Sunday, March 5, 2017

Blood in the Streets. The Krinkov, a must have fashion statement for today?

There were pro Trump demonstrations in more than 40 American cities Saturday. Some were relatively small and quiet. In some of the big cities, not so.  In California the pro Trump demonstrators were attacked by Schumerites.  Here's a video from a local television station. As far as I know, it wasn't on MSM, or anything like it.

I know there were skirmishes in Atlanta. This time, the pro - Trump people did not bring firearms and predictably, the black clad Hillary Ninja apparently attacked them. I was told this on the CB this afternoon, but I haven't confirmed it.

For a good overall view of the fighting and related events, here's a link to a blog sent to me by a friend. I have not seen this before but it seems reputable, and what is on it corresponds to what I am reading at other blogs on the net.

Let me say  this.  I don't trust anything the MSM says, other than Fox. And they are getting pretty shaky, depending on whose show you watch.  To find out what's really going on, you have to try to find reputable articles by people whom you trust, or videos that you believe are true.  Lacking the resources of a news organization, it's a judgment call.  Since that episode with the sniper story, I have been very careful not to post anything I think might be fake. If I find out that I posted something that was not true, I'll let everyone know. If I am repeating something I was told by someone I trust, I'll make that clear too.

And so it begins.

Who is organizing these Pro-Trump demonstrations?

I haven't been able to find out a lot about that, but these people are involved. You can sign up for their emails to get the word on demonstrations to support the President in your area. I signed up.  If there's one I can get to, I want to go. Even if it means driving to Atlanta.  I'll have to rent a car to do it, since I don't want my Cherokee trashed and I'm not taking off my bumper stickers.

Main Street Patriots web page

"The Best is the Enemy of Good Enough." Old Russian Proverb.

But not always:

Back when I still thought it helped, I used to send emails to idiots like Ted Kennedy, expressing my displeasure with anti-gun legislation. I always attached this to the email (the unedited photo) with the caption "if you want it, come and get it." I wouldn't dare do this today, as the FBI would undoubtedly kick down my door and murder me. But there was still some freedom of expression back in the mid 2000 time frame.

I've been driving around with an HK G3 in the back of my jeep since my unsettling run in with some Hispanic businessmen out in the national forest not long ago.  I've always carried a pistol, but now I carry a rifle and a pistol.

I started out carrying an AK-47 (1990's era Norinco MAK-90 rebuilt with Choate stock).

But a friend pointed out to me that the 7.62X39 cartridge was an intermediate cartridge, and maybe something more powerful was in order.

So I went to the HK G-3.

But this is a full sized battle rifle.  Sitting in the front seat of a Jeep Cherokee, there's no way to deploy this rifle without getting out of the car. It's too long. Maybe that wouldn't be a problem in most cases, but if someone surprises you, you might be reduced to just using a pistol.

What would be perfect is the Krinkov version of the AK.

I don't want anything fully automatic.  I don't want the BATF hassles and I don't want the tax stamps you have to have to own the weapon legally. And there's this, a fully automatic Krinkov, if you could find one, would run you more than an MP-40. And I've never been able to bring myself to spend the green to buy an MP-40, something I really want.

So I looked at Semi-Auto American produced Krinks.

Now you run into BATF rules again. You can get a Krink with no stock for under a thousand. That's because BATF considers it a "pistol."  But good luck hitting anything with it.  The kick makes the weapon nearly uncontrollable for the average man. If you are a SEAL, or a Ranger, or just a big guy with experience, this might not be a problem. Provided you don't have arthritis in your wrists.

You can buy a "boot" for the gun. This is not a stock, it's a fitting that lets you put your arm inside it and brace the pistol that way.  I don't like it.  But I know a fellow for whom I have a great deal of respect, who does. He bought one for an AR-15 "pistol" and found it very satisfactory. But if I am going to spend a small fortune for a gun, I want it to be one that suits me.

You can buy an American made Krinkov with a fixed stock, but it will have a phony silencer on it to get the barrel length just over legal. They cost a lot. About $1300.00 as far as I can tell.

The fixed stock and the barrel extension mean I'm getting close to the same length as one of my AK-47 's with the Choate stock.

I'm open to suggestion if anyone knows a way to get a Krinkov that looks like the one above for less than $1300. I think that's the best solution for me, if it 's affordable.

