“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew

The hurricane is going to pound Florida , and the coasts of Georgia and South Carolina will get blown about.  Up here in North Georgia, we will get some wind, and with any luck, some rain. We need the rain.

The hurricanes that do real damage here have always come up out of the Gulf of Mexico, then the "remnants' come directly over us. That can wipe us out, as happened once around 15 years ago. This one shouldn't have a negative impact here with any luck.

This is a quarterly magazine, and costs $10.00 an issue. So you are paying twice as much per issue as you would be if you subscribed to American Survival Guide for the same period.

Survivor's Edge is primarily oriented towards fieldcraft and the outdoors. It's more "how to start a fire" than "how to store food long term."  Les Stroud features in this magazine more than all the others combined, which is one reason I buy it.  That, and boredom.

There was a post recently that discussed Bear Spray.  Alternatives came up in the ensuing discussion. TooShooz mentioned Kimber pepper blaster. I had never heard of it, but this advertisement was the back cover of the latest Survivor's Edge.  Everyone who is interested in guns knows Kimber's reputation for fine M1911A1 pistols. I am making the assumption that their self defense sprays are on the same level of the quality scale. I plan to buy three. They will doubtless be too expensive to expend in testing, so it may be awhile before I can say anything about them in terms of personal experience. Although the way things are going up where my son and daughter live, it may not be so long after all.

I am probably preaching to the choir here, but if you take perscription medicines be sure to shop around for the best price. I have been buying mine at the grocery store, which has a pharmacy and a bank. Recently the pharmacy there raised their prices, so I checked with a hole in the wall place on a back street.  I can get my pills there for 3/4 of what I was paying the Ingles pharmacy even before they raised their prices.

Two news stories from Fox yesterday. 

California petitions to offer Obamacare to Illegal Aliens

link above

California is now trying to make illegal aliens eligible for "Obama Care".  I guess we can pretty much write off California as part of Aztalan now. The Hispanics, legal and otherwise, seem to be running the place.

The second story concerned  three Hispanics in Southern California who were out stealing Trump signs. They got into some woman's yard, she came out to stop them, and they beat her up. One of the neighbors filmed the whole thing (but didn't do anything else).  I guess there wouldn't be much you could do about that out there. It would be racist to complain, since the woman was white. In fact, the news article on Fox Latino was titled "Hispanics beat White Woman."  The tone of the article was that she asked for it by accosting the "Latinos."  The video is on YouTube, but the sight of these scumbags beating up a young woman is too distasteful for me to post it.

Some cartoons to enliven an otherwise doldrum of a day.

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  1. You should be safe in the mountains. Would not want to be on the coast right now. It will be interesting to see if the storm makes a loop and hits FL again. Then it can go to the Gulf and come back one more time.

    Last time I stopped in to a bookstore to check out the survival magazines all the good ones were gone. Wonder if that says something?

    Of course, everyone in the storm area now decides it's time to stock up, buy a generator, buy gas, shop for plywood . . . like a storm is a surprise. Unless you are a teenager you should remember what the last FL hurricanes were like. There were places in northern FL where the roads were lined with out of gas cars. That's as far as they could get with what was in the tank.

    If people along the coast don't bug out for this storm they will never bug out for anything.

  2. We get along pretty well when they go up the East coast. On the other hand, one coming out of the Gulf caused the worst damage I've seen here in the 30 plus years I've been up on the mountain. So I really watch the gulf storms more than this one. However, if it does come back down and cross into the gulf, that might be a different story. I think people on the coast are going to be in bad shape, and as for Florida as a whole, the track keeps changing so much I don't know. But it won't be pretty down there.

    I have been watching the Weather Channel, and they've had clips showing the gas lines and the empty store shelves. I was amused by the Florida governor saying people shouldn't buy more gas than they need when they evacuate. Given that about 3 million are displaced right now, according to the Weather Channel, I wonder how much gas a person would need to find a safe place to stay. If you live in Miami, it might be a long, long drive to the first motel with a vacancy.

    Weather Channel had some guy on there this morning, who lived just off the beach on the east coast. He was saying he wasn't leaving, his house would be ok. He said he had been through a hurricane before. I think he's making a bad call, there are times (like a forest fire here) where you need to bug out . Period.

    1. People don't realize how big FL is. If you start from Miami with a full tank you might run out before you get to Jacksonville -never mind starting in Key West.

      I was thinking this storm might come all the way to New England and help end the drought,but with that possible loop in the forecast, all bets are off.

      I caught a new clip out of Tampa and they are worried all the way to west coast. Even tropical storm conditions are nothing to sneeze at.

    2. It's Friday morning here now. Weather Channel is still warning people that the storm is dangerous, but CNN, Fox, et al appear to be downplaying it as things were not as bad in South Florida as originally predicted. I tried to sit a hurricane out on Emerald Isle, N.C. in 1985, and personally I would never try it again.

      Florida is a really long state, and then there's the fact that you might have to go a lot further inland to find a motel room than you thought. I saw a segment on the Atlanta local CBS affiliate yesterday, and some poor guy had driven all the way from Miami to ATL, then couldn't find an affordable room.

