Sunday, April 23, 2017

Raining, but at least the woods are not on fire.

Florida is having a serious fire problem.  It started out with fires started in relatively remote areas, probably by lightning. But now they are having arson fires popping up all over  the state. These are impacting residential areas, and homes are burning. This morning the National Guard started evacuating people from areas where the fires are out of control and moving towards populated areas.

It's raining here today, a long soaking rain punctuated with intermittent thunder and lightning. Started last night and is supposed to continue through tomorrow afternoon. I have no complaints, we are still below our average rainfall, and everybody here remembers the catastrophic fires that ravaged North Georgia, Western North Carolina, and Eastern Tennessee last year.

I just recently learned of a movie that came out in Japan a few years ago. It's about a modern day Japanese family that learns the man they thought was their grandfather actually wasn't. Without going into details that kind of spoil the development of the plot, the actual grandfather was a Japanese naval aviator in WW2.   The brother and sister of the family start trying to find out about him by contacting his old squadron mates, and his story gets told from the beginning of the war  through the end.

The flying scenes are excellent.  I enjoy movies where every detail of the equipment, uniforms, weapons, etc is correct and I love movies about military aviation.

The movie was a box office hit in Japan, but it made some of Japan's old enemies angry. The Chinese and Koreans didn't appreciate it, because it portrayed the Japanese as human beings and not "poisonous dwarfs."  Most of the movies turned out in China today are still about WW2. You can watch them on the internet.

Countries that lost the war tend to try to forget it.  For years, I had a Japanese "pen pal." She lived in an apartment in Tokyo. Her husband was a "salary man" who was never home, and it was just her and her pet black rabbit most of the time. I remember asking her once if she had ever heard of Saburo Sakai, who was Japans leading ace to survive the war. She said she hadn't, that her family never talked about the war at all. They didn't learn anything about it in school.

This is the cover of the DVD released in England. They changed the name to "The Fighter Pilot" from "The Eternal Zero." I had a hard time finding a copy of this movie for sale that will work in the U.S. The world is divided up into different "zones" and most DVD players will only play movies formatted for that zone. I did find one  though, and even if it cost a bundle, I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Then there's "The Red Baron."  It's a German 2008 movie loosely based on the exploits of Manfred von Richtofen. There's been a lot of poetic license taken with the character of the Red Baron in this movie, and great liberties with actual historical events. Still, the flying scenes are excellent, the aircraft restorations are magnificent, and the dvd only cost ten dollars. You can watch the whole movie on line for free, but I wanted the DVD anyway. Never can tell when something will disappear off the internet.

I notice lately that I've lost some friends since the election.  Mostly, but not all, from Europe. I have always known I'm a bit to the right for some of  them, but we still enjoyed visiting each other's blogs. I tried not to talk about politics on their blogs, and even if some not very pleasant  things got said about Trump and Trump Supporters, I tried to be tactful. I think what did them in was coming to my blog. I am not tactful here.

I am sorry that all this has forced some of us apart, but I suppose in tumultuous times, it happens. It reminds me of what I've read about the English Civil War, where essentially decent people wound up on opposite sides. Most anti-Trump types are not people I would cross the street to pull out of a burning building. But some of them aren't bad.

Most of them are, though.

I'm watching events in France with an eagle eye. I have high hopes that Le Pen will come into power. She's a female version of Donald Trump. France needs someone who will kick ass and take names, just as we needed such a person here. Maybe the tide is finally turning.

Save your bacon!


  1. I had no idea things were that dry in Florida. Arsonists deserve a special kind of hell...tie them to a tree in the path of a fire. Our drought is, thankfully, over. It has been raining and snowing off and on here for weeks and weeks...never saw it like this. My dad used to talk about Der Rote Baron...he said it in his German was cool. Embracing socialism or communism is an idea so foreign that I cannot even fathom living like that, but our younger generation has been brainwashed into thinking that it is a great stuff. They are in for a rude awakening, I think

    1. the fire situation down there is bad. Just as we had last summer, when natural fires start breaking out, the arsonists are not long to follow.

      We are still short on the water, but not in the terrible state we were in last summer.

      Richtofen was a very interesting individual. He wrote a book before he was killed, and I've got a copy here somewhere.

      Even when I was teaching, the curriculum was written and implemented out of Atlanta, by left wing people who had never taught but knew the agenda they wanted inculcated in the kids. That was the main reason I quit.

  2. Oh my. That last video had me laughing so hard I nearly fell out of my chair! And with that, I guess I'm an infidel now.