People are still laughing about the High and Mighty "Celebrities" making fools of themselves at the Oscars. Here are some good cartoons.

Here are a few more  good ones I got today.

Remember that wretch that was insulting the Navy Seal who was killed, and his wife. The "Hillary Staffer". Anybody need someone to do janitor work? He's looking for a new job since he got fired from his old one.


Thought for the Day:


  1. Harry, I was thinking about this the other day. I think you should consider an AK with a folding stock. Even with the standard 16" barrel they are short enough to fit in a small duffel bag or a carefully chosen day pack. Also if one gets stolen the loss/ replacement cost isn't that bad.

    The biggest reason I say folder ak is handling and getting it into play inside a vehicle. I know a guy who knows a guy who keeps one leaned on the floor of his truck with a jacket leaned over it. My friend says it comes to bear wicked fast.

    Also if you need to leave your vehicle an ak in a gym bag or backpack is discrete.

    It is true 7.62x39 is an intermediate cartridge. That said the only parts of a car that will stop it are the rim/ brake drum and engine block. They will stop .308 and really anything under .50bmg.

    1. I agree, I have a Romanian CAI AK with the Romanian folding wire stock that fits inside a tennis racket case really easily.

      If 7.62x39 is too much for short rifle, I know that Universal made the .30 carbine Enforcer. But I'm guessing a handgun with reliable hi-cap magazine would be more compact and accurate.

    2. I've been thinking about going back to the AK-47, was thinking underfolder, because there's a Yugoslavian gun out that's reasonable and got good reviews. If I could get a decent gun with a side folder that would suit me.

      Those American Krinkov's look really good, but the price is high. Also, they are chambered for 5.45X39 and that's about the only military ammunition from the last 100 years that I don't have a single round of. On the other hand, I have beau coup 7.62X39.

      I have seen those Romanian Century Arms International AK with the folding stock and they look pretty nice. Not that expensive either. I'm wondering how the wire stock holds up. I have heard people say that after a while, the stock comes loose and wiggles, doesn't sound too good. But maybe it's just the typical "scuttlebutt" that seems to float around the internet and often doesn't have a basis in fact.

      One thing is certain, the G-3 isn't going to cut the mustard. Just too cumbersome.

    3. Harry, I have one and those side folding Romanian 'wire' stocks are quite sturdy. Dirt simple and big solid pieces of metal.

  2. Harry,

    Apparently the "Deep State" is alive and well. And former attorney general Loretta Lynch, who once put out a directive in support civil rights, now says that "the answer is street action that will inevitably turn bloody and deadly." She is now promoting violence. Astounding.

    I saw the San Francisco video. And the police just stand there and do nothing. I guess the mayor is OK with it.

    Can't wait to see what happens when the weather warms up. --Troy

    1. I was pretty surprised at watching the police just stand still and let people go at it. Never saw that before, that I can recall. I think if I was going to go to a demonstration these days, I would leave the pistol at home and just carry an athletic sock with about 5 bucks worth of nickles in it. Doesn't leave a traceable bruise, clears the area around you in short order, and gets a bad guy's attention really quick if you nail him with it in the neck , face , or head. Unlike a pistol , if you have to dump it, you're only out five bucks and a sock. These fights seem to be based on little sticks and tiny little cans of mace, so it's kind of "When in Rome." Also, if you don't carry a gun, you can't lose control and start stacking them up like cord wood. That would be satisfying but would probably have negative personal ramifications and provide the Schumerites with a great propaganda opportunity. Not too long ago some dimwit from India got into a bar fight, in Missouri maybe?, and got shot. MSM was reporting it as a hate crime before he was stiff, but it turned out to be two drunks in a typical bar encounter. Nothing more.

      Lynch is an idiot. If it comes to fighting with real weapons, who is going to win? Trump people, who tend to be rural, heavily armed, veterans, and seething with suppressed anger after eight year of the Kenyan and his abuses. Or, the little pansies in their little black ninja suits with their sticks and mace? Most of them wouldn't know what end of the firearm the bullet comes out of.

      This should get interesting soon. Even more so than it alreaady has.

