Saturday, April 8, 2017

Updated -081700ZAPR17. "A lot of people being surveilled by the Obama Administration." CMP getting M1 Garands from the P.I.

Beautiful night with the moon out , and today is about as nice as you can ask for.  I spent the whole morning cleaning up branches , replacing shakes, and doing other housekeeping chores.

More and more evidence of Barack Hussein's spying on the Trump team in the months leaving up to the election.  This segment below pretty well sums it up.

Just got this great song in, so I am updating this post.

Good on you, Australians!

Hell no. I'm no Kev Alviti ( . )
 But I'm working on it.

  My wife and I are planting seeds in coffee cans this weekend. We have a glass plant house, and we'll try to grow some plants in these cans and then transplant them into our garden.  Last summers garden didn't produce a lot of food but it got us going on the gardening path for the first time in a lot of years.

I've written to the BATF office in Atlanta, asking them what exactly I have to do to buy a tax stamp for a short barreled rifle.  I've also touched base with the importer of the 9MM MP-40, asking them when they expect to have the MP 40 replica complete with folding stock available for sale. I'll have to marry up availability with the tax stamp.

Someone asked me about adding a bit of length to the barrel to avoid the need for a tax stamp.  There's a .22LR version of the MP-40 that's imported into the U.S., but they had to add a non-detachable fake suppressor to it for that very reason.  Totally spoils the gun. Ironically, you can buy the .22LR gun in Europe without the fake suppressor.

Here are a few photos of the county I live in.  

It really is a pretty place.  There are still some wilderness areas and national forest land where people can't go in and destroy everything to build themselves a summer house.

I was plundering around in a Thrift Shop the Humane Society runs, and I found a boxed set of VHS tapes on the war in Korea.

I'm enjoying watching it.  I spent considerable time in Korea during the 13 months I was stationed on Okinawa. We went up there to participate in exercises.  My uncle went through the whole of World War II in the Pacific Theater, ending up as an Infantry Sgt. in the Marines on VJ day.  My dad was in the Navy in the Pacific.

My Uncle stayed in after the Second World War, and switched over to artillery. He was an artillery first lieutenant in the Marines throughout the war in Korea. My dad got recalled to the Navy, but spent the war at a naval hospital in San Diego. He was a pharmacist mate there.

Korean village near Yechon, 1979

Passing the Word:

This is an extract of an email from a friend. He is very knowledgeable about the firearms hobby and I am confident this is true.

Good news for fans of the M1 Garand. The Civilian Marksmanship Program is expected to receive 86,000 of these surplus WWII rifles from the government of the Philippines.

This is according to Gina Johnson, General Manager of the CMP South operations in Alabama.

Johnson provided the information late on Friday, April 7, in response to a discussion at The M1 Garand Enthusiasts Group public Facebook page.

Thought for the day.


  1. You live in a very pretty area. Reminds me of Oregon. The first photo of the barn and the last one of the creek make me want to do a watercolor painting of them.

    1. We have a lot of artists here. Just across the state line is the John C. Campbell school of folk art. The people there are mostly older, and they paint, make pottery, wood carvings, and lots of interesting things.

  2. You live in really pretty country, Harry. Hardwood forests like where I grew up; love the rolling hills. Right now it is snowing again. That was an interesting video clip...will put that news station on my reading list.

    1. Snow again! I took the air conditioner covers off today, so I am hoping it will get warm again soon. And yet, I'm running the heat in the main house today, because it got chilly inside.

      I like One America News. They don't have any panels. They don't have any forums. It's just straightforward news. I also like the fact that they run a one hour cycle, then the next hour is the same news unless something has happened in the interim. So you don't miss anything.

      I sometimes have to remind myself that people drive up here from the Gulf Coast and from Florida to spend some time in the mountains. Seeing it every day, it's too easy to take it for granted.

  3. Replies
    1. It really is. Especially at dawn and dusk.

  4. Hey Harry,


    What will happen in the coming weeks in North Korea will be interesting.
    I'm sure Kim Jim Un is stressing right now. Maybe will we will get lucky and one of his generals will take care of the situation.
    Maybe Trump should offer a $100 million dollar bounty on Kim and a 'group' of insiders initiates a successful coup. Save us the trouble and loss of life on both sides of a potential conflict.
    Its hot, humid and tropical here already. There was and interesting show in cable called 'The Son' about a Texas Rancher that you may want to check out. It was on AMC.

