Thursday, March 2, 2017

The way things are really going. Bear Creek Soups. Preparedness publications.

The Democrats, with the help of some "Never Trump" Republicans, are trying to lynch Jeff Sessions as they did General Flynn.  Rolling over on Flynn because Pence was irritated was a big mistake. Now the Dems are after much bigger fish.

Sessions was asked at his confirmation hearing by Dr. Strange ( Al Franken) if he had any conversations with any Russians during the Presidential campaign. This was in the context of conversations about the campaign, and Senator Sessions answered truthfully that he did not. But, he had conversations with Russians as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  Not about anything to do with the election, and his fellow committee members ,  those who are Republicans and not Anti-Trump fanatics, all say it's routine for committee members to do that.

But now, having done in Flynn by innuendo, Schumer has set his sights on Sessions. He has help from some Republicans, among them in particular  Marco Rubio and Darrel Issa, ( a Republican Representative from, you guessed it, California.)

On a related subject, there is a NY Times story making news today. The Times, no fan of President Trump and rabidly liberal, is reporting that prior to leaving the White House, Barack Hussein Obama told his staffers to disseminate specially prepared "intelligence reports" concerning alleged contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians.

 These reports were prepared by a Clinton loyalist from an unidentified intelligence agency. They were written in such a way as to disclose no sources, so there is no way to verify what's in them.  It's the usual "highly placed sources who cannot be identified because they were not authorized to discuss " this  fraud, Obama's people were to distribute these reports as widely as possible, especially to the media. Fox News said this morning that this was the first instance they were aware of in history where an American President on his way out took such extreme efforts to impact the incoming administration.  I'll post the clip of the segment when I can get it. Usually about 24 hours after a segment airs it goes up on their video page.

The Times is a Democratic Tool, and this story is designed to make Obama look like a Knight in Shining Armor, having his people protect the American public even as he prepares to leave office.

If you read the article, you can see it was the Obama fake news machine in full tilt. You have to remember who wrote this, and why, to get to the real story.

Obama ordered "It's the Russians" story to be given widest possible dissemination

That covers the last 24 hours of the news cycle. I watched CBS last night, for the first time in ages, to see how they would deal with the President's speech. Not surprisingly it was 25 minutes of unremitting attacks on President Trump, and 5 minutes of inane "human interest " stories. The big tornadoes and storms that went through the South yesterday weren't interesting enough to them to mess with.

News you don't hear on American television.

I've been trying to keep some of the news from Europe on here from time to time. It's being completely ignored by every news agency but Fox, and even they are just using it as a filler.

This fellow has some excellent posts, and he's not afraid to speak the truth although in England, you can be imprisoned for "inflammatory speech."

The overall  bottom line on all the shrieking and telling of outright lies on the news.

On the "Cover your Derriere Front."

Bear Creek Soups

On the non-political front,  here's an item that you might want to put in your pantry and your long term storage.

You can find Bear Creek soups in about any grocery store.  There are a lot of flavors to choose from. They tend to be pricey.  I drive up to Franklin, North Carolina to a store called "Big Lots." I can buy these soups there , by the case lot, for about a third of what the same soup would cost me in my town at the grocery store.

Here's the thing to remember about Bear Creek soup. It's a base to start from. I had Bear Creek chicken soup for lunch today.  I put the contents of the package in a pot of chicken broth to boil. Then I added a chopped up onion, a can of Portuguese Sausage spam, some already boiled white rice, and a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup.

It came out delicious, and there's enough for me to eat for another three meals. You can eat these as they come from the package, but with some forethought you can make a much more delectable meal by throwing in a few add on's.

Inside their aluminum packages, the soup will last virtually forever because it's all desiccated. If you had some dehydrated potatoes or canned potatoes, some canned beef and chicken broth, rice, dried vegetables, etc and enough of this soup stored away, you could get through several days without support, and eat well.

It doesn't hurt to have more, but surely everyone should have at least the "three days" worth that the government touts.  The Feds used to put out this huge book that wasn't really too bad, for people who had never given any consideration to the idea of preparedness or self sufficiency. It was free.  

