Monday, February 13, 2017

Hezbollah makes some unkind comments about Americans.

It is possible to rid ourselves of the Islamist terror threat. We just have to use the right tools to do it.  Talking and kissing their collective Islamic posteriors will not do the trick.

I think, after the remarks Hezbollah's Pimp in Chief made this weekend, a couple of daisy cutters in the right parts of Lebanon would do wonders. They understand daisy cutters.

But if those are in short supply, Apaches and AC-130's could get the message across.

This song was popular in the 70's during the hostage crisis when Jimmy The Wimp was President. It's coming back into vogue now.  Hezbollah is an Iranian franchise. Funded , trained, equipped and controlled by Tehran. Hassan Nasrallah, the head clown of Hezbollah, doesn't relieve himself without checking with Tehran first.

On the other hand, at the moment Hezbollah (Shiite) and Al Qaeda (Sunni) are fighting each other hammer and tongs in Syria. So maybe we should just let them go at it and not interfere.

But they'll get around to us in time.  The Democrats and the Courts are giving ISIS all the time they need to get their people in place here.  When it happens, the same people and organizations who thwarted the President's efforts to keep Islamic terrorists out,  will blame the Administration for not protecting them.

Remember the usually supercilious Geraldo Rivera on the night of the Paris attacks? He was always bitching and moaning about Americans being anti-Islamic. Then on the night of the attacks, he was live on the air with "Little Sheppy", and the guy couldn't find his daughter, who was at the stadium which was attacked. He couldn't get her on the cell phone. Suddenly Geraldo had a different point of view. He was crying, saying "we have to bomb these people. We have to get rid of them!" And "Little Sheppy" was saying "Oh, Geraldo, you don't mean that!" But it sure looked to me like he did. It's hard to be all high and mighty and philosophical when you think the barbarians you have looked upon with sympathy and benevolence may have just murdered your kid.

But with all the turmoil, things are still better. The cockroaches have had to crawl out and expose themselves for what they are. The Democrats and the lunatic fringe they manipulate are on display for all to see.  All these adds that "someone" is running in local papers where Senators are having community meetings, these adds recruiting "paid activists" aren't doing the left any good.

Fox News had a segment today that showed clippings viewers had sent them. These were little adds offering to pay "activists" to attend "training events" and then participate in "demonstrations" at the Town Hall Meetings. Fox then showed town hall meetings that were absolutely shut down by screaming people waving anti-Trump signs. So much for freedom of speech, and so much for "spontaneous demonstrations."  The "take over" in Atlanta when our two Republican Senators tried to meet with constituents was bad, but the one in Utah was absolutely the worst.

Who knows where all this is going to lead.  BLM has been relatively supine during the last month or so, but I don't think they will stay that way.

Nor do I think ISIS is going to miss this opportunity to hit us hard.  They have plenty of money, a big support base in the United States among Moslems already here, and anybody can come into the country through the Southern border that wants to. Why wouldn't they?

At least things are not boring.  I'm looking at my situation up here and seeing if there are any areas I'm short in, or have missed.  When the cannibals come out of the basements, I don't want to be on the menu.

Nor do I want to be a member of the Golden Horde.  But they'll be out there when the Schumer hits the windmill. There are way more Sheeple than there are thinking people.

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  1. I think we're in for a lot of "Fun and Games" this summer, especially in the big cities.

    1. If not sooner. My question is how it will be handled. Under the Dems, savages in the streets were given "safe spaces" to tear up and act out. Remember Baltimore and it's idiot Mayor?

      But with a new attitude about letting criminals pirouette in the streets and destroy property, maybe their reception will be different. If nothing else, they won't be feted , wined and dined, at the White House by the President, as they were under Hassan.

      I wouldn't take diamonds or gold to live in a city now though. Something blows up in one city and before you know it the riots are going full scale in others. It's a summer past time for a certain segment of the population.

      I wonder if it will take til summer this time? Things have never been more unsettled, as the collective cry babies see they aren't going to get their way.

