Friday, October 14, 2016

The problem is on my end.

If you have ever worked with military communications, you know the stock answer to queries from the other guy about why such and such a link doesn't work is always "it's on your end."

The problem this time is on my end. is associated with this blog.  I get a lot of nasty emails, and a lot of nasty comments. I can block the emails using a filter, and I can just not publish the comments because I use comment moderation.

HOWEVER:  suddenly Harryflashman stopped putting my response emails in the sent folder. I had to research it on line, and finally found out that there was a bug associated with the filters. The only way you could fix it was to delete all your filters. So I did.

HOWEVER: that appears to have deleted all the individual emails in folders I set up for different people.  That is to say, if you send me an email, I put it in a folder with your internet moniker, and keep it for a week or so until I am sure I have taken whatever action was required (i.e. answering it, or mailing something, or sending an address for mailing, or doing some research, or whatever."  I don't keep them much longer for security reasons.

BUT THEN: after making the changes from a post I found on line , I corrected the problem with my outgoings not going into the send box. That is fixed.  Unfortunately, all the emails that were stored in the folders are gone now too. Every single one.  So I need new addresses because there are some people waiting for me to mail them books, or magazines, or brass, or other things.

Harryflashman23 is so messed up, and so unreliable, I am asking people to email me at  If you sent me emails to that address, then I still have them.

On the issue of security,  I only keep emails for any length of time if they have people's addresses on them and I send those people things, which  I do from time to time with a good many people I have known for several years. If I write the addresses down, then those people could be compromised should anything ever happen here of an untoward nature.


  1. sorry to hear you've been having issues buddy, can't understand why you would get malicious emails either?

    1. Oh, lot's of people don't like my political views. But I figure that's what comment moderation is for! ;-)

      Strangely, I read blogs by some ladies who just blog about life in their countryside homes, and they never talk about politics or anything controversial. But they still have to use comment moderation because people try to leave vulgar or hateful comments. Takes all kinds, I guess.

      Blogger and gmail always give me fits. I have account to keep up with my family. No blogging with it but it usually works, which is more than I can say for Gmail.