Monday, April 24, 2017

AR-15. Not a collectible to cherish. Survival Gardening Books.

The AR-15.  It's not as attractive as the old bolt guns, but sometimes you need volume instead of panache.

I'm not a big fan of the AR-15.  By the time I got in the FMF, the M16A1 was being issued. It was reliable, and it was accurate, but I liked the M-14 better.

At OCS, we were issued the M14. (1974)

Then at The Basic School, it was the M16 that was in the armory.



During flight school, I was out of the loop on rifle qualification, but the minute you got back into the FMF, you went back to qualifying annually. In the Marines, everybody had to be able to use a rifle. Didn't matter if you were a cook, a baker or a candlestick maker, Didn't matter if you flew , drove a tank, or were a supply officer, everybody had to qualify.

But I do own two AR-15 rifles.  One, a long gun, I bought out of pure rage when Clinton's "gun ban" passed in 1994.  I went to bed being told the Dimmies didn't have enough votes to pass it, and woke up to be told that a number of Republicans had turned their coats, voted with Feinstein, and we had ten years of BS as a result. Because I trusted the Republicans, I had to go into panic mode, buying up magazines at exorbitant prices. My AR-15 from Olympic Arms came with a muzzle brake instead of a bird cage flash suppressor, but that didn't bother me any.

The other is an SP-1 that looks something like today's M4, I bought at the general store, where I worked at the gun counter on weekends sometimes. A fellow traded it in, and I picked it up for peanuts. I used to use it when I was working out on the edges of my property, because it was light and would gin out 30 rounds if I needed them. Back in those days, it was wild hogs I was worried about. Today, I'd have to worry more about narcotraficantes.

I really like One America News.  Much better than Fox. I also like Liz Wheeler, who does a show each evening. The leftards hate her, so you know she's got it right.

Given the way things are going in the cities, I'd recommend that everyone who lives in suburbia or in a city consider getting a Trunk Monkey security system. They seem to be excellent.

If I'd had a Trunk Monkey system that time I got in a similar situation on Gun Barrel Road in Chattanooga, it would have had a much better resolution.

Here's another El Gringo song, just for fun.  Some of his videos are so vulgar I can't put them on the blog, even with a "language warning."  It's a shame because the one on Little Marco is great, but it's just not on for general viewing.

Here's one of my favorite country songs, slightly modified to fit the times.

Some cartoons:

Thought for the Day:

Really important things I accomplished today:

  1. Change the sand in the cat boxes.
  2. Burn the Trash
  3. Change the ferret papers
  4. feed the chickens their morning rations.
  5. feed the dogs their breakfast
  6. give the ferrets their paste and medicine.
  7. feed the cats (indoor and barn)
  8. balance the check book (daily routine)
  9. watch the morning news
  10. take the kitchen trash to the outdoor trash bin (walled in to keep out bears)
  11. put flea medicine on the barn cats.
And the day isn't half over yet. It's good to be able to justify your existence.......

Survival Gardening Books

If I had to guess, I'd say more people write about gardening on self reliance oriented blogs , than about guns. That's a big change from "the old days" of the 1980's and 1990's, when guns took up about 85% of the space in that regard.

We are doing our second season of gardening here. I have some seeds a friend sent me, and we have planted some seeds in our "plant room", in little cans to sprout.  The plant room is a glass addition to the house, with glass walls on three sides. Used it for a tool room until we started to try to get back into gardening.

I'm looking for some good books on survival gardening. I bought one, and it was ok but there wasn't really anything in it I didn't already know, and I don't know a lot about gardening.

Here are some others I am considering ordering from the library. I do that now instead of just buying the books outright. If they are good, then I buy them.

If anybody has any titles they'd like to suggest, I'd appreciate the recommendation.


  1. The trunk-monkey is hilarious.. I want one LOL.
    Up here in Maine OAN is not available. Wish we had it. As for AR I don't have one...yet.... though I am collecting the parts for a build in .300 AAC blackout. Just got a stainless barrel for it last week. Still shopping for good deals on the gas block and tube, barrel nut, sights and bolt carrier group. But like a 22LR everyone should have something that will shoot .223/5.56 , The Mini 14 fills that gap for me. Did a little bit of shooting yesterday afternoon with a New Ruger Standard Mark 2 I picked up a couple weeks ago.