This was a very comprehensive book. If you knew nothing at all about preparedness, and you went through this publication and did what it said to do, you should have been able to get through just about any foreseeable "Black Swan" event. 

Maybe not comfortably, but you would have had medical supplies, food, equipment, and the prior planning in place to have a shot.

The one area it didn't touch with a ten foot pole was self defense. Being a government publication, that was off limits.

Still , it was a darn good publication, especially when you considered that it was a government issue item, and that it was free.

Then, in 2014, it was replaced with a far less comprehensive guide, but it was still paper and still free.

FEMA readiness guide download chapters as PDF

I can't find anywhere to get this guide in paper now, but you can download the individual chapters from the link above.  If anyone does know how people can get a paper copy, I'd appreciate hearing about it so I could post the information.

Here are two other books I'd make sure I had on the shelf.  

How to Survive The End of The World as we Know It.

The book has been around a long time.  There's a companion volume to it on tools.  You can get it from Amazon.  When it first came out, it was really cheap and I bought a bunch of them and sent them to family members.  Now it costs a good bit more, I don't know why.  If you are a practitioner of the self sufficient lifestyle, you know all about James Wesley Rawles.  I have all of his books, including his survival fiction.  They are all worth reading.

This little book has been out forever too. It's published by Backwoods Home.  I've read Backwoods Home, on and off, for many years. Recently they announced they are going digital only. If they provide the entire magazine, including adds, I'll subscribe. Digital magazines are cheap, and don't require storage space.

This paperback would be nice to have on hand. Even if you have been studying self sufficiency for a long time, there are useful things in here that you probably have overlooked.

Thought for the Day:


  1. Pat Condel always says it the way it is. I am surprised the PC police in the UK have not arrested him yet.

    1. I like the guy. He lives in a country where the Muzzies can show up on your doorstep anytime. British cities are overflowing with them and England is not a big country. But he's not afraid of them (though maybe he should be.)

      I watched a youtube video about 6 years ago of a British meeting the cops busted up. These two fellows were speaking about the increasing crime associated with the burgeoning Moslem population. They were both older guys, pretty down to earth. There was no ranting and raving, just discussion of the problem and what could be done about it politically. Suddenly the door bursts open, the police come rolling in, arrest the two speakers and haul them off. The people sitting in the meeting placed (looked like some kind of union hall or something) were ordered to "disperse."

      I was really shocked. For one thing, I always think of England as where Americans got their ideas about individual liberty. The Magna Carta , King John, Runnymeade 1215,all that .

      But if you cross the politicians there, it's off to the clink. If you say anything that might annoy the Moslems, off to the clink. But the Moslems get on the radio and call for the killing of British soldiers, nobody does jack. Where are the cops then?

  2. I get that the news is biased. I think Fox is biased towards the conservatives, and other news outlets are too liberal. I don't like that their freedom of speech is being ripped from them.

    One would have trouble being an artist, a journalist, an actor, working at a state park. I still feel like Trump is taking jobs away. I know it's against what you're posting here. Again I wasn't for Hillary either. I'm a middle child, therefore I find myself in the middle of a lot of things.

    Trump supporters don't like that people refer to Trump as being the next Hitler. You refer to Obama as Hussein Obama. Aren't they both just people that had/have really hard jobs to do? Even Bush Jr. said that.

    On another note: What is in all the buckets that you have in that photo?

    1. I get that you don't care much for Trump, that's fine. But what evidence can you provide that he is responsible for taking away the media's freedom of speech? And what evidence is there that he is taking AWAY jobs?? --Troy

    2. Alissa, Fox has two liberals who drive me nuts. Juan Williams and even worse, Shepard Smith. I can't think of any conservative counterparts on the other MSM networks.

      It's hard for me to understand exactly what you mean about President Trump taking jobs away from Americans. He has already prevented several large companies from moving out of the United States, and inveigled foreign investment here, and he's only been in office a short time. And all he has accomplished, he has done in the face of sabotage from the Republican Party and outright lies, deceit and violence from the Democrats. Do you mean that the government has cut funding for the things you mentioned? I know there has been concern about that, and I know things like NPR, The National Endowments for the Arts, Planned Parenthood are definitely on the Republican Party hit list, but I haven't heard of anything actually being done on that issue yet.

