“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The President's Speech. Rough Weather.

I thought the President's speech last night was outstanding.  He was dignified, uncomplicated, and the things he talked about were the issues that are important to me. I was disgusted by the behavior of the Democrats, though I will say, from time to time some of them stood and applauded. That took some courage on the part of those that did so. That will get them in hot trouble with the wicked bitch  witch that runs their show with Chucky.

And last nights speech was even better!

I was impressed with the Navy SEAL's widow. I know it must have been very hard on her. She maintained pretty well I thought, under the circumstances. She was clearly praying, which probably soured the Dimmi's even more.

The best description I have seen of the speech was at Glock Mom's blog.  She is the wife of a retired Navy Senior Chief. They live with their kids,  on their own land in South Carolina. She doesn't post often, but when she does, it's worth reading.  Here's the link below:

Tales from the Clothes Line

Yesterday we had one of the worst thunder and lightning storms I can remember here.  I didn't just shut down all the electronic equipment, I unplugged it from antennas and from the power outlets. This storm sounded bad way off, but as it got closer it rattled the windows in the house. The rain came but it wasn't a torrential down pour like we get sometimes. This was more a lightning show. I know several bolts hit in the forest around my house, and close. I haven't been out to see if I can find where it hit yet today. 

This morning the internet was on and off. I had some banking to do but I just had to give up.  Now, at just a little before noon, it seems like they fixed whatever damage the storm did.  Once it passed, I fired up the scanners, and as I anticipated there was a lot of damage in the country. Some power lines down on main roads, that kind of thing. My power never went out during the storm, which is a modern miracle.

Here are some cartoons that I like. Cartoons often make a point that would be hard to address without a lot of writing otherwise.

Thank God we don't have to worry about this now.

Thought for the Day

Damn Straight! 

That's all folks!

Barn cats. The next generation.


  1. Our President's speech was outstanding!! Did you see Pelosi's face? What an evil person. The Dems show who they were again....total losers. I loved the last cartoon....am going to steal it. Awww little kittens...love them. Thunder and lightening are not my favorite things....especially when by myself. Don't have much of that here. Guess there were tornados, too. Stay safe.

  2. I thought it was an excellent speech. The Democrats aggravated me, especially when the Navy SEAL's widow was introduced and some of them didn't stand up. That was just trashy.

    She looks like someone who just bit into a garlic clove. Did you see her interview last week where she forgot that it was President Trump she was ranting about, and started referring to President Bush?

    Anything you see on here is free for the taking. I get most of my cartoons from a friend, he sends me an email with them.

    I don't usually mind a thunderstorm, but this one was way too severe for my comfort level. I was vastly relieved when it went on over towards South Carolina.

  3. I like that he had a planned out speech. Usually he seems to say whatever he wants to say without reading. Not this time.

    About the only thing I think many could disagree with is that bit about being from the same God. Well considering that many believe in a different God that may not play out. In the pledge it does say, "One God"...

    I'm still hoping for health insurance to change in a good way. I'm still unclear of his total package with that.

    1. Alissa, we have health insurance through the state teacher retirement system. It was good until Obama care, then the premiums more than doubled. The insurance company, which previously had not required a deductible or a coinsurance up to$1200 per person, added those. The insurance cost us almost $800 a month and was virtually useless. I am hoping that the new insurance program will give us insurance we can afford to use, even if the out of pocket cost doesn't go down. What is worrying me now is that I am seeing news reports that say the new health plan is being modeled on Paul Ryan's ideas. That would be bad news for older people, as Ryan wants big increases in premiums for older people.

      I thought the speech went very well. I liked it and the content. Kick the illegal aliens out, let them go suck the taxpayers in their own countries dry. Hammer militant Islamic terrorists. Rebuild the armed forces that Barak Hussein did his best to destroy. Restore order in the streets. Support law enforcement. I liked it all.

  4. Hey Harry,


    The speech was great. The Dem's moaning when Trump announced he wanted that 'Voice' program was disgusting. There's been some pretty 'rants' about it on youtube.
    Most of the dem's last night showed their true colors to the country.
    Nancy Pelosi I think is starting to actually lose her mind. I am not making any old age jokes or anything of the sort, but maybe her inner circle should urge her to step down. Retire to California and live a nice quiet retirement.

