Monday, November 7, 2016

Alea iacta est.

As of 1315 Eastern today.

Short of something completely unanticipated, the election is going to take place based on how people plan to vote now. I don't think many will change their positions at this point.

If Trump wins, there's a chance to bring the country back, and to correct the ills inflicted by 8 years of catastrophic Democratic control of the government. If Hillary wins, it's over. The Republican Party is so broken and fragmented now, that it will not be able to oppose the Dems again if it loses this presidential election. After 8 more years of Democratic exploitation, there won't be any coming back.

So tomorrow will determine the future of the country, once and for all.  The whole system was originally intended to prevent seizure of power by one party. I have to wonder how it came to this.

North Georgia is burning.  The smoke is so bad that people with respiratory problems are being told to stay inside.

Virtually every county in North Georgia either has a wild fire going now, or has had one recently. Big fires are burning up near the state line in North Carolina.  Part of it is the drought, which is the worse one we've had since I've lived here. It just came out of nowhere, we were over our rain average in June and July, but now we are setting new records for the number of days without measurable precipitation. Wells are starting to go dry, creeks and even rivers are dried up.  The lakes are turning into mud flats.

In this map, the darker the color, the worse the drought.

This weekend a big fire started on the mountain next to my mountain. That one is higher,  and larger, than our mountain.  The Appalachian Trail runs through it and apparently the fire started on the trail itself.

photo by E. Haggart

photo by county fire department

This started spreading fast, and it was headed our way.  For awhile, it looked like this was going to be the one we've always worried about.  Wasn't much I could do but sit by the scanner, and call the county dispatch office for an update when it sounded like it might be time to head out.  However, the fire was in the national forest, and the Forest Service diverted helicopters from a fire in Cherokee County. With their help, the fire was finally gotten under control and this morning it's out. There are some very big ones burning West , North and North East of us right now, but they don't threaten us at the moment.

At least life is not boring these days.

On the good news front: Janet Reno is dead!

This was a truly vile and evil person. The world is a better place today.

A little levity in an otherwise grim moment in history.


  1. Obama, and the BLM folks did in 8 years, what the Russians didn't do during the cold war, bring the US to its knees. Stay Safe Harry. God help the US if the criminal gets in.

    1. It'll be time to go down the rabbit hole if she gets power. Way down.....

  2. I hate to hear about the fires near you. I know how scary it can be. I will be praying for rain and for safety for you, your wife, your animals and property. I do not early vote; I will cast my vote tomorrow for Trump. I agree that this country, as we know it, is doomed if the democrat is elected. Now that Comey caved, probably for fear of his life, the only thing to stop her is a legiimate election of Trump. However, I fear that this election is rigged and it really is all over. Jana

    1. Jana, it's been rigged from the get go.

      First, the establishment of the Republican Party repudiated the memberships choice for President. Then they actively began a campaign to see he was not elected, knowing full well that would give power to the Democrats. MSM attacked Trump with made up or unimportant stories, death by a thousand cuts. The Big Stories, Clinton's corruption and venality, they buried. Now voting machines in Texas are changing Trump votes to Clinton votes, and we're being told it's "operator error."

      The Justice Department has overriden laws in a number of states that would have required people voting to property identify themselves. That opens the flood gates for fraudulent voting by illegals, dead people, and made up people.

      It was always rigged.

      Things here are a bit sketchy right now. The drought and the fires are a real one two knock out punch. No relief in sight in the immediate future for either.

  3. Replies
    1. For now, Randy. Some of these fires are being set. No telling when the next one will pop up. Just have to ride it out, I can't upstakes and leave my place.

  4. Stay safe, Harry. We understand what you are going thru with close fires. Today is the last day before the storm, no matter who wins. If the criminal gets in, our country will be lost forever.

    1. I have a bad feeling about it all. Too many Sheeple, too many unintelligent, uniformed people who can vote. Too many people who aren't legally entitled to vote doing so....

      You are exactly right. There will be no recovery from 8 years of a corrupt, Neroian monster like Hillary Clinton. Especially after 8 years of moronic, shallow Cretan like Barrack Hussien.

  5. I kinda agree with Rob above. May God help us all. Maybe there will be enough closet Trump voters to turn the tide.

    We do have a good dog team here, quite the mix, pit, mountain curs, jack/rat, Border Collie and a Cairn mix. Six dogs are great on the varmint control and watch alert too. No poison snakes nor strangers get by them. The only thing other that us that has the upper hand is my sister's cats!

    Have a blessed week. I'm praying for a good election outcome. I've voted and campaigned. Prayer is the last hope.

    1. Gail, my dogs are out raising hell tonight. I wish whatever in the woods that's setting them off would go on. I'm tired out tonight.

      Doesn't look good, but it's not over til it's over. I still have hope.

      Those are nice looking dogs you have. They would give me a strong sense of security.

      I guess at this point, we've all done what we could do. Now we wait, and once we know how it goes, then there will be a lot of decisions to be made.

  6. We are drier every day. Stay safe and may the rains come soon.

    1. If it would just rain I'd go out and stand in it just to feel it. Lightning or not.

  7. Hey Harry,


    I would not lose hope just yet. I no longer trust Foxnews and their maps, analysis etc. On the youtube and other internet sources show Trump winning fifteen points ahead in the electoral college.
    On other interesting note that raised a few eyebrows. Hillary's campainge canceled a large fireworks show that was supposed to happen once her victory was announced?