      Obama was a purely evil person. That's what I believe. President Trump is a good person. I don't like it when people slander President Trump, and I don't mind it when people "call a spade and spade" and acknowledge all the horrific things Obama did while he was President. He wasn't a good man, and he wasn't concerned with the U.S. or it's people, just his own imagine, his privilege, his power. He was the Narcissist in Chief. He was an embarrassment and liability to the country, unless of course you belonged to one of the Democrat's protected "special groups" like BLM and then he was pretty sweet.

      I voted for George Bush II, but he was "dull normal" and was not a good President. He was a good man, but way out of his depth, and he made some horrific decisions, the consequences of which we are still dealing with today. I voted for him, I supported him, and I acknowledge it. Al Gore or John Kerry for President doesn't bear thinking about, and that was the choice.

      I guess we just have to disagree here, but that's fine. I really don't mind when people whom I respect disagree with me. You are not only entitled but welcome to say whatever you want here. I've been reading your blog for years, and I know what kind of person you are. I wish there were more like you teaching on campus! And raising families.

      The pails in the picture are long term storage food. They were purchased from Walton Feeds in 1999. An 18 wheeler brought me a truck load of supplies. He parked at a church, then I brought my smaller truck, and traveled back and forth hauling loads up the mountain to the store rooms. I used the Mormon computer program to compute what to order to support 10 people (you put in the age and gender of each individual)for a year. It printed out a very comprehensive list.

      The pails contain the food in mylar bags, flushed with nitrogen. Kept in a cool, dry place in low light (which they are) they will last virtually forever. Last week almost everything I cooked for myself was out of long term food storage room, and it was tasty. I am hale and hardy, so nothing was "bad." In fact, in all these years, only corn meal, and powdered milk, have gone bad. And then, only when I unsealed the pails, opened the mylar bags, and didn't use all the product soon enough. Although they are not in that picture, I also bought cases upon cases of number ten cans, containing everything from margarine powder to drink mix.

    3. Not only was Obama an evil person, he still is. He is plotting and planning to overthrow Mr. Trump. The pox on him and his ilk. The Federal Government is way too bloated with non productive people. I saw it all the time when I worked for the Feds. Lots of lazy bastards that could not be fired from their civil service jobs. There were a lot of good ones, too, but the slugs should have been kicked out.

    4. There was a segment on Fox News, and they were expressing surprise that during an interview with him last week, when they asked him about filling the hundreds and hundreds of "public trough" jobs still open, he replied that maybe he just wouldn't fill them at all!

    5. Troy, Alissa is an artist, and an art teacher. Her husband is a full time artist. She's worried that the federal funding associated with art may be pulled, with negative repercussions for the artistic community.

      She's probably right, President Trump hasn't mentioned anything but the loathsome planned parenthood outfit. However, the Republicans in general have the hatchets out for the National Endowment for the Arts.

      "The National Endowment for the Arts is an independent agency of the United States federal government that offers support and funding for projects exhibiting artistic excellence."

      That's going to slam artists. If I didn't know Alissa and like her so much, to be honest I wouldn't care since I associate (perhaps wrongly) the artist community with the left. That's what she is worried about.

      I've been reading her blog for years and I like her. You know I am not very "inclusive". Or very tolerant. She's OK.

  3. We used to eat Bear Creek soups when they still came in round containers. They were very good, but too much salt for me. That being said, in a survival situation they are great.
    Luckily we are not fussy eaters and can get along on just about anything. I don't know if I like the idea of Backwoods Home going strictly digital. If and when power fails, you are up the creek. BWH has great articles and we save the it is always nice to get a copy in the mail.

    1. The thing I like about Bear Creek soups, is that when you dress them up with some extras, they are really good and filling. I wouldn't pay "list price" for them because it is just too high, but since I can get them pretty cheaply up in Franklin I buy a lot of them. I have stocked my kids apartment with a goodly supply, and with a little two burner propane stove to cook on.