  2. Well, by "summer" I meant after the weather gets better for their activities.

    I'm thinking a whole lot of law enforcement people are pretty upset with the leash BHO had them on, and won't be willing to cut these "protesters" any slack. I fear things might (and probably will) escalate to major violence.

    Our little neighborhood here only has three ways in and out, and is far enough away from the major shopping areas that got looted several times during events like the Rodney King trials that we *should* be safe.

    1. It has always been a source of considerable bewilderment to me that when the morlocks go berserk, they inevitably foul their own nest. I suppose they feel safe there, and realize that if they go up into places where "de crackas" live, they will meet some resistance. They are not at all interested in getting shot up, at least not with bullets.

      Sounds like you may be far enough away that you could skate on any big blowups there, but it would sure be nerve wracking. I remember the Rodney King riots. There are still a lot of videos on the internet that show it was a lot worse than the Governor of California and the Mayor of LA pretended it was.

      I know I'm sick of watching all the scum get away with trashing the streets. I say shoot the bastards. If it offends someone's sensibilities to shoot looters, then shoot them with bean bags, or rubber bullets, or whatever salves their conscience. I personally would have no problem at all with the cops blasting rioters with shotguns. It would put a stop to the breakdown of law and order and discourage repeat offenders.

  3. I know this winter has been warmer than most, which is one reason we see these riots going on. But I agree, I would not live in a city for any money in the world, and I do not think this summer will be very safe to be near any major city or many minor ones. The result is that the pols will eliminate the physical townhalls and go to phone only meetings. And that is a defeat for freedom. However, it seems to be all about the major drama that can be ginned up, instead of civil conversations about how and where we disagree or can agree on an issue.

    So far as the Middle East goes, my vote is to become energy independent, and in the meantime, let St Peter sort them out. It is the same thing as the screaming liberals, only it has been going on for thousands of years..."do it my way or else". My kneejerk reaction is "get over yourself". The good Lord must like variety as there are so many different people, animals, birds, fish, etc on the Earth. It's too bad people in their quest for power need to torture the rest of us. I know we will get sucked into another major conflict, I dread it, and hope we come out safe on the other side. I also prepare for it. Just wish I could get some of my family on the bandwagon as well.

    1. The feeble minded puppets shouting at the town hall meetings, and on college campuses, don't realize they are setting the stage for some draconian push back. If they are allowed to get away with their antics, and so far they have been, it's the end of free speech. It seems to me that the country is so polarized today that there isn't any compromise that would satisfy both sides. I know well enough that trying to compromise with the gun grabbers, for instance, is just a long series of you give something and they give nothing. It really is sad it's come to that, but so be it.

      I'd be happy to stay over here if the Islamists would stay over there, but unfortunately they are swarming all over Europe and trying to do the same thing to us. It's horrifying to see what's happening in England, for instance. There was a news story tonight about a chain of major department stores in England now carrying burkas in the women's department because the population in some of the major cities is becoming predominantly Moslem.

      I expect we'll have to sort out Iran, without a doubt. If we don't, they'll light up the U.S. just as soon as they can do it, which won't be long. They are developing a ballistic missile capable of hitting us, and they will marry it up with the nuclear warhead they "aren't" building just as soon as they can. If we wait for that, a lot of people are going to be really sorry.

      I have been trying to get my kids to come back here and live while all this is going on, without success. I understand your frustration. All you can do is keep trying, and try to be ready to put them up if they have to come to you when things go down the spout.

  4. Hey Harry,

    Armchair Tactician(captaincrunch)

    (a possible scenario)

    A 'Four Front Fight'

    Iranian Front.