    1. I would buy the Super Deluxe Edition of Trunk Monkey, and get a gorilla....

      OAN has a web page but you can't stream the live feed. I think it was Dr. J who told me about it a while back, but it slipped my mind. Then when I changed Direct TV packages I got it by accident and it's my absolute favorite news station now. I hardly ever watch Fox anymore, too many feminists and left wing creeps like Smith and Williams lurking around there.

      Sounds like you will soon have your AR-15 if the parts turn up. I just bought both of mine already put together, but I think almost as many people today are building their own like you as are buying them.

      I've got a stainless steel, composite stock Mini-14. I only have three weapons chambered for 5.56/.223, but I have thousands of rounds of ammo for them. I guess in the back of my mind, they are last ditch weapons for times when I might need volume down range.

      The Standard Mark 2 is a good gun. Off the top of my head, I know I have one with the 45 acp style grip, I have one with a long target barrel, and one with a short bull barrel. I went through a "phase" and bought them when they came in on trade, so mine are used but in good shape. Sometimes I miss working at the gun counter over at the general store..

  2. I'm liking the OAN network as well. I know it has a conservative slant, but I think it is more balanced then the conventional CNN / ABC / NBC materials by a long shot. I can tell the persons being interviewed are more comfortable, as 'gotch reporters' seem to be reined in. They do the interview and let the viewer make up their mind - I like that.

    1. I like their programming, and I enjoy the little information segments they put in the show now and then. I confess I like the conservative slant to it, and it seems they offer more actual news reporting and less Talking Head sessions.

    2. I am not comfortable at all with those 'roundtable discussion' reporters do, they just seem to be spouting off propaganda of the moment. Five or six people agreeing with each other - what do you learn from that ? I learn that I get annoyed with it and turn the channel, lol.

      I'm not a fan of the AR family myself. I shot one as a youth, but did not like the fit for some reason. No offense to others who are a fan, just not my cup of tea. My .223s are the Mini-14, some bolt rifles and a single shot T/C Contender which is as about light a sporter varmint gun I shoot. In fact can be a challenge to shoot in gusty winds. I like the .223 / 5.56 - the recoil allows you to see the bullet impact on distant targets where you can correct your hold. Larger bores .22 centerfires with more powder kick enough to ruin that, leaving your guessing.

      I wish I had more patience for gardening. Having a green thumb is an admirable skill to have. We used to grow some tomatoes in the back yard but it was a constant war with the bugs who got to eat them first. Felines also liked the soft tilled soil and fencing them out was required. Because of the very strong sun, we erected a series of PVC hoops over the garden, then covering them with construction fence (the ones preventing pedestrian traffic from construction zones, the orange stuff) over it. It allowed enough sunlight in while protecting the plants below from too much sun. Too, the material is porous enough to allow the wind to blow through without ripping it off. Even though we haven't grown a garden in over 10 years, the structure is still standing - tough stuff that fencing !

    3. You're right on all counts about the "round table discussions." It aggravates me that the participants invariably try to shout over each other. I watch the news to get some feel for what's going on out there that might effect me. I'm not watching for a circus performance. The other thing I detest is those segments where they get a newscaster in between two "guests", one of whom is conservative and one of whom is a lunatic leftist. Why should I care what Ms.Melissa Moonbat-Sykes of the Hoboken Institute for Leftist Propaganda thinks about anything?

      I think I was inclined to pick up some .223 chambered weapons when the price was right because of J.W. Rawles' series of books about a collapse. He emphasized,and I think rightly, that .308 was a better chambering for fighting, but that .223 was more readily available than most other chamberings. So, when the time and circumstances were right, I got my two AR-15's. My Mini-14 was part of a set, one Mini-14 and one 10-22. Both weapons had the same brushed satin finish and the same greenish composite stock. I don't have any .223 bolt guns, I don't think I've ever come across one at a price that seemed reasonable. If I had, I probably would have picked one up.

      I grew corn when I first moved here, largely because I felt like I should have a garden as part of the lifestyle. But I found I could buy ever kind of vegetable I wanted up here in the mountains for next to nothing from roadside stands. I was working then, and going back to college at the same time, and there just weren't enough hours in the day. Gardening was something my wife and I decided to suspend.