    Don't worry too much about your European friends Harry. You might lose a few more if Le Pen is elected. That's OK though. --Troy

    1. Strangely enough, I just turned off the TV. Krauthammer was chairing a round table discussion on Fox, and all the members appeared to believe that if Le Pen is elected, it's the end of the world. The same nonsense they said about President Trump. Of course, when you invite guests from the New York Times, you shouldn't expect to get any kind of logical, dispassionate discourse. I wonder what's wrong with Fox. I never liked O'Reilly but I don't for a minute believe they got rid of him over a bunch of fake accusations about "sexual harassment." They keep that left wing demagogue Shepard Smith on the network, and they trot out Juan Williams to give the "I'm a victim poor me" perspective. I'm sure glad I get One America News now, because Fox is going right down the drain.

      It's tough when politics gets so prevalent in daily life that it disrupts relationships with good people. But it has happened, and some of them I am going to miss. What can I do about it, though. I see things one way, and they see things another. There's no room to meet in the middle anymore.

      I thought that was a funny video. I just learned about this fellow "El Gringo" and I thought I'd start incorporating some of his videos from time to time for a little light comic relief. He's funny and tells the truth at the same time. Some of them are a little too vulgar to put on the blog but some are ok.

  3. It's a funny thing about DVD players and different zones. I found out that all players are the same and there are little switches inside that are turned on or off to determine which zone's disks will play on them. You can buy regionless DVD players on Amazon that will play any disk no matter what country. I bought one years ago for $97. Now they start at about $40.

    1. That's well worth knowing. I have been wanting to buy season 2 of Greatest Tank Battles for a long time, but could only find it on DVD for the Australian zone. I'll go find one of the regionless DVD's and buy one ASAP. Also, the movie about Japanese fighter pilots was made into a mini-series in Japan, but it is only offered on DVD's that will play in their zone. Now I can get that too. I appreciate the information very much.

  4. Hey Harry,


    I just ordered a blue 'Trump' flag from amazon for Cinco Demayo down here in Texas....

    Actually a whole mess of my Mexican neighbors like Trump and dislike illegals. Many of the working class Mexican Americans despise illegals because they take jobs and higher paying jobs from them. One of the Mexican American neighbors I have started working at a grocery store bagging groceries. 37 years later he's a manager of one of the departments, has a house (that's paid off) wife, kids, grandkids and a nice retirement package waiting for him whenever he's ready.

    'So many Americans are fed up with the bullcrap. Republican, Demo's,etc. All walks of life and backgrounds. The legacy media attempts to fan the fires of hatred by filming the negative and never showing the positive of Trump being in office.

    1. I've been thinking about putting a Trump sticker on my Jeep. But I don't have much room left between my NRA stickers and my Confederate flag. I expect people could figure out how I voted from those.

      One of the mistakes the media and the left wing made was to assume that Hispanics who had been living here for decades would be pro-illegal immigration. For exactly the reasons you delineated, a lot of them are not.

      When the Mexicans came flooding into North Georgia in the late 80's, it wasn't mamacita or the ninos that caused problems. It wasn't the middle aged or old men in the jeans, cowboy boots , and straw hats. They could have fit in. It was the younger bunch, the teens and twenty somethings, with their ear rings, bandannas around their forehead, vida loca tattoos, etc. That's the crew that let the really bad types come in and take over. Easier to push drugs than it is to work in a chicken plant, and it pays a lot better too.

      I tell you the truth, CC, I talk to , or used to talk to, a lot of people on the net who were perfectly happy with life under Obama. They had a house in the suburbs, a nice car, both parents had jobs, and they were making out ok. Taxes were high, but crime really didn't touch them and they were getting by. What happened outside their little closed loop didn't phase them. Those are the folks who think the world will end now because we try to eradicate some of the problems that are destroying the country.

      What you say about the media is absolutely true. I watched a segment on Fox tonight, with some dried up old prune about 90 years old saying Le Pen could never win in France. Instead, that homogenized no character poltroon with all the money is the one this state department flunky said would win. But then, I remember before the election here so many old turnips on the news said that Trump could never win that I just about gave up. In fact, I did give up, I had already started planning how to survive under a Hillary regime. I won't make that mistake again.

  5. I just don't understand the "world wide" support for socialism. Anyone in Briton for instance just has to look what has been done to their country since WW2, and apply a little thought, and you would think they would be appalled. They used to have a thriving car, motorcycle, and firearms industry. All pretty much gone.Their quality of life has to be declining, generation by generation, yet no one does anything to stop it. Subjects vs Citizens I guess.
    I also wonder just what is it about Trump that wigs them out? Hitlery would have been far worse for everyone...Well except the Klinton Krime Family.
    Be nice if LePen wins. The EU should crumble at that point. (Hey if they can dislike OUR politics, I can do the same for them, my ancestors left that hell hole 400 years ago)
    There is an obscure little book called Kamikaze, published in 46, or 47, written by a young man (15 when he started)who was selected for Kamikaze training, and was about to be "deployed" and was saying goodby to his family in Hiroshima when the bomb fell. He survived that, and wrote the book shortly after. Very interesting read.

