Sunday, November 20, 2016

Publications. Cretins. A news story in the "You gotta be shi**ing me!" category.

I haven't posted any of the recent survival magazine or military surplus magazine issues lately. Thought I would catch that up tonight.

I'm getting tired of all this B.S. from Hillary's Legions of the Lost.

This song is dedicated to all those intellectual pygmies whining because they lost the election.

We need to import a lot of these people as soon as possible. It's clear to me from this news story that they would be a real asset to our country and culture.

Monkey attack sets off tribal clashes in Libya, killing at least 20
Published November 21, 2016  

BENGHAZI, Libya –  Activists and medics say tribal clashes that erupted in southern Libya after three young men turned a pet monkey loose on a high school girl have killed at least 20 people.

The girl's family sought revenge after the monkey scratched and bit her last week, and killed all three men along with the animal.

Bader al-Daheli, a civil activist, said Sunday that the two main tribes in the southern city of Sabha, Awlad Suleiman and Gadhadhfa, are each backed by armed groups. Abdel-Rahman Areish, the head of Sabha hospital, said 20 people have been killed and 50 wounded.

Thought for the Day:

Actually, most of my guns are not because I am not really a fan of the "Plastic Fantastic" though I do have some Glocks, a couple of Sigs, things like that. But I liked this .


  1. Hey Harry,


    I'm still gloating over the election results:)

    Ann Coulter is vindicated, Charlie Daniels is vindicated also.

    its wonderful.

    Now 'Harry you gotta understand that 'dingbats' like Megan Kelly on Fox News and many others are all just completely blown away by Trump's victory and they lash out every chance they get. Its New York City arrogance. They think they live on 'Mount Olympus'

    The mainstream media has become the Legacy media.

    I no longer really watch fox news, maybe just for about 20 mins or so. I get most of my news off the internet. The legacy media has been losing the battle with the internet and youtube vloggers as well as outfits like RT, and a few others in the past years and they know it.

    I encourage everyone to use your internet more than legacy media sources for news.

    check out styxhexenhammer666 on youtube for great news commentary superior too Bill Orielly and Megan Kelly.

    styxhexenhammer666 does two types of video's. Really good news commentary video's and occult video's. I skip the occult garbage. The commentary is brilliant.

    The legacy media can not keep up with the 'nimbleness' of the internet. They are hindered like a bloated institution of high salaries, New York City culture, geography and arrogance.

    Critics also maintain that internet news sources have become 'unreliable' I have found in the past years that the legacy media has become 'unreliable'

    A youtuber with a camera can show video that sometimes is 'indisputable' I encourage others to start finding sources on youtube like 'breitbart' and others.

  2. Megan Kelly needs to move over to CNN with her other dingbat friends. She would fit right in there.

    The only problem with internet news is that you can't be sure how accurate it is in some cases. Still, it couldn't be any worse than it always is with the MSM.

    1. You can't be sure how accurate the mainstream media is, either.

    2. That's what I mean. About the only thing you can be sure of with the MSM is that they are either promulgating outright lies,or so spinning the facts to support their left wing agenda that they might as well just go ahead and lie.

  3. Not surprised at all that a monkey caused the deaths of this many muslims. Here's an idea: let's airdrop 10 chimps into Syria and the war will be over in a week.

    Aloo Snackbar!


    1. Good idea. Too bad Travis is dead. He could have lead the assault. Does my heart good to see the Moslems whacking each other over something so bizarre as this episode.

  4. Hey Harry,


    Funniest damn news story I read in quite awhile.

    Sometimes you just cant make this stuff up:)

    I guess your right. Send in a whole mess of monkey's and let the games begin. 'Like I said many times before. Them peoples stuck back in 750 AD and it ain't never gonna change.

    1. The only other people I know of off hand that would do something so stupid are black Africans. Just read an article where they are still killing albino Africans in Kenya because they think they are witches. Jesus, we need to import some of those guys too, otherwise we won't have the all inclusive society that the Dims are so hot for.

      Trouble is, bringing in all these people who have no skills, can't speak the language, detest any religion but Islam, and are often violent at hell is getting to be an expensive drag on working people who get sucked dry by taxes. Not to mention it makes life so much more interesting when you have lunatics shouting "Allah Akbar" and murdering random folks all across the country.

  5. As a gun man this will curl your toes. My Son has a model 10 so old the year is unknown. It was ruff when he got it but as he carried it showed Bad rusting everywhere his Dunlop touched it. It was blued but after I got the rust off it was gone so we painted it flat black with rustoleum baked it at 300 In the oven. Now he has a black revolver that looks good and still shoots good. resale value 0.00 but who sells guns.

