Wednesday, April 5, 2017

President Trump was right about the Democrats conducting surveillance of his team. Spam! (not the troll kind).

If you have been following this business with Susan Rice illegally releasing the names of Americans who were recorded on "intelligence"wire taps, and then lying about it, you know what a big deal this is.  Although the MSM is trying to suppress the story, it's getting out a bit at a time.  The interview with Charles Krauthammer on Fox I have posted below is just one of many making the rounds right now.

I'd like to note, for the record, that when the President first made accusations of this "bugging", Krauthammer  ridiculed him and was scathingly adamant that there was no basis to it. He's changing his tune now.  He's also trying to play this down as much as he can, at the same time.

In Other News:

Wow. Wonder if I made the "A" List?

ISIS releases hit list of more than 8000 in U.S. and UK

Guess we want to start "dressing down" when we buy gas now.

Want to get accepted at a top college? Here's how a "black activist" edged you out.

Black Lives Matter "Activist" writes slogan on his application 100 times.

We are in the middle of new storms right now.  The power has been off twice, and the breakers have been popping. Virtually all of Georgia is under a tornado watch until this afternoon.

My wife and I recently changed our Direct TV programming.  Most of what we were getting were channels selling pots and pans, sealant, etc.

Our new package has a news channel called "One America".  It's like Headline News was back when it first came on the air.  There are no panels, no "experts", just the news, and good coverage of overseas events as well.  The newscaster doesn't make any slanted ,  Shepard Smith type rants.  It's on 344 Direct TV.  Here's their web page.

One America News

River Rider and I were discussing Spam.  I think it's an outstanding addition to long term storage. True, it's got a lot of salt in it , but I store it away for those times when I might have more pressing concerns. I admit, I also cook with it a good deal. Goes great cut up in a salad, or an omelet, or fried.....

Here are some useful links

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A link to look up where different varieties are sold in your area:

A link to order Spam directly from Hormel:

Hormel Store

Hormel's home page, with a locator to see what stores in your area carry what varieties.
Use the product locator in the left menu.

Product Locator

Links to survivalist articles on Spam.

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You can't talk about Spam without the classic Monty Python skit:

Some interesting thoughts from the internet:


  1. Krauthammer is right. The world is on fire and we are busy looking down rabbit holes. I have to wonder when the grown-ups are going to show up in Washington.

    I checked out the link for "One America." It looks promising. It would be nice to watch the news without all the self-appointed experts chiming in or the panel discussions where everyone is talking over everyone else until you can't understand a word of it. I have bookmarked the site. Thank you.

    You and your wife stay safe. I wish I could share some of our sunny storm free weather with you. :)

    1. There aren't many grownups in Washington. The politicians are selfish babies, the bureaucracy is largely comprised of self absorbed, self centered mental adolescents. It's not very encouraging.

      I really like the One America news station. I had never heard of it before and only stumbled on it while I was looking through the new channels we picked up on Direct TV.

      It's a strange day. Odd black clouds like cotton balls, really low on the mountain tops. Tremendous bursts of thunder, strong wind, then no wind. The dogs are hiding in their dog house on the front porch. Humidity is off the scale. Don't know why all this stuff comes through Georgia, but it does, every April.

  2. Thanks for the tip on "One America News" It is worth watching.

    1. I liked it. It doesn't have all those inane segments with fat, moon faced guys from the Dilbert Dorkster Think Tank of Malodorous, New Jersey. Just the news, and not so many advertisements, either.

      Hey, I tried to get the URL on your blog, but your profile came up as "unavailable." You still doing Scooney Adrift blog?

    2. Harry, new post today, small but a start again.
      I don't know why it came up "unavailable" maybe because it's been dormant for a long while!

    3. I clicked on Scooney Adrift at the head of your comment, and it should have taken me to your blog but instead I got that same message. I'll google Scooney Adrift and see if I can find you that way.

  3. I love Spam, but my lovely wife will only eat it while camping or sailing. For me it's a guilty pleasure. Get the brand name stuff as the packaging on the no name brands fail and it spoils. Besides, the real stuff just tastes better.

    1. I did buy some "Treet" once, which is a Spam clone, but it was awful and I gave it to the dogs, who are not choosy. I buy Spam at the Grocery Outlet, in Murphy, N.C. They have the flavors I like best and they sell it for between $1.65 and $2.00 a can, sometimes they get whole cases. I bought two cases of Portuguese sausage Spam and it's really good.

    2. i may have to make a pilgrimage to murphy for spam. any real aficionado knows its pronounced "spahm", lol. i suspect we'll need the extra salt with all the manual labor we'll be doing if tshtf. thanks for the links.

    3. We decided to go over there once a week. Haven't actually done it , but we should. That place never has the same thing twice in a row, so if you don't go at least once a week you could really miss out on some good deals.

      I think the salt will be less of a concern if we're living in the Dark Ages again. On the other hand, life will be a lot less complicated!

  4. I have just seen the list of how our senators voted on the confirmation of Gorsuch. Can you believe that both of Oregon's senators.... Dem Merkley AND the RINO Wyden both voted NO. Wyden will be getting a few choice words from me.
    And...BTW..I hate Spam.

    1. Spam , Spam, Spam , Spam!

      One of my senators sided with the dems on keeping out a Trump cabinet nominee. The " Never Trump" crowd is out there still.

  5. Great to see you were finally able to get the One America News Network! I seem to recall recommending it to you some time ago.

    The ship I worked on for Sea Launch had a Filipino crew with Norwegian officers. We had Spam at every meal! In some countries it's considered a delicacy, and in others a staple.

    And you can thank the GI's in WWII for introducing it to most of the Free World.

    1. I know it's a big item in Hawaii. There was a news segment on how the Hawiaans prepare it, and they had every variety under the sun. I like it for long term storage, since it will sure beat nothing if you are having rice or potatoes as the main course.

      Yep, we changed our programming and are getting OAN, and we really like it. Better than Fox.

  6. I don't think he needs to spend money making a wall. People are so afraid to come here a wall doesn't need to be built. We're at an all time low for people crossing the boarder.

    1. I think we need it. The run of the mill wet back might not come here right now (Thank God) but the ISIS crowd and the cartels are still as much a problem as ever and we need to keep them out. If doing so keeps out the MS13 boys and their ilk, that's a fringe benefit.