if they are conservative voters, it will finish us all off and anoint the Anti-Christ.

  4. Is that a wild hog or a well fed dog on that road? :)

    1. When I take the dogs to the clinic every May at the fire station for rabies and distemper shots, the vet always say I need to cut down on their rations. But I tell him I can't stop them from eating as many eggs as they want every day. The dogs and I both go on walks to help keep our weight down, but just like me, it doesn't seem to do them a lot of good.

  5. The change of colors in your mountains are a wonder. It's happening here too. It's my favorite time of year.

    The blatant illegal immigration really rubs me the wrong way. But from the countless interactions I've had with Mexican and Salvadoran newcomers, they don't plan to vote. If anything, they are scared to put their name to anything official. So if the dims think they are doing themselves a favor by opening the floodgates, they are mistaken. I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

    Even in Latin America, during election time they had to be coaxed into voting. Free booze and bread by one party usually got the job done. Now if the Clinton/Soros foundation starts paying people off to vote, then Houston, we have a problem. --Troy

    1. I hope you are right, Troy. They vote here though. That's how they have largely taken over the town of Gainesville in Hall county. You don't toe their line, you don't get elected over there. For some reason, Hispanics are very militant in Georgia. They were able to get the Justice Department to overturn our voter id laws, because they didn't want to have to have a picture id to vote.

      I guess we will find out. My main concern is that the Hispanics will sway Texas into the blue camp and lose us the election.

  6. the wife n i went to montpelier today, home of the father of the constitution and bill of rights. along the way, in usually heavily dem country, nothin but trump signs. all day not even a hillary bumper sticker. hmmm....saw a post of a guy that gathered all the online polls from the msm sights. all the polls said trump won the debate 50ish to 30ish. personally i think he did himself no favors, but point is people, lots of people, are favoring trump. too many to cover up.....what happens now is anybody's guess but it don't look good for truth, justice and the american way as they say.

    1. I'm encouraged to hear things like that. The other day I went to the grocery store, and there was a brand new Lexus in the parking lot. It had a huge sign in the back window that said "Another Proud Democrat working for Families." I had a hard time not running a key down the side of the thing.

      40 something days til we find out. If the election is rigged, or if the Democrats cheat enough, or both, then it's going to get very tough on people like us very soon.

  7. The mall shootings...We had one of the first ones 9 years ago. Robert Hawkins entered Von Maur killed 9 people including himself. One lady was my sister's friend's mom. I was pregnant with Isaak, so my emotions were nuts. It was scary for sure. I listened to a podcast about his life. WOW was it messed up!

    I saw a post that Hillary wore a clear speaker in her ear during the debates. It turns out that the photo wasn't from last night. She wasn't even wearing the same outfit, and had on no necklace. I most certainly can't believe everything I see, or read.

    I thought they both had their moments.

    1. I usually try to confirm things I post through two independent and reputable sources, because you can run afoul of misinformation. On things that may be controversial, I have started adding a link for those that want to read the primary source my comment is based on.

      It's always traumatic when something so unlikely as a mass shooting impacts on you personally, and is not some detached soundbite on the news. If it's bad enough, it changes you and your outlook on life forever.

  8. beautiful pictures, looks so peaceful, and yet there is uproar in some cities.
    those pictures help put it in perspective.
    hope there will always be places like that which are empty of politicians.

    1. The difficulty for me is not lapsing into a false sense of security.

  9. Hey Harry,


    I watched five minutes of the debate.

    hillery was making the same looks a vindictive woman would make in an argument. That I'm sure turned many people off.

    I reached the point of election burnout.

    I still hope trump wins though.

    I came to the conclusion that despite whomever wins, that thanks to diversity. This country is destined to fall apart, sooner if hillery wins and later if trump wins. 'Either way, I fear the cultural, ethnic and social divides are too great to maintain any sort of cohesion.

    If this country falls, it will fall from within.

    I hope I am wrong on my theory, but alas. I think its inevitable.

    On the state department allowing bad guys into our country. I also think that unless there is some major cultural awakening. The problems from the middle east will manifest over here on live TV.

    1. Maybe Trump will be our Diocletian. He revived the empire and held it together for a few more years...

  10. Lewiston Maine had a huge influx of Somalis. Their elders decided the temptations of the big cities were bad for their people. Lewiston was a bit economically depressed and had plenty of cheap housing. Thousands came into this small northern community.

    It's been a number of years. Crime is down. Economic activity is way up. They seem to have made a go of it and blended into the community. My guess is that they benefited by having good leadership from their elders. They have a high rate of completing high school education and moving onto college. Those of French-Canadian extraction have gotten along well with them. Of course, they were the scary invaders with a different religion not too long ago.

    If a community of people make the effort to get along and adapt it tends to work out well in the long run. Those who want to totally isolate themselves in their own little bubble have problems.

    There was a lot of few in Lewiston, but most of it turned out to be unfounded. On my good days I have hope for the nation to absorb the most recent wave of new commers. On my bad days I wonder if the melting pot is no longer working.

    These attacks of public places remind me of stories my uncle used to tell. He traveled all over the world and into many trouble spots. The guy developed a sixth sense about which places to avoid. Places where large groups of people especially concerned him. Quite a few times he scoped out a situation, got a bad vibe and left ahead of bombings or attacks.

    Only watched a few short clips from the debate. Don't have the stomach for more. Cannot believe that one of these people will end up president.

    We are getting some frosty mornings. It's that time of year again and it feels pretty good. Kicking myself into gear to get a few more outside projects done. Got an outside door to change before the snow flies. Looking forward to some quiet time off in the woods next month. Almost time to take the shotgun for a walk.

    1. It's good to hear that worked out. It's in direct contrast with our experience in Hall County, Ga where the big Agra firms brought in thousands of Hispanics to break strikes in the plants. The Hispanics have pushed most of the blacks out of the county. Neighborhoods that were primarily black 1986 are 100% Hispanic now. For years the gang warfare between Hispanic and Black gangs had everyone there in fear of their lives, but now there are only Hispanic gangs. I suppose that's better, somehow, than the constant fighting.

      The problem I have with an influx of people with no connection at all to the culture I live in is the enforced changes. I am really comfortable and at home with rural Southern life. But when people come flooding in who have no connection to me at all, it has a negative impact on my lifestyle and those of other members of the community. I look at what has happened in Europe, and I don't want that to happen here.

      Cooler here tonight, and lower humidity. Still hot during the days though.

  11. Goodness, your mountain looks beautiful! I couldn't stand the heat in your location though. I absolutely love the first snow storm in our lower michigan home. Some years I have even been known to breath a sigh of relief when that first storm comes rolling in. Not to say I don't like heat as there are benefits. Like the summer that was so hot a couple of years ago that sitting in Lake Superior was heaven!

    1. The heat here is always tough in summer, because the high humidity, usually in the 80% to 90% range on a clear day, makes it so much worse.

      I like snow too, especially now that I don't have to worry about getting out to go to work. Now I just park a vehicle down along the hard surface road, and walk in and out if need be.

  12. you have a beautiful place Harry