  3. second the motion on the ak folder. absolutely bad ass for fighting from the vehicle, although that is the worst place ever to exchange gunfire from. how about the 5.7 pistol? i'm with ryan, ak will penetrate anything you need to. don't know many bad guys that go around with level 4 plates on....could it be that the organizers of the pro trump rallies are anti's setting us up for failure? seen too many psyops to buy anything on face value anymore, lol. be careful out there my friend. if i find out its bona fide i'll be out, and looking much like the shield guy. i still remember my civil disturbance training ;)

    1. The AK folder sounds like a compromise between utility and cost. That's something that always come into play. I'm going to do some more research on what's out there and how much it costs. I already have plenty of AK mags and ammo, so that's a big consideration.

      I think the problem with the Trump rallies, and the word not getting out, is that a lot of the Tea Party people are anti-Trump, and they will not facilitate communications or let Pro-Trump activists have access to their email lists. I know one Tea Party fellow, he was the Vice Principal at my wife's school for many years. He is adamantly opposed to the President, because he is older than me and a life long Republican. He worships at the feet of McCain and the party apparatchiks. He, and they, hope President Trump fails so that in four years Marco Rubio or a clone can run.

      I sometimes thing conservatives in this country have more to fear from the Republican Party than they do from the Democratic Party.

      I think Andrew, who is in one of those reenactment groups and has armor and swords, is better equipped for street fighting than those of us armed to the teeth with weapons we can't bring to bear (yet.)

  4. How about a Mini-30 instead of a Krink. It's a Mini-14 that shoots 7.62x39.

    As to the guy in the wheelchair, I got the honor to fight him one year. We were in a resurrection battle (you die, go back to start, come out, die, repeat, eventually, after an hour, everyone is so tired they all suck as bad as everyone else) and he would come rolling down on me (it was in a shallow ravine in Mississippi) and I would gak him with a padded spear and send him back-asswards. First time it happened, the people around me looked at me like I was an arsehole. Me, being an arsehole, I laughed. The wheelchair dude laughed. We did this about 7 times that day (and he got me twice, and he hits hard!)(rattan sticks instead of actual dull metal swords like those weird Russian re-enactors.) Good day, good fighting, good friends.

  5. On the Sessions/Holder meme I just wish it mentioned that "is an accessory to multiple murders (as in hundreds) including several border patrol agents".

    I'm to the point that if President Trump did nothing for the next 4 to 8 years but see that the Clinton's and the Obama's and all their crooked cronies went to prison for the rest of their lives and in some cases were executed for treason ....... I'd be happy.

    1. I'm with you. 8 years of that slimy Kenyan with his Chicago Machine Politics lack of ethics or moral courage. He surrounded himself with people of the same base stamp.

      One thing you have to say for the Banana Republics, they know how to take care of business. Maybe we need some Argentinian "advisors" here in America to help clean things up.

  6. Hey Harry,


    I'd recommend an old cheap AK with a 'six point' collapsible AR stock and rubber butt pad on the end of the stock to absorb that hard recoil. It would make it much more easier to move around with.

    As per news sources. Daily Caller, Brietbart, Daily Mail, and a number of others seem to making the attempt to have "Real News' I use drudge report. I Think Matt Drudge may verify many of the stories that go on his site since if it is 'Fake News' he would get the blame because he posted it on the site.
    Oh' Yeah, almost forgot. If you have a run in with any dubious, drug dealing, desperadoe's from down south. The AK is their 'weapon of choice' and they know, fear and appreciate the AK. I think they would have more fear of it than a G-3, especially if they are downrange from it. The AK round at short range will decimate almost as much as a .308 and is not something to laugh at when out in the forest.
    Most of the bad guys will have pistols anyway and cannot shoot strait under pressure, so you could defend yourself well with a Ruger 10/22 if you had too.

    One idea Harry if you get bored this summer. Buy a $500 older all steel car. Drive it up to your meadow. Park it, drain the fuel out of the tank and then fill the tank with water. Start shooting at it and report back to use the damage done with with .22 long all the way to .308. Do an study and report back to us with the data and pics online. Maybe place dummies in the seats or bags of flour to report the damage done.

    That would he a cool study to do. I'd do it myself but I don't think my neighbor's would appreciate it as much as you guys would:)

    1. CC, you are a crazy fellow. Just what I need in my meadow, a junk car! ;-)

      I have to tell you, I don't think the type of people I ran into on that back road are afraid of much. By the time I saw them, coming around a sharp curve as I did, I was within 20 feet of them. Not good.