    1. Pelosi, Schumer,McCain, Graham are all hold overs from the business as usual crowd. They are living advertisements for term limits .

      The Dimmis are not going to change. They reek and they always will. Maybe they will go the way of the American Whig party and just vanish. The more they act out, the more average citizens turn against them. The more despicable their behavior, the more energized the supporters of the President become. I say supporters of the President rather than Republicans because the old party hacks hate the President as much as the Dimmis. They want to keep their perks and power and he is a threat to the system.

  5. I watched the speech on the internet. It was amazing. I am very proud of our President. The democrats are a group of disgusting scumbags. How could anyone not stand and applaud the Navy SEAL's widow? I just hope that most Americans are as repulsed by these slimy politicans as we are. Love the pic of your little kittens. There is just nothing sweeter. Glad you made it o.k. through the storm. I was raised by a mother who was terrified of storms. She had gone through a tornado when she was a child. Consequently, she would get us all out of bed at night and keep us awake until the storm passed. Now, I still find it hard to sleep through storms. Jana

    1. Jana, I thought it was an excellent speech. I also thought that the Democrats acted like the apparatchiks they are. Sullen, selfish closed minded louts. The worse they behave, the more motivated the President's supporters become. I didn't say Republicans because the"never Trump" Quislings are still there. They smile and suck up, but Ryan, Rubio, Cruz and all the other Old School professional politicians want him to fail as much as the Dimmies do.

      The kittens are in a giant clay pot. Usually the chickens lay eggs in it but the momma cat requisitioned it.

      Although it's hard to believe, we had another storm tonight that was worse than yesterday's. The dogs were howling and scratching at the door. I went out and the tops of the trees were crashing into each other. We had a tornado watch and I thought maybe this time our number was up. But it passed.I know just how your mother feels.

  6. I have nothing but admiration for the widow of a fallen hero. She showed class and an outstanding amount of bravery in the honoring of her husband in what must have been a painful situation for her. To even agree to be in such a public venue while grieving took an enormous amount of courage.

    The Dems, on the other hand and for the most part, showed themselves for what they really are. That soldier gave his life in defense of them and yet they wouldn't even acknowledge his widow. Can't get much lower than that.

    The wearing of white to this event and the refusal to acknowledge the President and his plans that would help their constituents smacks of lower middle school mentality. "Let's all wear the same color on Friday and then we will all turn our desks around so our backs are to the teacher." Most of us outgrew this behavior long ago. The only thing they accomplished was to embarrass themselves.

    I love to watch a storm roll in, but I think the one you described might have been a bit too close for comfort, even for me.

    1. Vicki, I agree completely. Both in what a traumatic experience this whole thing has been for that poor woman, and in the courage she displayed in agreeing to subject herself to all that stress in the chamber. She is a worthy wife to her husband.

      As for the Democrats, the more I see of them the more I detest them. I wish we could get rid of them, but I think that they are doing a pretty good job of destroying their party on their own.

      We had an even worse storm tonight. I thought at one point a tornado was coming, but we got lucky again.

  7. "1. Going to bed early
    2. Not leaving the house
    3. Not going to a party..."

    Much easier to achieve when there is a bottle of scotch on the counter back in the corner. Not criticizing. I am applauding his foresight.

    1. Or, in my case, Southern Comfort on ice with some coke.The kind of coke you drink!

      That pretty well sums me up. I got it from a friend, and I thought, "I've got to post that. It's me."

    2. Hey Harry,


      I'm partial to Crown and Coca Cola. After a few of those, I'm a happy camper.

    3. Yeah, that will float your boat. I keep some different liquors down in the store room for trading, I ought to put some Crown in there. Also , some Tequila which I don't have but would be popular. For a long time I didn't drink after I got married, but these last few years I have been having a quiet drink once in awhile in the evenings, and I haven't become a raging alcoholic yet.

  8. Thanks Harry for the Shout Out..... the lack of respect last night was simply disgusting. I am still stewing over it. Honeay i think the thing that ljssed me off even more was Trump talking about the murders by illegals and again the dems were crickets...