    I hope getting that MP-40 goes well. I have been studying more on the AK recently and its amazing that the 'Sturmguver' I know I misspelled it:) was the father of the AK.
    Its amazing how Kalashnikov copied and improved the rifle to what it is today.
    Its even more amazing how all the variants evolved from the AK like the Valmet, Galil etc. All the modern variants have their roots in the Sturmguver and AK.
    There is now talk in the DOD of replacing the M-4/M-16 with a larger cartridge since we are facing off with 7.62 by 54R's with longer range Mosin's and the SVT's.
    'Hell, maybe they can save some money and equipped half a platoon with the M-1 Garands and the other half with M-4's.
    It seems like when they want to move forward with rifle technology, the best way is to move back. 'I'd say bring back the rifleman with a real rifle and no Buck Rodgers garbage.

    1. Kalashnikov always resented people saying that the Sturmgewehr 44 had anything to do with the AK-47, and there were some differences in the operating system. Still, it's pretty obvious the German rifle was the inspiration for the AK. I never understood why Kalashnikov got so upset about it. His gun is still the most successful ever produced.

      The .223 doesn't have the range of the .308 Winchester (or, for the purists in the crowd, the 5.56X45 doesn't have the range of the 7.62X51). Nor does it have the hitting power.

      I hope to God this statement doesn't start off the huge furor over the differences between the .223/5.56X45 or the .308 Winchester/7.62X51. For my purposes there's not any difference, I shoot them interchangeably , but I can just about guarantee you somebody is going to get all aggravated about the differences in cup pressure, throat dimensions, or SOMETHING. Let me just say that my AR15 from 1994 is marked .223/5.56 on the receiver.......

      They're moving a carrier battle group back to striking distance of North Korea. Somebody better do something about that nasty little gnome in North Korea. The guy is insane, and he has atomic weapons, and now probably has hydrogen weapons. I know our intelligence services say they can't marry a warhead to their missiles yet, but then it was the same intelligence services that said the whole Japanese fleet was still in Tokyo Bay on Dec 7, 1941.

      The M1 rattles the fillings in my teeth when I shoot it, which is why I don't shoot it much anymore. But nobody can say that it isn't one hell of a rifle. The maximum effective range is about 500 yards, but the rifle will reach out a lot further than that. It's just that the consensus is that the average soldier can hit a man sized target out to 500 yards, but not much further than that.

      I haven't heard of that show but I'll see if I can find it. I never watch AMC but I am sure it's part of our new Direct TV package.

      Wish I was down there on the beach with you today. It's warmer here today, but breezy. I've spent most of the morning trying to transfer some files from an old thumb drive I found to my Microsoft Cloud, but it won't work because the cloud program says the file path is too long. I guess I'll have to buy one of those "For Dummies" books on the Microsoft cloud, because I live to use it for backup but I can't make it work.

      Have a good long look out to sea for me. Hey, I was going through some old boxes of junk today, cleaning out one of the store rooms, and I found a picture of the Puget Sound at Gaeta, Italy where it was home ported when I was stationed in Italy. I'll scan it and post it when I get a chance. Should bring back some fond memories for you. It did for me.

  5. I'd buy another M1, but my wife would NOT be happy!

    Maybe after we finish the move to Colorado.....

    1. If they bring thousands of them back, you'll be able to buy two of them. The price will come way, way down. I use an outfit called "Classic Arms" to get current prices on surplus guns, and a good condition M1 Garand is going for about $1200 right now. If the guns from the PI come in, that will drop precipitously. Then too, with President Trump in office, the shipments of M1 Garands and M1 Carbines from South Korea that Shrillery pulled the import licenses on when she was Sec of State will almost certainly be back in the works.

      When you get out to Colorado, Dr. J, you'll need a long range rifle. There are some vistas out there.

    2. I can only "get in the black" on a target out to about 250~300 yards with the iron sights on my Garand. To do anything further I need a scope. Not sure what I'd buy for that use....

    3. In the Marines we shot strings of fire from 200 yards, 300 yards, and 500 yards. I could consistently hit a man sized target out on the 500 yard line. However, it has to be born in mind that I was young, and that this was a two week process every year, firing for score only after a week of "snapping in" and a week of getting "the dope" set on the rifles.

