Saturday, October 15, 2016

CC: Repost your comment, will you?

I tried to publish your comment that started  "I like the really green chilis". I think I hit delete instead of publish. Sorry.


  1. Hey Harry,


    I'm devastated. You deleted the best post ever 'Harry:(

    (I'm jokeing:)

    I cant remember what it was all about. I know that in August the green chili's in Hatch, New Mexico are in season and they go well with burgers and other things. I get the roasted green chili's at a local grocery store.

    I cant remember what I else I wrote about.

    Now a friend of mine had something interesting to say. He said he thinks after a Walmart employee is hired they are encouraged to apply for food stamps (EBT"s) in the same office and they are approved.

    We have developed into a 'financial serfdom' system based on debt, credit score etc.

    Americans increasingly are just making enough money to survive and not thrive. We talked about it. I call it 'Reversed Colonial System' were corporations get all they can get out of a first world country and then the regression begins and the corporations leave and go elsewhere. That country then stripped of resources and reverts back to second world or third world country with few resources and few jobs for the working class.
    That, I fear is our future. A second or third world USA.

    If elect Hillery than that will prove we live under an aristrocracy and no longer will this be a Republic.

    The only future a commoner can command is a several acres and a small off the gird' cottage.

    A bleak future awaits us I fear.

  2. I'm sorry that happened. The publish button and the delete button are right next to each other on the comment moderation page. I hit the wrong one.

    Isn't there a limit on how much you can earn and still receive public assistance? I thought if you worked full time at minimum wage you weren't eligible but I could be wrong.

    I have been worried lately because business has not been that great for the company both my kids work for and some of their coworkers have been "surplused."

    They tell me they are secure. Maybe, I sure hope so, but the economy is bad right now.

    1. Hey Harry,


      nothing to be sorry about. I still got my great mind that can conjur up brilliant idea's (minus spelling errors:)

      I think most workers are working less than 30 hours a week thanks to oslumacare and are elible for assistance (42 million I believe) part of the 'reverse colonial system I talked about.
      The corporations leave the country and every who is not self suffienct winds up on the public dole. I think its part of the business plan for corporate exits.

      You kids are not secure!

      I hate being blunt but unless they worked in a medical or in an industry that was needed no matter what like 'farming or some other essential trade' skill or craft' that has been around for centuries and out lasted wars and depressions. They are then like most of us, subject to layoff's. Many industries will never return and robotics will take a great many over.

    2. I should have said "relatively secure." It's perfectly true that unless you are another Chelsea Clinton, who graduates from college and makes a six figure salary as soon as she steps out the door, no one is particularly safe. Not even old retired people.....

      I guess if people are working, doing their best, and all they can get is a part time job at minimum wage, then maybe they do need public assistance. I don't begrudge anyone who is doing all they can to work. I resent the 4th generation welfare bums, and their ilk.

  3. Most Wal-martians don't work full time. That way the company saves across the board in benefits and wages. And the company can honestly say that they created x number of jobs. Sh*ty, low wage, low hour jobs, but they are jobs.

    So, yes, you can work at Wal-Mart and get some levels of public assistance.

    Lot of people on Social Security work there, too.

    1. Our area was so starved for jobs, any kind of jobs, that people were glad to get to work at Walmart. I think most people here are retired, and they like the extra money they pick up there because I notice most of the people working at our Walmart are gray headed. Not that this comes as a surprise, as there are very few middle aged or younger people who stay here because there are no decent jobs.

      As long as they don't exceed the amount you can earn and not reduce your social security income, I suppose some of the people I see at Walmart here probably are receiving social security. I hadn't considered that.

      I know the job situation changed dramatically after the banksters and big financial houses destroyed the economy in 2007. It still hasn't recovered, at least not here.

      I'm glad I'm past having a boss, worrying about work. You have other things you have to worry about when you get older, but in all honesty, I am happier now than I ever was when I was working.