Monday, March 6, 2017

"It was a day when every cat one stroked, flew in one's face."

"When in Danger, When in Doubt, Run in Circles, Scream and Shout!"
Old USMC saying.

My sister in law called me this Sunday.  My wife's mother is in the hospital.  This is not an unusual occurrence. More than once, the alarm has been sounded and my wife's siblings have roared down to Georgia from all over the country, only to find it was a false alarm.

This may be one of those times, or it may not.  My wife was flying home next week, but now her brother is picking her up in a Northern city, where she is staying with the kids, and the two of them are driving to my sister in law's.  They should be there tomorrow.

I will probably wind up making the trip over the mountains to her place (about 120 miles round trip over some of the worst roads in North Georgia) and back daily until this gets resolved one way or the other.

I may be up S**t Creek without a paddle. As I have bragged  before, I don't own a suit, a white shirt with a collar, a tie, or "suit shoes". I gave all that to Good Will within a week of walking out of the office for the last time, and swore I'd never put that stuff on again.  I'm going to be  "toasted" in jeans and a flannel shirt when I kick off.

But here, a lot of store is set in everybody showing up for a big service at the church, and then again at a funeral ceremony. You have to wear a suit. Not doing so is an insult and would probably result in me getting beat up at the church by other mourners. I s**t you not, this is Georgia.

I don't even know where to find a suit. They don't sell them anywhere in this county, and my wife has always bought all my clothes for the last 35 years. And before that, I wore uniforms......
She'll have to handle that problem. There are places where her sister lives that can probably handle the whole rig. I bought a couple of suits in Okinawa I liked really well, the tailor made them for me . One was bright blue and one was completely white. When I got married my wife gave them to the Navy Relief thrift shop...... She picked out all my clothes for work when I started with the Oil and Gas outfit  so I never had a problem with that. Looked very professional, and was very uncomfortable.

What an unmitigated pain in the posterior. If I don't post or check for comments for awhile, that's what's going on. Maybe it will be much ado about nothing, but it doesn't sound like it right now.

On the Gun Front:

Based on the advice of some other entusiasts, I am looking into an AK-47 underfolder or side folder for the Jeep.  Cheaper, I already have mags and ammo (none of which I have for the Krink) for the AK.

Lots cheaper than $1300 for an American made Krinkov. And the Krink doesn't use the same magazines or ammo as the AK-47.

On the News:

I am no fan of  the individual Snowden, but the movie is informative. It's an accurate representation of what was going on when the NSA was  reading everyone's email, listening to everyone's phone calls, and James Clapper was vehemently denying it all at Senate Sub Committee meetings. That is, he was lying and committing perjury.

Here's a clip from the movie.

Why does this matter?  Because Schumer and Franken are showing up on CNN, with big banner headlines under their interviews, that say "Franken crushes Trump claims of wire tap." And how did Bunny Boy "crush" these highly believable accusations? Well, it could only happen in Washington. They are dragging out Mr. Clapper, and having him say the  allegations are not true. The same guy that Diane Feinstein wanted to send to prison for perjuring himself to congress.

When Clapper said this, he knew full well that the NSA was monitoring EVERYTHING and collecting info on EVERYBODY.  But he was an Obama appointee, and so when the Snowden thing blew up, and exposed his lies,  he just wrote an apologetic letter to Feinstein , no charges were ever filed.

Now there's every reason to believe that the Obama intelligence services were wire tapping Trump Tower, but the Demi's want everybody to believe they weren't because James Tapper says so!

Give me a break!

 I know Snowden and what he did infuriates a lot of people. But the movie is worth seeing. Forget him as a person, and just look at the way the NSA follows everything that everyone does. Every email you send, every cell phone call you make, every land line call, every blog comment, every blog post.

It's no wonder a lot of people won't blog , or even post a comment on a blog.

Even the NSA has not disputed the portrayal of their capabilities or their operating procedures as depicted in the movie. I don't care for Oliver Stone, but I learned some things from the  movie I didn't know.

It's worth two dollars to rent, what can you lose?

Well, short post today because I have some things to get done here before the Sound and the Fury starts with the mother in law.

Thought for the Day:


  1. Here's a solution to the "church dress" problem. Call the closest high school to you, and ask them where the kids go to rent a tux for prom. Substitute a bowtie for a regular one. You get a nice pair of shoes with that deal too. How could any respectable southern church goer look down on that? --Troy

    1. Makes sense. I would hate to spend three or four hundred bucks for a suit to wear for as service for someone who is dead and doesn't care either way. We make such a huge thing out of death here and surround it with so much ritual.

      If you are going the whole hog, you have a "viewing" at the funeral home where people get all dressed up, and the women wear black, then you file past the dead body in the coffin.

      Then you have a big Church service, at the First Baptist if you are one of the important people, and at some tiny little white wood framed church if you are not.

      Then you have a big funeral ceremony, where the funeral home soaks you good for a back hoe, folding chairs, a fly tent, and flowers.

      People spend thousands on a coffin, which is nothing more than a box you put the body in to me, and it doesn't need to be polished cedar with brass accents and brass handles. But people who can't afford to fix their car take out a loan at the bank and buy all this nonsense.