      Last year I started trying to garden again, because almost all of my internet associates were doing it. I'd look at the things they posted, and I thought that I should have that capability in case things went bust and I couldn't just buy what I wanted anymore. Also, we have a completely modernized and updated cannery in our county, top of the line and open to any resident. They have high school girls there from Home Economics classes who will show you how to use the equipment and help you learn the drill. But for it to be cost effective, you have to grow your own vegetables. If you have to go to the grocery store, buy the food, then take it to the cannery it's not economically feasible. It's just cheaper to buy canned goods off the shelf. So last year we tried "set ups" and raised beds.It was pretty much a bust. This year we are sprouting seeds in our little green house, then we will transplant them to the soil. North Georgia soil is all red clay and flint, but I am enriching it with appropriate products from Home Depot and the Farmers Depot. We'll see how it goes.

      Your PVC shelter sounds like a good deal. I have heard of other people using those shelters to good effect.

  3. raintree nursery

    book; uncommon fruits for every garden lee reich

    i can't find my book. when i do i'll send the title.

    you can grow pawpaws [an understorey tree], persimmons, and pecans.

    i have 'secret garden of survival' but don't know how useful it is in heavy woods or woods full of bears, coons, and possums!

    best to get from library first.

    sometimes there are a lot of words for very little overall info.

    1. I am not sure pawpaws, persimmons or pecans will grow here. I have never seen any of those trees in our area. Years ago I planted cherry , apricot and apples trees but the very first winter was severe and killed them all. We tried again, with different varieties, but I had also purchased two goats and the goats killed the trees.

      I am sure I can order the book by Reich from our library, and then buy a used copy on line if it fits my needs here. I have found that to be a lot more cost effective than what I used to do, which was just order a book based on it's title and the "reviews" people posted .

      There's a word for a disguised "secret garden" but I can't for the life of me think of it. I think it starts with an R. Anything I grew in the woods would have to live on very little sunlight, and no direct sunlight at all. When summer comes and the trees have all their leaves, the canopy is very thick and no direct sunlight reaches the forest floor except small little "streamers" as the wind blows.

    2. I live to the west of Atlanta in suburbia, and planted pawpaws in my fairly shady back yard. They came 2 years ago as little sticks, and are now about 4 feet high. They're doing quite well with the benign neglect I show them (I've only put markers around them so they wouldn't get taken out by the dogs or the weedeater/lawnmower). I think they take about 5 years to start producing.

    3. Chipmunk, remember that old song "way down yonder in the paw paw patch." Sounds like you have that in your back yard.

      Living in sururbia, you won't have to worry about bears coming to eat the fruit. I told my wife we were asking for trouble planting blue berries here, the bears love them. But we did it anyway. I expect they will come and eat our corn, anyway. And if they don't, there are the wild hogs...

      You are the only person I know who is growing pawpaws. I love those things, where did you get some to plant? I wonder if they could survive the winters here in the mountains. Gets below zero.

    4. I ordered them from someone on ebay. They were pretty cheap (I mean, they were just sticks a couple of inches long with roots), so I stuck them in the ground and they've grown. Worth a try, except for the whole having to compete with the bears for the fruit.

    5. I think I will look around and try to find some plants. I'd sure love to have paw paws growing here. If they didn't make it, it wouldn't be the first time I tried to grow something that didn't make it.

  4. p.s.- the eleven things you did would more than fill my day! good going!

    1. That's just the daily grind for the most part. One of the reasons we go to town is just for a change. Today we have been here three days without going any further than the mail box at the foot of the mountain.

  5. I don't see OAN on my dish network. Disappointing. I would like something other than FOX now that Rupert Murdock's lefty sons took over and drummed O'Reilly out to appease the left. I predict FOX will crumble now because of that. Worst business decision ever.

    The AR is my primary home defense weapon. Primarily because I am more accurate with it than my old soviet rifles I sold off (even so, I wish I hadn't).

    As I recall, it was Biden's comment about shotguns that made me go out and buy an AR. Thanks Joe. --Troy

    1. I didn't get OAN until I switched packages at Direct TV. Once I found it, I hardly ever tune Fox in anymore. I figure it they want to give air time to Shepard Smith and Juan Williams, they don't need me .