      It's overcast here today, and cooler with some wind blowing. We need rain badly, and I hope this produces a bit for us.

  3. Kimber sells a practice pepper blaster, too.

    If you are interested in meds for pennies on the dollar, email me.

    1. Trewshooz, are you thinking about the Canadian pharmacies? My doctor won't do that, don't know why because my mom's doctor will write a script to a Canadian pharmacy and mom does save money on about everything.

      I have to track down a retailer for the Kimber spray, haven't done it yet as we were out almost all of yesterday.

    2. No, not Canadian pharmacies. Why are you letting your doctor bully you, anyway? Canadian pharmacies are legit and there is no reason not to use them. Anyway, they are too expensive, too.

    3. I'm not sure I would go along with "being bullied." My doctor is the same one that we had when my kids were born, and she has her way of doing things. When she writes a prescription, it is sent by computer to one of the pharmacies here in town, whichever I pick. She doesn't send prescriptions to Canadian pharmacies because there is no way to verify that they are legitimate. People who buy medicine in Canada sometimes get third world crap medicine that doesn't work, or just talcum powder in capsules. My mother lives in Oregon and she gets her medicine in Canada. It's much cheaper than buying it in America.

    4. Tewshooz, email me at philipnolan1953@gmail.com if you don't mind. I am having trouble getting emails through to you.

  4. I skipped all the political stuff as usual and focused on the survival items, which I really like and enjoy from your blog. I haven't seen any bears around here for a while now, but I encountered a Mojave Green Rattlesnake last week. Right in my front yard. Those guys are as deadly as cobras and so much harder to see. It was small and looked like a stick until it started to move. I'm not concerned with our regular rattles, but these guys will kill you and will kill your dogs. Kept Faith on a leash until now when it's in the 30s in the morning. Scary stuff. Any tips on snake danger in your magazines? Let me know.

    1. Inger, you've got your hands full out there without political concerns, I am glad you can find something here once in awhile. Your place would make a superb survival retreat.

      There are articles on snake bites every once in awhile, but they just say what I'm sure you already know. Did you see on Gail's blog, where her dogs attacked a copperhead? They killed it but some got bitten and their faces were all swelled up.

      I hope you were able to kill the snake with a hoe or something, because they will hang around. I have snakes come up here trying to get the chicks when they hatch out.

  5. Talked with my oldest son this morning. He said they have been told its going to be bad in Florida. He has packed up what he can carry, and if need be after its done he will head towards Tampa or any place not damaged. He will take his dog too.

    1. It's Friday morning here now Rob. I hope your son made out ok and he and his dog are ok. According to the major networks, for what it's worth, it wasn't as bad in Florida so far, as they expected it to be.

  6. Like you, we are deep enough in the mountains that we get the hurricanes as a rain event and they aren't typically a huge deal. Although years ago we did have one that knocked out power for about five days. It just rained so hard I think it knocked down trees and caused a domino effect from there on the power grid. That was before we had a generator and I had to borrow my neighbor's deep freeze to save our food - they had a generator. Luckily they had plenty of space in their freezer. Now we have a generator plus I just got the solar panel set up I have wanted for so long. It took me about two years of research to figure out just what I needed/wanted. The electrical stuff isn't easy for me so I really had to beat it into my head to understand it haha. Anyhow now I can run small appliances with it including the nebulizer for my son that has asthma, which was the most important thing.

    1. Lisa, I hired a solar electric company back in 1999 when I put my solar system in. They came all the way from Spartanburg, South Carolina and were here for two days. But the system they built me was not viable. I am sure they knew that from the start. We are just below the topographic crest of a mountain top, and we are surrounded by higher mountains. They put the solar array at the edge of the meadow, but in winter it didn't get enough sun to charge the batteries. I had an inverter on the wall of the shop, and it turned on the generator and ran the house when the battery bank sank below a certain level. So in effect, when I was running off the solar system in the winter, I just had the generator running ,and the inverter and solar bank were useless. Three years later, when the batteries needed to be replaced, I just shut the inverter off. I left the solar array sitting out there, took the batteries to the recycling center, and that was that. It was my location that killed the project. Had I been living somewhere that offered eight hours of sunlight on the panels daily , regardless of the time of year, it would have worked perfectly.

      I'm glad you have a generator. I have a 5 KW Yanmar diesel. It has zillions of hours on it, and still runs great although you have to use diesel engine starting ether fluid to get it going when it's below freezing. It has a pull starter but that is impossible when it's very cold, so I always use it's electric starter. You did well to do the homework and design your own system. That way, you know you are getting what you want, and not just what somebody wants to sell you.

      I can remember your worrying about the nebulizer back some time ago, and I'm glad you have that covered. One of the hardest things for people to do, in my experience, is to figure out what might go wrong and work up a solution before it does. That seems common sense to me, but it's amazing how many people just do nothing until everything blows up in their face, and it's too late.