Sunday, April 14, 2019

Another big storm.

In April of 2011, there was the "super outbreak" that killed 365 people across the South. North Georgia had an immense amount of damage.  People remember that, so this new storm, taking place at the same time of year and under the same meteorological conditions, is causing a lot of concern.

Right now, the wind here on the mountain is coming in at about 35 mph, gusting up to 55 mph. Doesn't sound like a lot until you go outside and watch the pine trees bending back and forth. Before long, the older ones, or dead ones, will start breaking off about midway up, and 40 foot long sections of the trunk will come screaming down like giant spears.

Power is out in the NE section of the county, and it will go out here any minute.  Not much to do we haven't already done. All the standard storm preparations were finished up yesterday. We've had plenty of warning this was coming, the Atlanta television stations have been harping on it since last weekend.

I was tired out last night, after spending the day cleaning out ditches, working on the gutters, putting in shakes, etc. So I listened to the scanners from about 2100 until just before midnight.  Lots of strange things going on, but whenever a big storm is coming, the crazies start acting up. Same thing with a full moon. If you don't believe the old saw about a full moon causing the mental cases to act up, check with anyone who works in an emergency room.

Plenty of  gunfire.  Not so long ago, if someone heard gunfire from their neighbors property, they would either go over, or call, to see what the problem was. People don't do that anymore, because they are afraid they'll get in over their heads. Instead, they call the county dispatcher, who sends a Deputy.

With the demographic change here, we have a problem with house breaking and vehicle theft. Last night, I heard a call from someone saying there was gunfire at their "elderly neighbors" house, and that was "out of character." You could tell from the way the caller had phrased their call that  they were not locals. 

So the Sheriff's department sent out a deputy.  It was a female and she sounded like she was about 15 on the radio. I felt sorry for her, but she knew the job was dangerous when she took it.

Turns out, the old couple living there had some dogs, and the dogs started barking. They were fixated on his truck, which was parked by a shed.  He saw movement in the dark, and lit the tree line up. They didn't say anything about what he was firing, but it must have had a nice big magazine on it.

The Sheriff's deputy didn't find anyone, and that was the end of that. But it's indicative of the atmosphere here now. People are on edge. 

Next to listening to the scanners, now that the CB radio net is no more, the best news source here is the barbershop. You find out everything that's going on in the county there. I heard we have "Walkers" coming through the county now. These are illegals who have been released somewhere in the U.S.and they are traveling in small groups up to North Carolina through North Georgia. I gather "Walkers" refers to that Living Dead show , whatever it's called, but it's an appropriate moniker. I saw a batch of these people myself this week. Mayan Indian looking guys, three of them, trudging along the road. They didn't have back packs like the ones on the news. They were carrying grocery sacks, those cheap cloth ones, with whatever they had in the bags. They didn't look left or right, they just kept walking. North Carolina has a huge illegal population, so maybe these people are going to the "illegals" communities up there. They were hard looking men. I guess you would have to be to walk all the way to the border from Central America, and keep going.  I'd just as soon they didn't pass through here, but that damned four lane highway brings everything and everybody right up here.

It would be nice if we could just ship all these tens of  thousands of illegals to the "sanctuary cities" like the President thinks we should. They'd be hoist on their own petard, but good.

This months Off Grid was a particularly good one.  You have to subscribe now to find a copy, not a single store in our county carries the magazine anymore. They've all gotten politically correct and now we have "Hobby Farms" or "The New Pioneer" instead.

American Survival Guide came out with a good issue, too. The quality of both magazines continues to improve, and if I have to go to some trouble to get them, it's well worth while to me.

Here's a good example of why the Democrats are ecstatic to have so many illegals flooding into the county. They push out the residents of a district, and then voting legally or illegally, they elect some
wing nut to office.  Omar has been making nearly as big a splash as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and they are "bosom buddies" now.

None of these people are qualified to pour water out of a boot, even if the instructions were written on the heel.  AOC 's resume of qualifications for being a political representative are limited to having worked as a bar tender in New York.

Ilhan Omar and her "sisters in the One True Faith" have no qualifications at all. But they make rediculous speeches and get big face time on the MSM.  The old school Democrats are terrified of crossing them, and even the supposed leaders of the Democratic Party, Schumer and Polosi, can't do anything to stop the violent swing to left these know nothings are effecting .

Here's an article from an old magazine that's worth looking at.  Especially if you are stockpiling antibiotics and not sure what to use for what malady.