      I usually make a PDF file of articles in digital magazines I like, and store it on this computer. I can charge this computer with a back up power device, so I can read the pdf files if I need to. If the grid power fails here, I'm good on electricity for a long time. My diesel generator doesn't such much fuel, and I have two above ground 500 gallon diesel tanks, one of which I just had topped off this past summer, and the other is full.

      I do like getting magazines in the mail, you are exactly right. One of my favorite things was to take the dogs and walk down the mountain to the mail box, then hike back up. I don't do that much anymore though. I'm still always happy to find a magazine in the mail box!

  4. Those soups are pretty good. I keep some around, should get another dozen pouches.

    Pastor Joe Fox made a big thing about soup awhile back. He was talking like campbells/ progresso cans but it applies here. Take a good heavy (not like the 100 calorie watered down diet ones) soup like chili, stew, split pea etc that costs a buck or two and put it over 50 cents of rice and you've fed 2-3 people a meal. If you need to feed more add more rice.

    Unrelated Kenny Lane mentioned a blog that has a lot of old Appalachia pictures.

    I only looked quickly but it might interest you.

    Be well my friend.

    1. Hey, TOR. Good to hear from you. Who is Pastor Joe Fox? Sounds like someone who would be interesting. He's exactly right, rice is a good thing to add to soup. I keep a lot of rice here.

      Some Dark Holler sounds like Appalachia alright. I was just watching a History Channel show on my Kindle the other night about some legends of Appalachia. Hope they were just myths with no basis in fact! >:-O

      Take care. I need to swing by your place here in a second and see what's going on

    2. Pastor Joe Fox is a retired SF officer and longtime survivalist. Used to have a blog but now does YouTube. Google Viking Prearedness.

    3. I haven't yet figured out the YouTube "channel thing." But I will google that phrase and see if I can find him. Sounds like a man I should be listening to.

  5. If the NYT article is indeed true, it shows just how loathsome Obama is. And it was HE that interfered in the Israeli elections because of the contempt that he had for Netanyahu. That was a proven fact.

    What Sessions should do is investigate the so-called shadow government allegedly being run by ol' Honolulu Barry and his Hungarian puppet master Soros. --Troy

    1. I agree 100%. If it was up to me, there are a number of people who would be sitting in prison for treason right now, including Obama, Schumer, Pelosi and a long list of others. I know that's not the way our Democracy is supposed to work, but letting these rats nibble away at what's left of it til the whole shaky edifice comes crashing down is not smart. Maybe we need to change with the times. After all, the Roman Empire went on for some 400 years after the Roman Republic collapsed.

  6. Hey Harry,
    Here is a link for 5.56 for .30 cents a round.

    1. I check ammunition depot every once in awhile. Sometimes they have good deals. I'm not sure what I've been paying per round in my last few purchases. Thanks for the link, I'll go take a look.

  7. Obama is an evil person. He is doing all that he can do behind the scenes to destroy Trump. I was hoping that after Trump was inaugurated, we would have, at least a short period, that we could take a breather. But, the dems are continuing their continual attacks, despite the fact, that their party has been defeated. Of course, the establishment republicans are doing their part to assist the dems.
    I have used the Bear Creek soups. They are pricey, but would come in handy in an emergency situation. I can a lot of chicken and add that, as welll as some dehydrated veggies and rice to the different soups. The added ingredients really do help add flavor to the soups. Jana

    1. Jana, in the general euphoria following the election, I felt the same way. I thought everything would be ok. After all, the Republicans, for all their many flaws, are not as dangerous to us as the Democrats with their social engineering agenda. But I had no idea how vile the Democrats really were, or the levels they would stoop to. Nor do I expect them to deploy their own version of the Brown Shirts in the streets to suppress the voices of anyone who did not follow Shrillery. I had no idea that there would be so many Clinton Moles in the government, or that the Democrats would resort to character assassination and other despicable acts on the level they have.

      Now it's obvious that there's an actual war going on for the future of the country, though no one is calling it that except the Democrats.

      You're right about the Republicans. Having voted Republican since I was able to vote, I'm very sorry to see them unveiled as the " Boss Hog" outfit they have turned out to be, but at least my eyes are opened to it now.

