Sunday, July 2, 2017

Gettysburg, 2nd Day

As of three this afternoon, I can't find any indication that things have gotten out of hand at Gettysburg. I sincerely hope it stays quiet through tomorrow.  Solely because I don't want to see good, honest people have trouble with the law because they took action against the Shrillerites. The thugs in black don't care if they get arrested, it's a badge of honor with them. But middle class, working people are humiliated by being arrested and having hand cuffs put on them. It would be better if it didn't happen.

Why Antifa should stay clear of Gettysburg:

This video was made on the 150th anniversary of the battle.  People who re-enact the Civil War do so for any number of reasons, but they don't tend to be sympathetic to the Shrillerites or their minions. I'm fairly certain that Antifa is not accustomed to screwing around with people like these, be they Southern or Northern re-enactors. The weapons, incidentally, bayonets, swords, pistols, rifles, and even cannon,  are fully functional.

My brother was in a re-enactment group for many years. In fact, his group is in the movie "Dances with Wolves" and if you've seen it, the Confederate soldier crossing the corn field in the porkpie hat is my brother.

This is him "out of uniform."

This is my brother and his son. 

I think it could be a fatal mistake to try to desecrate a Confederate cemetary or burn a Confederate flag around people like my brother.  They're not the type Antifa is used to dealing with.  Little sticks and cans of coolant wouldn't avail anyone much against these folks.

But then the good guys would get arrested.  Better if things just stay quiet.

Sunday routine today.

Brutally hot here today, supposed to hit 90 in the mountains and hotter in ATL.  Humidity is way up.  I got out there early this morning and spend two hours clearing my Jeep trail with a shovel and buckets, where mud and debris has been building up on it at washout spots. Then I carried the buckets up the slope to the buildings and used the debris to fill in wash outs up there. Two hours was all I could handle. I'm done in for the rest of the day.

I left the main supply room on the bottom level open this morning, and Percy got in there. He can go in between the stacked pails, so I will never get him out and it's his favorite place on earth, all dark and secret. I put some food and water down there, and some papers in a corner. When he gets lonely he'll come out and I can shut the door.

I'd like to go over to the lake at the park near the house and swim this afternoon, but the place will be completely full.  After the fourth of July weekend, during the week days I can over after six and the beach is all mine. The water is perfect, and it's a nice way to end the day.

Thought for the Day:


  1. We are all sons of Virginia here!

    1. The Army of Northern Virginia was one of the best forces America ever put into the field.

      My great, great grandfather was a private in Company B, 54th Georgia Infantry. The 54th was part of the Army of Tennessee, so wasn't at Gettysburg. But my ancestor lost an eye and a leg at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain, outside ATL, when a federal cannon shell hit the trench he was in. Then when he was being evacuated, the hospital train derailed when it hit a stretch of track that the Federal Cavalry had destroyed. Old Joseph had a hard row to hoe.
      On my mom's side of the family, we had a Confederate doctor and some cavalrymen. My mom's people were Gordons, and we are distant relations of General John B. Gordon.

  2. yeah, just a report of a guy shot himself in the thigh with his own gun today. pennsylvanian no less....lotta boys like your brother out here in the boonies, watching what goes on and getting angrier by the day. only the lord knows what comes next, but i just don't see how it can keep going like it is. i curse nikki haley every time her face comes on the tv screen. if she'd had the guts to stand up to the blm crowd then, we wouldn't be in this position now....right there with you on the heat/humidity. worked on a deck/walkway project that shoulda took a day, has taken 4 so far and only half way finished and all the way exhausted. be careful out there in it.

    1. I'm no fan of Nikki Haley. We'd be a lot better off if her parents had no come here from India.

      The difference between me and my brother is that he is more proactive than I am. He's the one who went and did a stint with the Minutemen on the Southern Border way back when that seemed like the only way to stem the brown tide. He's been in jail several times for meting out street justice to some privileged minority members who richly deserved what they got. In short, he's a really bad person to mess with. I don't know if he got that from his stint in the Marine Corps, or from being a cop in an anti-gang unit for so many years. Probably both.

      I don't see things going on like this indefinitely. At some point, something is going to happen that will burst the flood gates and then the issue will be settled in the streets. No hope for justice in the courts, as they are both politically prejudiced and venal.

      Looks like another rough day here heat and humidity wise. Even the indoor/outdoor cats are staying inside today.

  3. my nephew in law is there working with medics to make sure everyone is okay. He does it every year and loves it. He has been posting tons of picture of the reenactment. Hasn't said though if anything extra curricular is going on.
    Senior and I both have ancestors who fought for the confederacy, or the "war of northern aggression" as my dad always called it. He was real civil war buff...I inherited all his books. One of my favorites was John Mosby.. Liked reading about his tactics in guerilla warfare.

    1. Mosby and Forrest were both past masters at asymmetrical warfare. Both very interesting personalities and both true gentlemen.

      Does your nephew in law post his pictures on a blog? I'd like to see them if he does.

      I've got a nice collection of primary sources on the Civil War, including some that are out of print now. I imagine when I exit the scene my son will donate them to the college , he is not interested at all in the subject, I'm afraid.

      I hope you all have a fun fourth of July over there.

    2. he does not blog. but has them splattered all over his facebook. I can copy them and do a post about it..

    3. That would be a great post. I'd enjoy seeing his pictures.