      Today, I seriously doubt I could hit a man sized target past 200 yards, even with my glasses.

  6. So exciting to hear that you and M have planted seeds. Can't wait to see what transpires... ;)

    1. Dani, long time no see. Hope all is well there in South Africa.

      Yes, we are making a much stronger effort this year to get a good garden going. I've been getting good advice from Leigh, Lisa, Kymber and some other friends and I am trying to put it to use now that the season is here.
      Last year, M and I went to Home Depot and bought "set ups." That was were the seeds had already sprouted and turned into plants. The root balls were in little bags, and you just lifted them out and planted the root ball and all. We used raised beds with soil from Home Depot, since our soil here is just red clay and flint. But only our tomatoes grew, our squash, watermelon, etc didn't produce a single, solitary plant. One person suggested it might be because there are no honeybees here anymore, they all died off in my county. I don't know, but we are trying again anyway.

      My wife really likes gardening. I don't like it, but I see the need for it.

    2. Harry - I read your posts, but when they are to do with guns / Trump I cannot comment ;)

      Really hope your veggie growing is more successful this year :D

    3. Dani, I hope you and the husband have a gun. You folks live in very isolated territory and it's a good idea to be able to protect yourself. From snakes, or whatever. With emphasis on the "whatever."

      I've been very happy with President Trump. He's not a slimy politician, he's not a lackey of the ossified Republican party leadership. Even more astounding, he's actually trying to do the things he said he would. I really like the man.

      It's ok if you don't want to comment on some of the things I write about, no problem at all.

    4. Yup - we have "protection" 😉

    5. Good. People that live "way out there" can't get help, we have to cover our own six.

  7. Harry, Things sure got interesting this week in world events. I think the problem with the Muslims is spreading swift through Europe. I feel sorry for the victims, but also blame so many for wanting to help the so call "refugees"
    I pray the actions the US took will not suck our country into a deeper mess in the Mideast..

    1. Rob, at least we have a real man at the helm,and not some Kenyan , Muslim, hermorpodite. I don't feel sorry for the bastards one iota. They brought it on themselves. My take is that they were never friends of ours, never helped us in any way, and we owe them squat. Let them all move into Turkey and Saudi Arabia. When I look at what those insects are doing to Europe, I'm revolted.

      I know what you are saying Rob, but I guess it's got to the point where it's fight them here, or fight them there. Been 16 years we've been fighting them now.

  8. Wonderful views in your neck of the woods!

    Harry, what is your take on those Garands? With that many flooding the US do you think the cost will go down on them? --Troy

    1. Troy, I think if the new rifles come in, the price of the M1 will plummet, except for the odd balls like International Harvester. But that's a good thing. More good people will be able to afford them, and the price of M1 specific 30-06 will go down as the manufacturers increase production.

      I expect all the M1 Garands and M1 Carbines that Hillary Clinton pulled the import licenses on will be coming into the US shortly now that we have President Trump and Secretary Tillerson instead of Barack Hussein and Shrillery.

  9. As I understand it, you 'buy' the SBR and it gets sent to your local NFA dealer. You then fill out the necessary paperwork and submit it with your fingerprint cards, passport photos, payment, and the completed form that your local sheriff signed off saying he's cool with you owning it. Then, after about nine months, you get the form back with the stamp. You take that to the dealer who is holding onto your SBR and pick it up.

    Given the headaches, it might make more sense to get a 'pistol' version and armbrace it.

    1. You have GOT to be sh*ting me! Nine months! WTH!

      I don't mind doing the paperwork, I imported some guns from Europe in 1993 and nothing could be more of a pain in the ass than that. But what if I get the damned stamp and there are no more of the stocked guns available!

      I want a real MP40, not some African Engineered thing, so I guess I will just have to do the best I can. I know I can't afford the full auto version, so I will just have to put up with the aggravation.

      Damn it to hell and back.....

  10. I hope your seeds do well! I got a few things in the ground about a week ago, but I need to plant more. It's good weather for it. I could have gotten out there last night, but chose to ride Francie instead. I think I made the better choice!

    1. Going for a relaxing ride is certainly more fun that working in the garden. I hope we do better than we did last year. The weather has finally gotten warm enough to start working on turning up the ground. Trying to grow seeds in the cans, in the plant house, may work. It's an experiment.