      I'd like to be cremated, and have my ashes surreptitiously put in the punch at a press banquet. I'd love to make all the attendees constipated.

  2. Fell sorry for ya Harry. It seems that when you get our age that issue gets routine. My wife has a big family and she is the youngest so I'm definitely getting used to it. I come from a small family so it isn't as often there. Getting old sucks. ---ken

    1. Ken, it damn sure does. I feel like a truck ran over me today. Everybody is all in a tizzy, you'd think this never happened to anyone in the family before.

      My daughter and I had a frank and open exchange of views about this last night. She wants to come down here to "see grandma." But grandma has been moved to hospice care, and is so doped up she doesn't know who she is, let alone anyone else. My daughter came and visited for two weeks on vacation in January, and when she got back things in her department were totally screwed up, it caused her a lot of stress. I told her then you can't leave your job for two weeks, it's just bad planning and asking for trouble. With my mother in law in hospice care now, nobody knows if she will last a day or a month or what. It makes no sense at all for my daughter to go down there but she thinks I am heartless and uncaring.

      When my dad passed away some years ago, my family gave me a big ration of s**t about not flying out to the funeral. I asked them what for, since my father was dead he wouldn't miss me. My middle brother is still mad at me about it, but he'll just have to live with it.

      When I die, I'm not having any funeral service, no nothing. I'm doing it on the cheap too. I get letters from the funeral parlor here ever so often, telling me to "come in and make my final plans." To hell with them. I'm just going to get cremated and have my ashes dumped out and that will be that. They aren't going to suck my bank account dry.

  3. Underfolder. Just sayin'

    and for suits:

    They treat me right.

    Not sure, exactly where your -40 is, but if there is one close....

    1. I like underfolders. But the underfolding stock on the AK-47 is a direct copy of the underfolding stock on the MP-40. That stock is notorious for "wobbling." You'd think there would be a way to tighten it back up when it worked loose.

      I see that Men's Wear House outfit advertised on the Atlanta stations. Right now I am still dealing with everybody running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, I don't see what the big panic is about......

  4. look for a place that rents to weddings and proms
    i think snowden did us a favor.
    i am so stupid.
    i knew pols were mostly corrupt, and have been for millennia but i had know idea that the cancer was so wide and deep.
    snowden woke up a lot of us.

    1. Someone else suggested that too, it's a good idea.

      I'm famous for someone telling me some horrific thing, then I say "oh, no, that's just conspiracy theory crack pots" and then it turns out to be true. That has happened to me a number of times.

  5. Hey Harry,


    I think 'Edward Snowden' will go down as a hero, folk hero of course. My thoughts on him are mixed but either way the Feds were in full violation of the 4th Amendment.

    This is a sign of a failing society. When the society starts to consume its own people through a hastily made up police state and limit civil liberties than its a definite sign the powers that be are losing control.

    'Harry to 'switch gears here for a second' Get and old car like a said. Paint it green and plant 'daisies' in the trunk so it blends in with your meadow. Then proceed to shoot the snot out of it.

    That's the kind of thing we do in Texas:)

    1. Why, that's a great idea about the car, CC. I could put it right next to the old toilet we set out there and put flowers in! ;-)

      Snowden is a subject I'm conflicted about. You can't have everybody deciding to expose government secrets. On the other hand, when the government is doing something so egregious, isn't it right to expose them for the sh*tbirds they are?

      I don't know.

    2. Yes, it is right and you have a responsibility to do so. However, you must also accept the responsibility for your actions. Stand up, expose, and face the consequences. If it is important enough to violate your oath, promise, pledge or whatever, then it must be important enough to "face the music."

    3. It's hard to always do the right thing. It frequently costs you if you do it. Like the Japanese proverb says,"the nail that sticks up gets hammered first."

  6. Many people have called Snowden a traitor, but I don't agree. A traitor receives compensation for the act, whether monetary or other. All Snowden has received is a certain prison sentence for allowing the truth to come out.

    Have lives been put at risk because of this - yes. But Snowden had nothing to do with that - those people voluntarily stuck out their necks. Snowden verified that people who work for us also spy on us. The truth.

    1. I'm unable to reach a conclusion on Snowden. It's something with a lot of logic on both sides of it. I don't mind him squealing on the government for illegally surveilling the entire population of the United States. But the way he did it exposed a lot of people who were risking their necks for us, and counting on us to cover their backs.

  7. Crowofthedead says:

    They used to call people crazy when they would say the government was listening and watching...well they who is crazy? The people who distrust the state or the ones who accept it as the new blows my mind when any left wing moonbat talks about the founding fathers...the founding fathers would be appalled by what has happened to this country...I use to live in Minnesota and was embarassed that Franken was my senator...he dodges anyone that does not drink the moonbeam koolaid...he won't go on any talk radio shows that might challenge him or make him look bad...he will most likely be a senator from MN until he retires or dies...representative of the people my big fanny...let him be the king of New Somalia...