      Bear Creek soups are good for days you want something hardy, but don't feel like doing a lot of cooking, aren't they. I usually have some chicken to put in mine, but yesterday I didn't have any thawed and couldn't find any canned chicken.

      I'm going into town this morning to the bank, and while I am in there I will pick up some canned things to put in the soup or stew.

  8. AVOW, a group affiliated with The Church of the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)has a preparedness manual that is free to download. It is BIG at 509 pages. Most of the info has been gleaned from the internet.

    Download available at

    The book has seven pages on selecting defensive firearms. The recommendations are meat-and-potatoes advice...nothing bizarre.

    1. Is that "Provident Living?" If it is, I have the book and it's outstanding. The edition I have is 2012. I'll take a look at the link. It may not be the same book, as I can't recall any gun articles in mine.

      Thanks for the link.

  9. Hey Harry,


    This article appeared on the daily caller 48 hours before Fox News decided to air it.

    The date on the link is today's date but the article is 48 hours old (I can get the orginal link from two days ago if requested) This is the reason I almost never watch tv news anymore. I find most news articles on Drudgereport or other sources on youtube as long as they provide links to legit news sources and are verifiable.

    I cannot stress the importance of receiving your news unfiltered from sources that are not part of the legacy media.
    I stress that links be provided as well as having a 'reputation' for accuracy.

    As per what is happening. Obama and Jarrett are on a crusade to 'oust Trump' any way they can. If Trump screws up really, really big like 'Nixon' and its Constitutional. The Trump is screwed. If the Legislative Branch attempts to oust Trump in a 'questionable manner' Then I hope the Pentagon gets involved as a last line of defense. I am expecting a 'coup' of sorts involving the legislative branch using (Pardon the Pun) Trumped up charges on Trump.

    They are quite literally 'dragging the river' for a smoking gun in an attempt to tie Trump to the Russian hacking scandal by saying the Russians helped the Republican party either directly or indirectly.

    I think the Russians did hack Hillary's server (and so did half the planet) but I don't think the Russians were complicit with the Republican party or any parties involved in Trump's election. If the Russians were found out to be in bed with Trump. The fallout on Russia would not be worth the gain they would have gotten with Trump in the White House.

    This is a very dangerous situation for liberty. The radicals from the late sixties that had afro's are chopping at the bit to take over with their grand schemes.
    The coming weeks will be interesting and this summer will be epic with battles in the street.

    'Beware of 'A day without Women' march on March 8th. Look that one up.

    1. CC, I think the general consensus is pretty much as you outlined it. Rush Limbaugh has been putting out the same information on his radio shows, backing it up with facts, and making a good case for it.

      Fox News had a segment this morning that discussed how the Democratic strategy is to take out President Trumps oldest and ablest advisers, and then when some mistake is made in procedure, try to impeach him. Given the fact that all the Democrats, and a great proportion of the Republican Establishment would like nothing better than that, it makes sense.

    2. An alternative interpretation of Jarrett physically moving back in with Obama is that she is not entitled to protection by the Secret Service even though she might feel she needs it.

      Things are getting hotted-up out there. Perhaps she anticipates equal-and-opposite reaction and is getting SS protection by standing in B.O.'s shadow.

    3. You're right about increasingly violent interaction between the "silent majority" and the left wing "activists." There have been some unpleasant incidents even in my little rural county.

      I've got to go to the Chattanooga airport to pick up my wife here before long. I am seriously considering renting a car to drive over there and back. The airport is in a "bad neighborhood" and the parking lot is surrounded by unsavory residential areas. Driving my vehicle in there with a Confederate Flag and Trump sticker on the back hatch is probably poor planning. Yet it seems alien to me that we have come to the point where it's too dangerous to drive my own car because of my political beliefs.

  10. looked at 'day without women'.
    careful decades old fifth column infiltration has done this.
    is there any hope?
    people actually believe and act on this garbage!
    there is none so blind as him who will not see.
    willfully blind! while they steer the nation over a cliff.

    1. There's no shortage of lemmings in the country today. The fact that the media is solidly in the grip of the Left Wing exacerbates the problem of low information voters. Most of the information these people do get, is lies and propaganda from the MSM that they accept unquestioningly.