    1. "A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." Sounds like a good home gunsmithing maintenance technique. The main thing is he has a reliable carry piece so I say "good on you" as our Australian friends would put it.

      I never sell guns. I did once in college when I needed money for a date. I bought a numbered lot in an auction over in Gainesville Ga when the GBI auctioned off a bunch of confiscated weapons. There were three guns in a lot of 17 I couldn't live without. Five or so of them were Saturday night specials, or "use it and lose it" types. I traded them to the gun store where I worked part time as partial payment for a really nice gun. But those are the only times I can remember selling a gun. For one thing, unless I know somebody, I don't wan them blowing their face off with bad hand loads and then blaming the weapon and by extension, me. For another, every gun magazine I read always has an article where the author had some gun but he sold it and has regretted it forever more.

  6. Hmm, laptop is playing up, not sure if it has just deleted my comment instead of posting it?

    1. T.W. there's no comment from you in the moderation folder, so it must not have reached me. If you don't mind can you re transmit it? I wish I didn't have to use moderation, but there's this one individual who sends me all sorts of whacked out comments with every 3rd word being obscene, and I don't want him to get one of those posted here and have people have to look at it before I find it and delete it. So moderation is all I've got to prevent that, and I do lose comments from time to time. I don't know why, except that blogger is a bad program to begin with.

  7. Hi Harry, the British media is just as bad as yours. I thought they were on full liberal mode before the EU referendum but they have excelled themselves since. When Trump won and it was reported here it was a joy to behold the look of shock on their faces. To top it off they went in to meltdown when Farage was the first British politician to meet with Trump. The political establishment here have spent years vilifying Farage. In the last general election here UKIP ( Farage's party) got 4 million votes (12%of the vote) and got 1 member of parliament out of 660. However the Scottish National party got 57 seats with approximately 1.5 million votes, but then they are so far left they are almost communist, and also EU lovers.
    We won the referendum battle but the establishment is still trying to derail it, along with the millennial and celebrity horseshit. Don't know whether you heard about the child refugees we took in from the Calais jungle. The first load were grown men, some over 30,and there was an outcry from the non liberal general population. The government's solution was to bus them in during the night with blankets over their heads. Within a few weeks the first case of child abuse occurred against a 5 year old boy in a foster home. The punishment was rehabilitation. You couldn't make it up.
    My wife often says we are living in the twilight zone, and I'm inclined to agree with her. The blatant stupidity of people is hard to believe. Unfortunately the only chance we have in Europe (not the EU)is a big uprising or, God forbid, war. Everything that is happening here is so obviously orchestrated that the only conclusion is that the destruction of European values is the aim.
    As an aside my wife loved the Hank Williams song, it applies to the morons here as well as over there.
    Anyway keep up the good fight and God bless you and your family
    Duncan Carmichael
    ps wish we could get guns( though not sure I would trust the wife with one) here and love reading your posts.

    1. Duncan, maybe the tide is beginning to turn. The British showed moral courage and the will to fight back, and now the Americans have as well. Meanwhile, in Sweden, Norway, Germany and France there have been some really significant actions by common people to take back control of their own lives. It's sad that in every instance, what good has been done has been launched into the teeth of the ruling clique. We have the same problem you do. The average citizen doesn't want his back yard full of people who slaughter goats on the front porch, but the liberals don't mind it. They don't live in those neighborhoods anyway, so they can be noble minded without having to deal with the reality of it. You get them importing more Islamic drones under false pretenses, we get them rushing to import as many of the same ilk as they can before our new President stops it.

      I try to watch at least two of the major news networks here each night, and the local affiliates in the morning. I know they lie, and I know they are propaganda organs of the left.
      Still, I watch to see what they are up to.

      Britain has been taking a shellacking as part of the general uproar over Trumps election. The talking heads will rant about the rise in hate crimes (never with any details to substantiate them) , then they will show shots of people protesting in Britain, wanting their country back, and the talking heads will say as these clips air, "Trump's election has given rise to hate in Europe as well."

      Hank Williams Jr. has some great songs, and is a great guy. His dad was a little bit the loose cannon but a great singer in his day.

      I saw a show on British survivalists once, some years back, and the poor guys were practicing with cross bows and swords. I remember thinking it was a damn shame that the English, of all people, were denied the right and means to protect themselves, but I also admired those guys because they were adapting and making do as best they could.