    1. People from my generation were raised trusting the government. Old beliefs die hard. It was the Ronald Reagan time frame where I first lost faith in the government, and by the days of Bill Clinton and Janet Reno I'd lost faith in it completely. Nothing that happened after Clinton made me feel any more trusting toward the government. I had high hopes when President Trump was elected, but no living man can resist the combined efforts of the entrenched bureaucracy, and the political machines of both parties.

      Al Franken is an unintelligent individual who got into a job far too big for his severely limited abilities. He's a useful idiot for the string pullers in his pary. At least he has learned not to parade around in a diaper anymore. I hope....

  8. Harry,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL and understand having to travel back and forth for long periods of time. We went through this with both of my parents.

    As for a suit, since there's really no place to buy one locally. You may want to check in town for a tuxedo rental place, they rent suits as well and usually have various sizes on hand. We've done this in the past when there wasn't a shop in town to buy a suit.

    Keeping you and your family in my prayers.
    Your friend,

    1. Sandy, that's a good idea. I would never have thought of it on my own but apparently other folks have done that under similar circumstances. The hospital moved my mother in law to hospice care today and now nobody really knows what is going on. Too many chefs in the kitchen at the moment, everybody with their own version of what we should all do. I am waiting for the dust to settle.

  9. That sounds like a lot of rough driving. I like the idea of a toast with flannel shirt and blue jeans. I'm sure you'll figure out a suit if one is needed.

    1. It's a long haul and over some really bad roads. But to go around the other way is twice as long and the roads aren't much better.

      I can't see the point in buying a "funeral suit" to get cremated in. I figure an old pair of jeans and one of my comfortable flannel shirts will do. Won't matter if it's summer, the heat won't bother me.

      Several people suggested renting all that periphanelia from where ever the local kids get prom gear. I will probably do that, I am not interested in spending $300 or so for a funeral.

  10. I hope that your MIL recovers just fine. If you end up needing a suit, I say don't bother, you are there to celebrate the life and adventures of someone who passed on. You aren't there to look like what everyone expects people to look like who show up to mourn instead of celebrating someones accomplishments, life, pursuits, etc.
    But that's just me.

    1. Max, I agree but I'm also serious about the inadvisability of not conforming to death rituals here.

      We have very elaborate rules for all this, and not conforming would have the same effect as a Catholic pissing in the baptismal font. I already have enough problems without a big stinkex.

      People are so anxious to make death a buttress and reinforcement of their own religious beliefs.

  11. Sorry about your MIL, Harry. Around here I see where more and more people are opting out of funerals and asking for donations to their favorite charity, instead. No services, no fuss.

    1. The flower thing is ridiculous. If you drive by any little church here, the old plastic flowers people have put on the graves have blown into the ditch by the road. It's grotesque and depressing.

  12. Harry - sent you an email because my comment is too personal and long.

    sending much love, as always! your friend,

    1. Kymber, it's 5:24 here in my time zone. Just got your comment, going to check the email now.

  13. Harry, I needed a dressier outfit when I had a secretarial job interview so picked up something at the thrift store an hour away. Cost me around $20. I had the same dilemma since I had evicted all my work duds when I stayed home to raise kids. I should have saved the $20 bucks and just went to the interview wearing a nice pair of jeans and a clean shirt. I didn't get the job - I suspect cause I am a homeschool mom. I even wore shoes that didn't have chicken or cow poop on them. Go figure! haha

    Best wishes - hope your mother-in-law makes a recovery and you won't have to make the trek.

    1. Hobo, I would go to the thrift shop and check, but ours here only sells tools, books, old appliances, candles, some blankets and things like that. I've never seen a suit or nice women's clothing there. My wife told me the thrift shops up in the city where my children live are full of everything you could need at give away prices. Except guns! ;-)

      Sorry you didn't get that job. My wife and I were both homeschool parents, and we were teaching in public schools.

  14. Harry, I am also ambivalent about underfolders. They have been used in wars and are probably sturdy but I'm not a huge fan. Side folder stocks for AK's are widely available aftermarket. The old 'wire' stocks for standard pattern AK's are like $40-50 but you have to find one. I got one via the ak forum.

    Now Magpul makes a great ergonomic folding stock that reports say is very rugged for like $100. I briefly handled one and really likes it.

    They make them for standard and yugo pattern AK's. I recall you have some Noricos but don't know where they would fit in that stock/ truncheon size wise.

    I'm certainly not trying to talk you out of buying a new rifle. Yugo pattern (PAP/ M70, etc) rifles are great. The new Century RAZ 47 looks awesome too. I'm looking hard towards getting one as a dedicated truck gun.

    1. Ryan, right now I'm at full stop with family matters. Once the dust settles, I'll start working on this again. I can't remember who right now, but someone said they had a "Draco", which didn't ring a bell with me. I looked it up and it's one of the AK-47 pistols. Nice looking gun if I could control it, but I just can't warm to those brace things.

      I'm thinking about the Yugo, it's affordable, has a great reputation, and I wouldn't be firing it for fun, just a couple of hundred rounds to break it in and test it, then it would go in the vehicle and not get shot a lot, so the underfolder shouldn't start wobbling. I've never handled a side folder, I need to do that first. Buying a short AK is like buying a new car, it's a pain in the butt.