Friday, February 10, 2017

Steven Gern. USMC veteran, now a contractor in Iraq. Video is viral and is featured on Fox News today.

More than 44 million views to date.  I know the frustration this guy feels. He knows what Moslems are really like, and he sees all these idiots in America acting like suicidal fools. They won't listen.

I tried to link to the Fox News follow up story, but got a "you are denied access by this server" message. So here's the text:

Fox News  10 Feb 2017

A Marine Corps veteran and contractor told Fox News on Friday he couldn't believe that his video from Iraq supporting President Trump's travel restrictions went viral -- more than 44 million views and  rising.

Lance Corporal Steven Gern, 42, who worked as a contractor in Iraq starting in 2005, posted his video on February 1, and told Fox News he was evacuated from Iraq the next day because of it.

In the video, Gern said he had spoken to a group of Iraqi men about the travel ban, without getting into specifics. "My simple question was, 'As an American, if I went out in town right now, would I be welcome?' And they instantly said, 'Absolutely not, you would not be welcome.' And I said, 'OK, so what would happen if I went out of town?' And they said the locals would snatch me up and kill me within an hour."

Gern said his company's security director pulled him from the country due to the CEO’s concern for Gern’s safety. He did not disclose the name of the company in an effort to keep co-contractors currently in Iraq out of danger.

“I never thought in a million years that this would go viral, and happen over a simple conversation with my team members,” Gern told Fox News. “There are a lot of unknowns right now and what we don’t need is to continue to flood the United States with people from countries that are in such bad states when it comes to terrorism—we can’t have them come in until they are properly vetted.”

Gern said the tension and danger for Americans abroad has ramped up since the travel ban started in President Trump’s second week in office. It restricts travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iraq.

“The Iraqis, in general, have very little respect for any America –regardless of whether you’re a Marine, a contractor, or a civilian—they have very little respect for you,” Gern told Fox News. “The United States pumps more and more money and it’s not appreciated –why don’t we just take care of our own?”

Gern told Fox News he has not had contact with his company, and is concerned about losing his job after posting the video, but felt it was necessary.

“This is boots on the ground—this is what’s actually happening—I know firsthand,” Gern told Fox News. “People are being naive—they need to understand there is a reason we have processes and policies in place to protect Americans.”

Steven Gern will be LIVE in an EXCLUSIVE interview with Sean Hannity tonight at 10:00pm EST on Fox News Channel.


  1. Feelin' for ya harry. Hope you get better fast---ken

    1. Ken, thanks. NyQuil cures about anything and I am well fortified with the elixer tonight. ;-)

  2. Hey Harry,


    I remember vividly my time in the Persian Gulf decades ago. I remember how I was looked at with hatred, disdain and disrespect
    'Decades later its worse than it was back then. There will be no peace of co-existence with islam. The situation is what it is and will grow worse to the point there will truly be a large scale war between the remaining Christian countries and the moslim empire in the future. The Russians see it happening as well as many of the Slavic countries because they have been down this road before with the Turks centuries ago.

    Any one that thinks that the 21st Century is the age of technology and communications enlightenment is high on legalized marijuania and anti-depressents. We are the same barbaric humans we were centuries ago. We wiped out the Neanderthal tens of thousands of years ago and we have been committing countless genocides ever since. The strong will kill the weak. A constant in nature that will never change.

    I think what this Marine did in the video above was great and I hope he will be okay. Its always the messenger that pays the price of the delivery. I will download the video to my harddrive before youtube erases it. They cant handle the truth.

    1. Well, I see parallels to the Fall of the Western Empire. The Romans couldn't or wouldn't keep the Goths out of the Empire, so they let them in. The theory was they would become model citizens, pay taxes, and join the Army. Instead, they destroyed the culture they were supposed to integrate into. The Goths were barbarians without any moral or religious scruples. The Romans had gotten soft, and decadent. Most Romans didn't serve in the Army any more, and the requirement for soldiers to be Roman Citizens had long since lapsed. That seems to me to be what we are doing now with Islam. There may be enough degenerates in the courts and the government to sink us.

      I think he had no idea this would strike such a nerve and generate such a response. I hope the poor guy doesn't lose his job over it.

      It was on Fox News so even if the YouTube geeks delete the video, it will be in the Fox archives.

  3. Because he is a vet, the left will downplay and discredit him, and sadly come after his family.

    Been a bad week here. I'm trying to help a few kids who have lost their homes to flooding. I went to help a friend whose basement flooded out, he lost about 30% of his food storage, I hauled out the rest. The water got to some of his guns and i'm trying to salvage some of them with a coating of oil. He's a prepper but he didn't anticipate this.

    I almost got into it with some reporter and his cameraman getting in my way while cleaning up but that's another story.

    Hope your temperatures are mild Harry. Ours has been a long, hard winter. --Troy

    1. I knew the floods were bad out there. Two fellows I keep up with posted pictures of the flooding. Sorry for your friends, I know if they didn't have flood insurance they are out of luck.

      I'd be interested in hearing about the run in with the media. I know other people would too but if you don't want to post it touch base with me at

    2. Regarding the reporter, I suppose it's not too entertaining IMO, nevertheless,here's the gist of it...

      Many individuals were working hard to save what they could in the basement of this house. Down the stairs comes this metrosexual looking reporter, standing there looking for a quick interview. I ignored him for the most part, but after about 30 min. he really got on my nerves, since he just stood there getting in the way of the stairwell. I reckoned that If he was there already up to his knees in it, that he could help out some, and I told him just that. But alas, he just stood there looking for someone to give him a juicy tid-bit. Nobody took the bait, and he looked irritated.

      Finally I looked at him and told him that if he didn't get out of the way, I would "drop him right here in this muck". He seemed very offended and his camera man too. How dare I speak like that with the almighty media. So they quickly left. I expected the police to come by and talk to me but they never did. Everyone else there thanked me and we kept on.

      These cucks reminded me of ambulance chasers. And I thought to myself after this that in the event of a national catastrophe, we will all see much suffering, cockroaches, and reporters. Yes, in that order. --Troy

    3. Sounds to me like you treated him with more respect than was due, given the circumstances. You'd have been well within your rights to toss him and his cameraman in the water.

      I often wonder about the detached attitude these people demonstrate. I read a book about Katrina , and in it, this reporter was telling about how hard it was to get his boat in for good shots because the people he was filming on roof tops wanted him to give them a ride to safety. His attitude was "how dare they!"

  4. I understand why the US went there. The questions now is why are we still in these country's who are so Anti-American. i support our troops, and I know so many gave their lives for Freedom. Is it better to cut our losses, in lives that we can save and the money we have spent and continue to spend.???

    1. Nobody will EVER remake an Islamist country in the image of America. We should never have gone in there in the first place. I supported the war and in hindsight I see that Saddam had no WMD, and his removal set off a hideous stack of dominoes that we are still embroiled with. But the idea that we "owe" Iraq anything, or that we can "fix" Iraq is absurd.

      There are no common grounds between an Islamic culture and a Western culture, and trying to bribe them into accepting ours, is just useless.

      We should pack up and leave, and let them devour each other. It's all they've ever done anyway.