    1. You write a very articulate post. I felt like it captured the resentment against the Democrats and their churlish behavior, something I was having trouble doing on my own blog. I'm sure others will think so too.

    2. I have problems writing and articulating my thoughts all the time. I know what I want to say, but its just getting them down to where I still sound intelligent upsets me. It is so easy for people to take a writer out of context, which is why I seldom get political.

    3. You and your husband both do a good job of writing. Your posts are interesting, and when you deal with political subjects you are well informed and knowledgeable about your topic. I think that's why you get a lot of people reading your blogs.

    4. JUGM, you do as well as anyone else so you have nothing to be concerned about.

  9. Harry - so far the reports from canada about the president's speech are all favourable....even our biggest libtards had nothing but praise for him.

    if i could throw rocks that far i would throw rocks at those idiots who did not acknowledge the navy seal's wife. i don't care what anyone's politics are - but if you live in a country that sends hard-working young men overseas to fight in wars that maybe you don't agree with - go jump off a cliff! there are a ton of people in canada who think we shouldn't be overseas and to them i say - we ARE overseas whether you like it or not. governments send soldiers overseas and maybe if people don't want that or don't like it - maybe they should do something about it. but when a soldier loses his life defending his country - you better get up off your ass and applaud his widow!

    i'd love that crockpot that the kittens are in for making kimchi - bahahahah! those kittens are some sweet - your love of animals and your daughter's love of animals (which comes from you) is very praiseworthy. still, i wish i could mail you our 4 male rescues. all of them are nuts, weird and dumb. but they are my babies.

    as for storms - i don't mind the wind when it's a bit heavy but when we get the nor'easters - holy heck! the whole house shakes and rattles and no matter what i try to do - read, cook food, nap, pet cats - it just rattles through my bones and when it finally stops - i sigh a big sigh of relief. i don't like the storms at all.

    sending much love to you and yours, always! your friend,

    1. Kymber, I couldn't agree with you more. I think most of the people who care about nothing but political advantage, like Nancy Pelosi, are cold, empty hearted husks. They don't care about anything but their own interests. There are a lot of politicians here from both parties who fit that bill to a T.

      My wife loves little animals and cats. I'm a ferret person ,myself, and of course my dogs mean a lot to me. Fortunately, we have a lot of land with no neighbors to cause trouble. My two old dogs go up into the national forest every morning at sun rise, and come back a few hours later. They have made a trail to where ever they are going, but I haven't followed it all the way because they go through some laurel thickets that are impassable for me.

      Yesterday was an even worse storm than the one the day before. The wind was awful and I saw it go whirling through the trees, pushing a path along the tree tops without disturbing trees on either side very much. But it wasn't a tornado because there was no damage, just the tree top branches clashing against each other. I've never seen anything like that before.

      I'm always concerned that a big tree will fall on the house or one of the outbuildings when the wind is bad. We have massive oak trees all around the house, as well as some giant poplars.

      I hope all is well up there in the far North. Can't wait to read about your tractor, and you driving it!

  10. Did you lose any shakes off your roof?

    I had 2 shutters (decorative) blown off. Luckily I found both in the neighbor's yard.

    I'll have to figure out how to get them back up ad I don't do outside ladders period anymore. The same neighbor owes me a favor, and since I know he can do ladders I may call said favor in.

  11. Yes, and the storm last night was far worse than the one the day before. I actually thought I had a tornado coming down on me for a moment last night.

    I just bought a bundle of cedar shakes , have to keep them on hand because of things like last night. When they get ripped off the roof, I usually can't find them again and have to put in new ones.

    Ladders are dangerous as hell. The only time I have ever been hauled out of here in a meat wagon, it was from falling off a ladder and breaking three ribs. I hate them. But there's just me and I have no choice, I have to maintain my buildings. So now, if my wife is home she comes out and stays until I'm finished with the ladder. In a situation where she's up visiting the kids, like now, I call her before I go up the ladder, and tell her when I am going to call and tell her I am finished. If I do not call her, she's to call the Sheriff's department and request a welfare check, because that will mean something bad happened.