      I use the AK-47 as a home defense weapon, but the AR-15 would do just as well. I like the larger bullet the AK-47 throws and I still have a sneaking distrust of the AR-15 in terms of reliability. I know that is ridiculous, because they have been reliable for a long time now. Just old habits die hard.

      Joe Biden is such an idiot. It's appropriate that he was Vice President under another Supreme Idiot.

  6. Thanks to you and one of the commentors here I went to OAN to see what they were about. I'm hooked! Just the news source that I'm comfortable with their reporting. I can't receive it as a broadcast station but go to the internet every morning to read the latest. (

    I also own an AR and bought it during the Clinton time. Paid dearly for it and at that time 30 round magazines here with $60 each if you could find them. My opinion it's a pretty awesome weapon for the money.

    1. Hey, Mike. Good to see you.

      I'm a big One American News fan now. First thing I did this morning was have my coffee and watch the six a.m. broadcast.
      They have a good web page, I like the way you can look up their stories at their web page and watch the story on YouTube.

      I paid a small fortune for magazines when the Clinton Gun Ban snuck into law. I think the most I paid was around $120 for ParaOrdnance P14 and P16 mags. After the ban I got the same mags for about $30.00.

      My AR-15 was also a "ban era" gun and it was expensive. But it's a good gun. I look at my modern guns as tools, and my old bolt guns more as collectibles. I don't feel the same connection with the modern rifles but I'd sure use them if push came to shove.

  7. Hey Harry,


    here's an interesting video the recent Spring Break in Biloxi and what residents had to endure in one area.

    I would sell my house and move to another state if I lived in that situation. I would move so far away from Morlocks, Maybe I would gut up and enjoy the winter in South Dakota in a cabin with only a wood burning stove to keep me warm. I would be cold, but free.

    1. The only way you will ever have any peace of mind is to move way the hell out away from people. Most of the irritation in life comes from close proximity to people who do things that aggravate a person.

      I still think your plan to move to West Texas is a good one, as long as you can leave the beach without being miserable. Seems like surfing and the beach life is so much a part of your existence, though, I'm not sure you wouldn't be happier just finding some deserted strip of beach and living in a trailer near it. With all that coast line in Texas, there has to be some place like that.

  8. On the gardening books, I highly recommend Suzanne Ashworth's "Seed to Seed". It's a pretty comprehensive guide not only to seed saving techniques but also to planting strategies to prevent cross-pollination of various crops which may result in less than savory produce.

    1. Bert, that sounds pretty sophisticated. I would be happy just to get some watermelon and squash. Last year I planted both, and big plants grew up, but no watermelon or squash!

      Seed saving techniques are something I am a bit light on. I have been just putting the seeds people send me in glass jars and leaving them on the shelf in the barn until time to plant them. I will sure take a look at that book as it sounds like it fills in some of the blanks I'm dealing with concerning gardening. Thanks for the tip.

  9. I like the book Gardening when it Counts

    1. Hey, Joe Mamma. That sounds like one I need to look at. There are gazillions of books on gardening, but I'm particularly interested in those oriented toward survivalism. Thanks for the heads up.

  10. Followup: I went and looked on EBay for wired security cameras. TONS of offerings. From a couple hundred to nearly a thousand bucks. So, they are out there. Finding another deal like your old one will be tough. $30! That's a deal.

    When I bought my single cam, I wanted the ability to check in on my back yard and the trail that goes by my house (THE Oregon Trail, actually). That cam I got does it well. Has built in sound and I.R. too. BUT, it is not suitable for multiple, simultaneous camera views...

    Please keep us apprised of what you end up with!

    Love the blog, BTW. Thanks again.

    1. AMOTW, have you done pretty well buying from E-bay? I haven't bought much there, just some gun parts.

      I usually buy equipment on line from companies I've dealt with before, but I may have to cast my net wider this time out.

      I would pay two or three hundred for a wired system with two or three cameras, need infrared capability. I'm afraid that the inexpensive security systems that were very basic may have been supplanted by super duper high tech systems that do a lot of things I don't need, but cost a lot of money.

      I'll probably choose a system, where ever I find it, and then post it before I buy it so people can tell me if they see anything unsat about it.

      I appreciate your thoughts, the more input I get, the less chance of getting taken to cleaners or making an error in judgement.