Link:   Ballistics Magazine Article 2015 on antibiotics

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  1. Hi Harry, I feel your pain as the same is happening over here in the UK. One of our ethnic politicians today compared all brexit voters to the nazis, and his kindred are clamouring for him to be the next prime minister. I despair for this country and can see it being a complete cesspit within the next twenty years.We not only have the hitch hikers through the Channel tunnel but now have the crossing the Channel in dinghys.I am glad I'm getting old and probably won't see it to fruition. I think we have lived through the best years our countries have had.I
    Good luck with the storm.

    1. Duncan, We have the same kind of idiots in our government. They tend to be people who have no experience of real life and live in their own little dream world. Conversely, sometimes they are just outright crooks, like Maxine Waters out in California, who have used their positions in government to get fat on graft. She's certifiable, but she's still getting reelected every time around. Tells you a lot about the people who live in California when you look at who they elect.

      I always thought that whatever happened, it couldn't touch me up here in the mountains. This place used to be really hard to get to, and almost nobody from the outside came up into the area except delivery truck drivers. Now, it might as well just be right outside Atlanta. It's not just here though. I stay in touch with people all over the country, and the influx of immigrants is causing the bottom feeders to show up everywhere. No place is safe from them. Our government is becoming infested with people like Omar and Cortez, who have no connection to the country whatsoever, and don't give a damn about anyone but their own "tribe." Balkanization used to be a term we used here in philosophical discussions, but now it's an issue we are having to deal with on the ground, and not doing a very good job of it.

      Like you, there's no doubt in my mind that we are on our way to the bottom of the toilet these days, and I'm glad I was born in the 1950's. But I feel badly for my kids, who are in their thirties. I don't see much positive in the future for them. I tried to get them out of here, sending them to Canada for three years for their advanced education and applying for resident alien status. But the Canadian government doesn't much care for Americans and they got turned down. Tried to get my whole family out in the mid nineties, applied for residency in Australia but was politely turned down, as my wife and I had no skills they needed. They had enough Australian citizens teaching.

      The storm was a bad one. It's over now though, and I didn't have much damage. I haven't been down the trail off the mountain top though, and I dread I'll find a giant pile up of trees across it.

  2. Rain is moving in later tonight. Flood warnings for Monday and Tuesday. The nights have started staying above freezing so the snow pack has finally started to melt. Add rain on top of that and the flooding is no surprise. I'm fine here on my hill, but getting into town might be interesting.

    1. Sixbears, it's warmer here than up at your place, but cold for us this time of year. 31 degrees at sunrise. The storm was a bad one, torrents of rain and high winds. Power went out and stayed out for a good while. I realized one of the negative aspects of getting rid of the land line was I can't call the power company any more to report an outage. Not that they ever cared, anyway....

      Today (Monday) I plan on going out and seeing what has happened out in my area. There have to be a lot of trees down and I expect some of the roads are closed off due to flooding.

      I hope things ended up ok at your place .

  3. The few Mexicans and such that we have in our area (so far) don't peeve me nearly as much as some muslim couple with their kids like I occasionally see at Walmart. At least the Mexicans in this area seem to be willing to work.

    1. The problem with Hispanics in general is not the guys in the faded blue jeans, cowboy boots, and straw cowboy hats. They don't bother anybody, tend to keep to themselves, and they don't even suck up social services really, other than medical and educational.

      But where ever they establish themselves, the horrific aspects of their societies follow them. The biggest gang in Atlanta, with over 2000 active members, is Hispanic. They started coming in in the late 80's, virtually wiped out the black gangs, and now there are places in Dekalb and Cobb county you dare not go even in daylight. Drugs, cartel business, and Cholo's are always found where there are Hispanics.

      My mom found out, in her little college town, what happens when the "intelligentsia" invites in Hispanic refugees. The Hispanic teens took over the recreational center, beat the tar out of the white teens from the town, and now they are having to deal with all that mess themselves. My mother had nothing to do with importing the troubles, she's just the conduit for keeping me informed. I admit that in this case, the idiots who caused the problems with their liberal ideals are actually the same people who are now living with the consequences of their actions. That's really rare. Usually the "gated community" liberals who cause these catastrophic influxes of morelocks aren't actually touched by the results.