    1. Well, I guess in a lot of countries, socialism has provided a good life in exchange for giving up your independence, your right to dissent, your right to bear arms, the right of free speech, ad infinitum. Those things mean a lot to you and to me, but if we had grown up as children, being told they didn't matter and that the government could , should, and would take care of us and solve all our problems, we might feel differently.

      A lot of thinking people in Europe do see that it's taking them down the rabbit hole. Several British people that comment here from time to time see that.

      I'm all for LePen. She sees straight. Like our President, she's outside the "good old boys" crew, but that's what they need over there. I got a comment from my troll saying that LePen will never be President of France. I wonder if he/she/it has seen all the videos on Youtube of left wing newcasters and celebrities saying the same thing about Donald Trump? Remember the famous round table discussion where Ann Coulter said Trump would win?

      I have that book "Kamikaze." A long time ago, years ago, there was a book club called "The Military Book Club", and I bought a lot of books from them. That book was one of them. I think it's downstairs in the family room, next to a copy of "Samurai" by Saburo Saki on one of the shelves. I'll see if I can find it and dig it out. I had completely forgotten it until you mentioned it.


  6. As a Brit I can only agree with your sentiments , As Someone said , the world is being run by beta males and females ,Alphas like Trump , Le Pen , Putin scares the crap out of them . Under their control the west has done a fine job of turning out of schools and universities,fragile moronic drones that vote democrat .

    1. It's depressing. But I keep hoping things are on the upswing. In Britain you've accomplished a lot recently, and proven that if the man in the street gets stepped on enough, he can and will react. We proved the same thing here in the last presidential election.

      Even so, there are a lot of really sick , weak people out there in positions of power, both in America and in Europe. Right now, they are doing every last thing they can to stop any positive change. Our courts here are burdened with Democratic appointees who see their jobs as making law, not ruling on it. Our civil service is larded with Democratic stooges who are throwing a wooden shoe into the gears every chance they get. So far, nobody has gone to prison for doing that, and it's a bad, bad precedent. If we could put a few of these saboteurs in prison for ten years or so, it would have a salutatory effect on the other would be obstructionists.

      I think one of the reasons so many of our politicians squeal like little piggies about the Russians is that they can't stand the thought of a strong, forceful and popular leader in any country, Russia or otherwise.

      In America , our universities are riddled with outright traitors and criminals. It's no wonder that polls here consistently show that the "college degree" no longer is considered as desirable or as elevating in terms of social status as it was even ten years ago.

      But I do think things are showing a turn for the better, here and in Europe. If LePen wins, maybe that will embolden people in other countries to get off the "business as usual " band wagon and look for some Alpha leadership. Even if she just does well, it will make leaders like Merkel, who are destroying their countries, think again.

  7. Florida is dry, almost as dry as in 1999, when we had firestorms raging throughout the state. The Weather Services keep promising rain just a few days away, and then we get to watch the percent chance drop like Hillary's chance after 9pm on election day (yes, I watched, and laughed, and cackled, and almost peed myself on that faithful day.) We here in North Central Florida are screwed unless we get some serious moisture (hopefully not by a hurricane or 4 like in 2005.)

    I could understand the National Chinese still being somewhat peeved at Imperial Japan, but the ChiComs? They played pussyfoot with the IJA and spent more time throwing the Nationalists under the bus with both the Japs and the US under FDR and the Commie State Department (huack-ptoie!) Well, the ChiComs have always been one to rewrite history, usually about every 20-30 years or so (seems to be, from what I can tell, a distinctly Chinese problem since Emperor Chin himself...)

    I like good Pacific Theater war movies. Remember watching, at a walk-in theater (was on Kwajalein, no private cars, you rode bikes or used shanks-mares) with my parents, "Tora-Tora-Tora" which, to me, is still the gold (if not platinum) standard of a war documentary movie. Tried to watch that craptastic "Pearl Harbor" piece of dogsqueeze and spent more time yelling at it than anything else.

    Most of the pilot-type people that my dad hung around with in the late '60s and early '70s had good to great respect for the ImpJap pilots (and lot of the Nazi pilots also.) They could separate accomplishment and talent from the politics. Saw the same in regards to some of the Nork pilots from the Korean conflict (who, as it turns out, were probably Soviet Russians, who spent their formative years chasing Kraut planes, so there you go.)