      I have been looking at Breitbart. What I usually do is google a story I want more facts on, then, look at the results and see what shows up with reputable sources. It's still time consuming.

    2. RR, I went to, but all I found was a blue screen with a list of things like "cleaning 1", cleaning 2" Are you sure that's the right URL?

  7. I have a mini draco with a 6.5 inch barrel and the "stabilizing brace." As long as the law is not around you can shoot it from your shoulder. My little Draco is accurate to 50 yards at least. Plenty of distance for social work. I have it in my truck with six, 30 round mags in a small case. No one would ever know it is there. I highly recommend it for a truck gun.

    1. Bill, the fellow I was talking about is a retired Navy Senior Chief, and he has one of those brace things for his AR-15 pistol. He says the same as you do, you can just use it as a stock. My problem is that I don't even like modern firearms, I'm an old wood and steel guy who likes Mausers and Enfields, etc. I know those won't cut it today so I have some modern rifles, primarily AK-47 and AR-15 variants. It's hard for me to get used to some of these things like the brace. The Draco doesn't ring a bell with me, but I will certainly look it up and see what it is. Thanks for the information.

    2. Found a video. Looks small but remember the guy shooting it is about 6 ft 10 inches ....give or take. So it will seem bigger to us normal sized mortals.

    3. Let me take a look. I found some videos of the Krinkov being fired, but they were all full auto versions.

  8. I gave up watching any hollywierd award shows years ago. they just enjoy the accolades more than they deserve. for what? being fake? then they all started in on becoming political experts around the time of George II. I have better things to occupy my taking a dump

    1. I concur. I can remember watching the Oscars when people like John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Tony Curtis, Lee Marvin, people of that stature and class were the participants. Today, it's just the latest pop tarts and fluffy haired metrosexuals at the Oscars. I haven't watched in years.

  9. I'm not pro anything in politics much these days. I think respect gets worse and worse. I never know who is telling the truth, or presenting lies.

    I do have to say that I'm not for labels. Calling anyone names isn't my ticket. I don't know the real politician. They could be an asshat, or a wonderful person in real life.

    1. It takes a lot of time and effort to have even the vaguest idea of what's going on politically today, largely because the "news" isn't the news anymore, it's propaganda. So you have to do a lot of research to figure out who the asshats are versus the decent people. It's all the more complicated because now the Republican party is full of asshats too. I always voted Republican, for more than 40 years. Even when a better man was running on the Democratic side, like Sam Nunn down here in Georgia. He was a blue dog Democrat, and a better conservative than the Republicans running against him, but I always voted for them.

      Those days are long gone. I'm not a Republican anymore.

      No one knows today who is pushing lies, but I can tell you this, the Democrats, especially Democratic Senators and Representatives, are the biggest bunch of amoral, greedy, self centered liars on the planet. The Republicans have people like Daryl Asa, John McCain and Lindsey Graham though, so the Democrats don't have a lock on low life liars.

  10. Harry - check out my latest post. i have met a new blogging friend from canada that you might like to read. then once you get through all my rambling about going to a baby shower - you will see that i feature your blog - it's actually pretty funny and i hope that you enjoy!

    sending love as always! your friend,

    1. Hey, Kymber. I will go look at that and see your friend's blog. I only read one Canadian blog right now, and that's yours. Always glad to find more folks that blog.


  11. All that is going on is really strange. In the local craigslist someone posted for 'revolutionary volunteers' to organize. In Idaho, no less. And there had been flyers popping up for 'revolution- america was never great' down in the sanctuary county over the river. That's not too surprising since it is Oregon, but still crazy times.

    When daughter was 16, she decided that she should learn how to shoot. The first firearm she ever shot was an AR-15, then the glock. She liked the AR...she had fun with it. The glock didn't impress her. I think she wants grandpa to buy her an AR for her birthday. ;^)

  12. Maybe it's someone using Craig's List to lure Schumerites out to his rural farm where he feeds them to the hogs? We can but hope. Nothing that comes out of Oregon surprises me. It's like Georgia, the rural areas are ok but the cities are tumors on the body politic.

    It's a good thing she is skilled in that area. If more European women were so well versed,they wouldn't be living in a "Walking Dead" environment, hounded and hunted by Islamic zombies.