      Moslems are a pain in the other butt cheek. I have never, in all my life, seen people who were so pushy, so aggressive in trying to make everyone conform to their personal beliefs and standards. I think the best single example of it here is their trying to have pork products taken off the sandwich bar at Subway. Hey, if they don't eat pork, nobody eats pork!

      If I wanted to live around Moslems and Hispanics, I would go to their countries. I don't appreciate them coming here and infesting what was a viable and positive society. People who say these "refugees" and illegals are a disease bacillus in the body of the country are exactly right. The left wing fools who facilitate all this are the "Typhoid Mary's" of our society.

  4. That's a bad storm you're getting Harry. It came through Texas yesterday, not too far from us. Three tornadoes hit two towns causing a lot of destruction and 5 people have died. I hope you and M get through the storm without any damage. Jana

    1. Jana, I knew you folks got hit hard. I watched the weather channels and saw all that wreckage. There was an old couple from Texas who were on the Weather Channel. They're place was destroyed but they were very brave about it, and I thought to myself, that kind of people is why Texans have the reputation they do.

      It was a bad storm here. We got by with minor damage and clean up work to be done today, although I haven't been down the Jeep trail and I'm afraid of what I might find when I do get down it.

      The power went out, and because I got rid of my land line, I couldn't call the power company to report it, but they got it back on eventually anyway. Unintended consequences, that's something I didn't think about when I stopped the land line telephone service!

  5. Lots of hysteria out of the Trashville staions, but nothing unduly exciting up here. Hope you & yours weather the storm safely.
    Forgive me, but I had to chuckle at this: "Not so long ago, if someone heard gunfire from their neighbors property, they would either go over, or call, to see what the problem was."
    I'm only 54, but all my life, gunfire has beeen one of those "not my business" things: not for fear of getting involved, but just because it's so prevalent. The exception was if your neighbor was shooting & the sound intrigued you, & you just had to wander over & see what the hell they were firing (coming in the safe way, by the driveway, of course).
    Nearest neighbor did that a month or so ago: I just had to discover what had rattled everything & spooked the critters--it was Tannerite, as I had guessed.
    Be safe, Harry, God willing.
    --Tennessee Budd

    1. It's Monday here now, TB. The storm was a bad one, no fun at all, but it's over and the cold air behind the front is drying out the forest. Good thing, since we are so far ahead of the normal rain fall for 2019 we're about to float away.

      During the day, I don't think people pay much attention to shooting, but at night it's usually not a good thing. You never heard the county dispatcher sending our deputies to check on gunshots in the past though. It was just assumed something was out to get the chickens, or turning over the trashcans, some relatively innocuous event. The neighbors would just check to be sure.

      But now, with some much crime and so many undesirables running around, the odds are it's a housebreaking or a car theft going on, something negative. People here don't want to get in the middle of that sort of thing, so they call the dispatcher. The problem is, where neighbors could get there fast, the county only has two deputies on duty at night and they might be on the other side of the county. 40 minutes is a long time to wait if you are being broken into.

      I feel sure if somebody was having intruder problems and called their neighbors, the neighbors would come. It's just another one of the changes to life here.

      I've heard of those Tannerite targets, made out of aluminium powder and something else, can't remember what. I hear they make a racket!

      Everything is ok here now. Hope the storm didn't beat you up any.

  6. we had two suspected tornados go right by our house and never saw or heard a thing. in fact as storms go it was pretty laid back....gunfire is common any day of the week here but you can tell if its target practice or the real deal. even hear full auto up on the mountain ever once in a while, and neighbors got visitor from time to time with a fifty. made me hit the floor on a sunday morning. thought about having a word with him, but he's a viet nam sniper and a nice guy, but reeeeal jumpy....funny tis storm was one year to the day of our other one that tore up the hood. take care harry.

    1. I don't think we had any tornados touch down, but the wind was hellish. The pine trees, especially the really tall "slash pines" were whipping back and forth. The rain was torrential, and it lasted for hours. That was a bad storm and I hope we don't have another one like it for awhile. At least nothing came down on the Jeep trail.

      Shooting goes on here pretty much all the time, especially weekends. You're right, when people are doing target practice, they shoot with a rhythm, with spacing between shots, and for a longer period of time. When I hear a flurry of shots, or just one or two, off in the distance at night, I get nervous. With the echoes like they are here, and especially in the winter when the air is clear, cold and dry, sound carries a long way.