    Got the same feeling for all the 'Hun' pilots. May not have agreed with WWI Germany and Austria-Hungary, but the talent and BALLS of those early aviators was par none. Loved it when the Allies got ahold of the 'premiere' German designs and found them to be adequate, and the difference was in training and implementation.

    As to LePen, she is Europe's only hope. Why Europe and not just France? She's already said she will yank France out of the EU, bring back the franc, kick out the towelheads, and re-arm. All of these will cause the EU to collapse, forcing the individual nations to actually pay attention to their own protection, rather than waiting for France or Merkel's Germany to save them. Who knows, might even bring out a new Germany in a year or two that isn't part of the Caliphate.

    As to all the precious snowflakes out there, well, if American right-wing youths can crush leftist scum in the streets of one of the most leftist (rich leftist at that) cities in the country, then so can all those right-wing disaffected youths in Europe. Rise, sons and daughters of Constantine, of Charlemagne, of William, Rufus, Bohemond, Eugen, Gustav Adolphus, Juan de Capestrano, Eleanor d'Aquitaine, Jean d'Arc. Rise and reclaim your lands from the paynim who are tearing at your throat!

    (Hmmm, looks like I've been reading Tom Kratman again...)

    Glad you are getting the rain we were supposed to have. Hope your stream starts running again.

    1. I feel for you folks down there. We had a terrible fire season last year, the worst I've ever seen. People killed and in Tennessee, the fires even got into towns and burned. I sat up here with the scanners all tuned to the Forest Service and the county dispatcher. We had fires right near us, and at one point I thought we were going to have to pack the animals and get out.

      We are getting rain here, but I see from the weather radar that only the northern part of the state is getting rain in Florida.

      I know the common people suffered significantly from the Japanese occupation in some parts of China, but the dislike goes back far, far beyond WW2. The Japanese invaded Korea in the 1500's, and the Chinese came in on the Korean side. I guess the Chinese government finds it convenient to constantly whip up people against the Japanese. I was fiddling around on the internet and found an article about Chinese movies and their fixation on World War 2 some time back. Looking at Chinese movies on the net, I found dozens of hack Chinese films showing the glorious peoples army attacking the Japanese. As you pointed out, that's not the way it worked in real life, but like our own Hollywood clique, Chinese film makers are not apparently overly concerned about historical accuracy.

      My parents took me to see Tora, Tora , Tora in Roseville, California when it came out. Back then Roseville had a large Japanese American population, and a lot of those folks were in the theater. They rooted for the Japanese and we rooted for the Americans, but it wasn't a hard feelings thing. A lot of the older Japanese people living in that area still remembered being stuffed in internment camps.

      German pilots ran up incredible scores, because some of them fought from 1939 through 1945, constantly, in heavy contact. Eric Hartmann, with 356 confirmed kills, didn't start flying until 1942 as I recall.

      The same was true of the Japanese pilots, who didn't get rotated home to sell war bonds after one tour. I can't recall how many victories their top ace had but it was over 100.

      You are absolutely right, the "honchos" who flew against us in Korea were Russians. Ivan Khozhedub, one of Russia's top scorers in WW2, commanded a Russian air unit in Korea. There was a history channel special on Russian pilots in the Korean war on a few years ago that was excellent.

      I envy the pilots of World War 1. They were running their own show from the time they took off til the time they landed. Modern military aviation was not what I expected it to be. It was all being directed hither and yon by somebody on the ground damn near all the time. When I say "modern" of course I mean in the seventies. If anything it's probably worse now.

      I share your sentiments about Europe, and there has been some evidence that the resistance to Islam in Europe is stiffening. Although their media tries to suppress news that doesn't follow the party line, as our does, the news gets out. Poland and Hungary in particular have done a marvelous job of fighting back and I think at least some people in the rest of Europe are seeing that holding out both arms to hug the refugees just gets you a fist in the face.

      Well, I hope you can get some rain. Our stream is back up pretty well now, I can go out on the porch at night and listen to the water flowing over the rocks.

    2. Glad to hear about your stream. Water is life, whether in the woods or on some desert world somewhere...

      People aren't quite at the scared-poopless level about the fire threats, but there's a quiet murmur amonst the old hats (I live in a town/city run/ruled over by the oligarchs and communists from the local nuclear cow lizard college, so turn-over is high (lack of permanent jobs, pool of way-too large group of young, stupid short-termers) and only the old hands remember driving up one street past the famous restaurant that is now a bookstore and seeing a wall of smoke so dense even an idiotic Californian wouldn't attempt to drive through it.)