    There are other early indicators showing mass support for Trump in North Carolina and even in 'Rust Belt' states like Michigan, etc.
    Trump may take Arizona, New Mexico (solid democrat) and a few others.
    'Harry, don't give into the propaganda of the democrats and their lapdog media.

    'So what if Hillary does win. We 'Improvise, Adapt and Overcome'

    We already knew that even if Trump won we still may lose the country anyway in time since the culture changed and we have became a nation of 'balkanized, video game playing imbeciles'
    that expect free stuff and the easy way out.

    What if we got 8 years of Trump, then a Bernie Sanders fruitcake with a Chi Guevara tattoo moves into the white house and its a downhill run from there. We are still gonna lose the country one way or another since we lost the culture war two decades ago under 'William the bastard Clinton' at least Janet Reno wont be around to make fun of anymore and the 'Branch Davidians' can rest in more peace knowing Janet's in Lesbian hell that's run by a devil that looks and acts like Donald Trump, grabbing women at a beauty contest.

    'Maybe our culture needs some kind of extreme wakeup. Kinda like the wakeup on the first day of bootcamp to motivate individuals. Adversity in cultures creates greatness out of shear desperation to survive. 'Rest assured its coming one way or another through disaster, war, famine, plague or just good old fashioned mismanagement of socialist government like in Venuzuela.

    Who know's maybe we get to wake up Wednesday morning to air raid sirens because the Russians and everyone else has had enough of our goverments crap and has 'turned the keys' and its game on. I will just drink coffee and stay on the computer until the EMP fries everything and enjoy the apocalypse.

    1. CC, it will take a modern miracle for Trump to win.

      Clinton has all the liberals, and the full weight and fury of the corrupt Democratic Machine.

      She has the support of the Republican Party apparatchiks.

      She has the full support of the Main Stream Media.

      She has the support of all the "my way or the highway" Republican voters.

      She has the Hispanics, Blacks, and the whole medley of third world immigrants who know she will shower cash and benefits on them.

      What has Donald Trump got? The support of the hard core conservatives. And we're a dying breed in this country.

      I hope you are right, but this is looking pretty bad right now.

      I don't think there will be any great event precipitated by her seizing control of the government. I think this will just become a hell on earth for everybody.

      Been thinking about how nice it would be to be down on the beach right now. You could just walk along the ocean and things would seem better. I go outside here now and smell wood smoke. Not too relaxing, with smoke wafting through the forest.....

      Well, we will know tomorrow.

  8. That's so great that the fire is under control. I imagine it's pretty dry this time of year.

    I'm not really for either side on this election. I'm not saying who I voted for, but I did vote. I had to research a lot of judges to stay or not stay. So many of those I knew nothing about. It was good to research them!

    1. This one is out, but they are burning all around us. The smoke is so heavy sometimes it blocks the views of the adjacent mountains. Unless we get some rain this is just going to keep getting worse. And the little farm ponds the helicopters dip water out of are drying up.

      Well, it's good you took the time to look them up and make an informed decision. I admit when it comes to that level I have always just voted Republican, but I will never do that again. Even if Trump wins, I'm done with the apparatchiks that run the Republican Party.

  9. Janet Reno had a lot of blood on her hands after Waco. Many of them children.

    Barry Hussein is encouraging illegals to vote now. What more evidence does one need that it's rigged?

    FBI director Comey met with Mrs. Lynch a few days before his announcement...I wonder what she told him to change his mind?

    Here's hoping it all works out tomorrow. --Troy

    1. She was one of the most dispicable people ever to be appointed head of the "Justice Department." She gave us Ruby Ridge and Waco, but far more than that. She was the one who came up with the neat idea to have ATF or the FBI arrest people who spoke out against Clinton, then hold them "waiting for trial" for several months, and then drop the charges. By then, they'd lost their jobs, their homes, their savings, everything. It was so effective the FBI still uses the tactic today. We had a sterling example of that in a county next to us a few years ago. Four old guys talking in a McDonalds. Accused of "conspiracy" by the FBI based on the "evidence" of a person with multiple child sexual abuse charges pending. In return for his "evidence" the FBI dropped all the charges against him. That tactic was the brainchild of Janet Reno. Most people don't remember what living under Bill Clinton and Janet Reno was like but I sure do.

      The Justice Department has done everything it could to make it impossible for the states to confirm the legitimacy of voters. The Democrats even make jokes about their legions of voters who aren't eligible. It's sickening.

  10. Harry there is 2 fires over 100 acre size (contained) within 5 miles of the house. The news says its been 50 days with no rain the record is 52 set in 1924 (dustbowl era) about to break a 92 y/o record.
    The passing of Janet Reno made me smile but not as much as I will when Hillary Rodham Clinton joins her.

    1. When somebody like Reno dies, I wish I was religious so I could celebrate her burning in hell.

      This time tomorrow we should know whether we have a President or an Empress in charge of the country.

  11. I think we will see rioting if Trump wins.
    If Clinton wins, our people won't riot.
    That's one BIG difference between us.
    - Charlie

  12. It's so unsettling to have wild fires close by. We've had a couple of them the past couple of years. Nervewrecking. I hope you all get rain and lots of it, soon!