    An actual stand up fight with Iran in the Persian Gulf involving the U.S. and a few allied and Israel.
    In the first weeks Iran of course is losing and launches the first nuke strike since Nagasaki on Israel. Maybe one of two go off but the others missiles are intercepted and destroyed. We allow the Israelis to retaliate with limited nuke strikes in Iran bringing them to their knees for an 'unconditional surrender'

    Israeli Front,

    Israel invades all Palestinian lands and executes all anyone tied to Hamas. A very few human rights groups may argue and protest but all other countries stay out denouncing Israel since one of two of their cities went up in mushroom clouds. A nuclear 911 that gives Israel 'Carte Blanch' to do as they please in the their backyards and in the immediate range of their Jewish homeland. The Gaza strip and the West Bank are reduced to bloody piles of rubble in the uprisings.

    The North Korean Front,

    North Korea launches all the nukes they have, some make it to target. A few are shot down. Maybe a few go off in South Korea and a Japan.
    We counterstrike with sub launched ICBM's from a couple of Ohio class boats off the coast.
    North Korea no longer exists.

    We cut a deal with South Korea. If they want a 'Unified Korea' so bad. The South Korean forces are welcome to march in and take over the north by themselves in the radioactive rubble. We don't have the resources and money for an invasion of North Korea.

    'The Homefront (U.S.A)

    Imagine thousands or tens of thousands of hamas supporters going 'jihad' in the U.S. at the same time. Then imagine every fringe level 'fruitcake' group like 'Antifa' and ALF (animal liberation front) BLM, MECHA and everyone else in the streets at the same time too. Local law enforcement will be overwhelmed with county, state and federal agencies also overwhelmed. Local Sheriff's Posse's will have to be formed and justice will be served in the streets. 'Hangings in rural communities will be common and a complete breakdown of the court system will ensue. Internet and television will be shut down only forcing more people into the streets. It will be complete breakdown of civil order. Cities will be on fire from the riots and looting.
    'Martial law will be declared. Anyone on the streets will be shot by military patrols. That will help in cities but in the rural area's 'civilian militia's will be formed to ensure public safety. Some militia's will be constitutional. Some will be nothing more than gangs offering protection and taking what they want.

    I offer this as a 'worst case scenario' that seems more realistic everyday.

    There is no easy 'solution' America is being painted into a corner by world forces and forced to act (in extreme) measures for some amount of stability. This in turn will cause a complete breakdown of civil order in the U.S.A. ensuring out own destruction from the balkanization of the United States that is happening now.

    I hope this never happens but I think we are well on our way.

    1. Strange times, who can say what will happen. I don't think the Israelis will wait for Iran to use nuclear weapons on them, I think they'll make Iran glow in the dark long before that.

      I don't know what is going to happen to the Korean thing. I know they can reach the West Coast right now with the Taidong missile. Our intelligence agencies say they can't marry up a nuclear warhead with the Taidong yet, but I wonder how they know? We have no human intelligence sources in that country, just satellite stuff. But you know, when you think about it, suppose the little fat face boy there in North Korea lights up California, Oregon and Washington State. The Democratic party would lose at least half of it's members.

  5. It may be a sign of the times but I have been putting a lot of thought into a vehicle based rifle lately. I want something compact enough to fit in a backpack or gym sized duffel bag and not so expensive that it's loss would be like missing a paycheck.

    I'm thinking an AK-47 with a folding stock. Serviceable, affordable gun with a round that does well against people and cars. That and some small rig with 3-4 mags and a first aid kit would be a nice set up.

    1. Based on my own experiences with the Chattanooga Morlocks and the Woodland Hispanoelves, I'd say the chances of accidentally running into a situation where a good rifle is a hell of a lot more useful than a good pistol alone are getting better.

      It's a problem though. I am carrying a G3 behind the front seat of my Cherokee, with the back seat folded down. The rifle is covered by an old army blanket. But it's a long weapon, I'd have to get out of the vehicle to use it.

      A folding stock AK would be a good choice. I don't have any of those, unfortunately for me. Just fixed stock variants. I carry five G3 magazines in an old Major Surplus magazine ruck sack.

      I don't have much in the way of medical supplies in the vehicle kit. Just some bandages and a few odds and ends. I probably should do better.

      I've been thinking about switching the G3 out for an M1 carbine. Not much punch but worlds more maneuverable.