      Poland still remembers it saved Vienna long ago, and more recently the rather bitter unpleasantness of WWII and being boned by both sides. Hungary still remembers being part of that saving, and living under the soviet oppression, so they have that stuck in their craw, rightly so. Eastern Europe has never been a good place to be muslim, and it is getting moreso quickly.

      Just wish Western and Northern Europe get their act together sooner than later, as the longer they delay the nastier it will be to try to recover.

      As to the Chinese, well, they continue to forget that they (somewhat under Mongol control) tried to invade China several times. And that coming to rescue Korea stuff was just their way of reminding the Koreans who the next ruler of the Korean Peninsula was most likely to be (and then the Europeans showed up and upset the applecart and probably saved Korea from becoming just another Chinese province.)

      History, funny how it's bad that X happened to Y by Z 50 years ago, but 100 years ago X happened to Z by Y is perfectly okay. Or how horrible things 'never happened' if the winner repeats it enough.

      Kinda like the Armenian Genocide, one of those nasty things that Turkey keeps wondering why everyone keeps bringing up because, hey, 'we got rid of the Ottomans' (no, not really, y'all just shot some crazy people, changed some stuff, hid it for a hundred years and now y'all (Turkey) are bat-shit crazy once again.) Which the new movie 'The Promise' is bringing up to the public this week or so.

      On a quirky side note about China, looks like Richard Gere has been officially blackballed by Hollywood due to his anti-china movies and his support of 'Free Tibet'. Seems the ChiComs who control Hollywood seem to think, by burying him in obscurity, they can hide the truth from the rest of the world (why not, worked for so many years...)

      Well, enough said. Glad your lands are safe, hope Europe survives, happy that you got some serious movies to watch. Can't really ask for much more in these crazy times, can we?

    3. Things are tranquil here, as long as I stay here. I seemed to have developed a knack for running into transient jerks on the highway though.

      Maybe it will rain down your way today. It's still raining here today, the third straight day of light, constant rain. My chickens are starting to look bedraggled.

      Everybody writes history the way they want to see it. It's all about the current agenda, and how the past can be manipulated to support today's politically correct views.

      It's not enough in Hollywood to have left wing views. You have to have the left wing views that are currently the fashion. With any luck, that whole state will fall off into the sea, thereby solving a number of social problems for all of us.

      Not much doing here. I don't plan on going anywhere til the sun comes out.

  8. Would you cross the road to pull me out of a burning building?

    1. Yes. I'd cross the road for you, or Sol, or some other good people. But I wouldn't for Chloe, unless I had a can of gasoline to throw on the fire. There's a difference between tacitly agreeing to disagree, and being outright hateful. Some of the people I visited before all this got so bad are as far to the left, as I am to the right, and there's no common ground to meet on.

  9. It's been dry here. When it says it's going to rain, it doesn't. That makes for a pissy husband that's trying to grow food for us. Yesterday there were high winds. I can't stand windy days.

    I hope the fires stop in Florida. That's not fun at all!

    1. It gets frustrating. I had chickens get in through an open window in the plant room and they knocked over a whole big tray of our little seedlings. If it isn't one thing, it's another. I admire you two for raising food even when both of you are maxed out with other concerns.

      I don't like windy days because one day, I'm going to have a tree come down on the house. And often, I get trees or branches down across my trail and can't get off the mountain til I cut them up.

  10. Harry,

    This appears to be another bad year for the state of Florida with all the fires, and now rain. Hopefully the rain will help put out those fire.

    It's been raining here as well, last night I thought I seen an Ark pass by the house....LOL
    The skies lit up with so much lightning last night, and the hail was terrible. Granted we all need rain.....but not all at once :-)

    They're people in this world who can't deal with the truth or with the election results. In the previous elections we didn't vote for "O" however because he was president, we respected the title. People should respect the title even if they didn't vote for "T".

    1. Sandy, Florida is getting buffeted, sure enough .Last year it was our turn in the barrel so I feel more empathy for them as a result of that.

      I have been watching the weather here closely, and I've seen that it's been rough out your way as well. I saw what you meant about red clay, it's kind of like here. There was a news article about the weather in OK and it showed the water flowing down the side of a road, it was all red with clay.

      I think there are more stable, working class people in the Trump camp, so when Obama was President it never occurred to most of us to go out and riot. It's just not the style of that kind of person. I detested the guy beyond measure but I never got violent about it. The people who do support the Hillary/Obama clique tend to be academics, students, and anarchists. A completely different kind of individual.