      The custom here is not to shoot on Sunday morning, until after church time. I think it used to be a law until a few years ago, and people still tend to practice that today. Saturday's there's a lot of shooting in the national forest around me, because people can get out on the old fire lanes, riding those four wheel little cart things, and they go out and plink. Of course, there have been times when the shooting in the national forest turned out to be drug traffickers settling disputes too, but I never knew about it till I heard it in town.

      Those storms do tend to be cyclic, don't they. That monster storm in 2011 was right about this time of year.

      Life goes on. At least it isn't boring here . ;-)

    2. G'day Harry,

      I am only about 10-12kms from Holsworthy Army Base which is one of the biggest and oldest in Aus. Consequently I often go to sleep to the gentle sound of 155mm Howitzers or M60 and small arms fire. Many years ago I went to their artillery range for an open day for the local Reserve army battery, they did a live fire exercise with their 105 howitzers, even fired a smoke barrage. The audience were only about 200 yards behind the battery, very impressive! Not sure that they do anything like that nowadays.

    3. Hey, Sgt. I told some people about the tax code you folks have there, and the general consensus is that it would never work here because it's too easy to understand, and makes way too much sense. IRS would never allow it because the thousands upon thousands of people who work there would be out of a job. Neither would accountants, tax firms, and everybody else that battens off the tax code. I had to pay $200.00 this year to get my taxes done and even my accountant says nobody really understands it.

      I know what you mean about "mad moment" shows for the public. We did some of those, they were impressive, especially at night when the FPF (final protective fires) cut loose and you could see all the tracers criss crossing. I never had much to do with artillery, though I did see some of it in action in Lebanon. Not enough of it there, in my opinion.

    4. Harry, those are the basic tax rates that apply to all taxpayers, if you are a wage earner and maybe have a couple of investments earning interest or dividends then it is fairly straight forward to do your tax return, HOWEVER the Australian Tax Legislation 2019 still runs to 4 weighty volumes of often mind numbing reading. Company tax and tax for high worth individuals is where you get bogged down (when I first started out we were still using the Australian Income tax act 1936! which was only one largish volume).

      Must check and see if the Reserve Army still holds any open days.

  7. "He saw movement in the dark, and lit the tree line up. "
    Recon by fire is never a good idea when it comes to home defense.

    1. Well, remember that the circumstances here are different from Joe the Ragman who lives in town or suburbia. Most people who live out of town, live on good sized tracts of land, most of which is heavily wooded and fairly secluded.

      While there are people who have pastures around the house, people like me only have a cleared field of fire from house to tree line of around 100 feet. In Spring and Summer, once you hit that tree line, it's impenetrable. I can shine my giant flood light into the trees at night, and not see more than a foot inside them.

      So, if my dogs are going mad and I have reason to believe something is out in the bush, I have to make a decision. It might be a deer or a bear, a red wolf, coyote, who knows? I don't want to hurt any of them. But it also might be Jamal and Abdul from the project, doing a little late night house breaking. Remember the guy here who ran upstairs and hid in his bedroom, calling nine one one from the closet while the three "new citizens" were downstairs wrecking his study? That's just not me, nor a lot of people that live here.

      So, what I do now, is I give a couple of good shouts, and let who ever, what ever, know I'm about to open fire. Then I fire into the tree line at about the 10 foot level. I'm not going to walk out to the tree line with a flashlight and see what's in there, it's just bad headwork to do that.

      If something/someone hauls ass, fine. I'll be able to hear them a mile away, fleeing through the dense woods is not something even the stealthiest creature can do.

      If they start shooting back, I'm going to lower the barrel and pour it on.

      It's possible some hiker could be lost, and show up here. But the standard practice here, day or night, when approaching a solitary house in the woods is to stand off and yell "hello, the house!" or something similar. You're expected to give notice before you approach the house.

      I know some hiker off the Appalachian trail might not know that, and it would be really sad to shoot some hapless innocent. It would be a lot sadder to get stuck with a butcher knife by Juan, or get a round in the chest from "Lil Dip Shit."

      I know that your point is the possibility of blowing away some innocent, and it's well taken. But the situation is very different out here in the deep woods, at night, than it is in suburbia or the city.

      Even so, I wouldn't look down someone who chose a less forceful approach to that situation. Everybody has to make his own play.

  8. water in our basement
    town has essentially illegal sewer system
    easily backs up in old houses like ours rained so hard visibility was zero.

    terrible winds.

    1. Do you have a sump pump in the basement, Deb? I have one in my pump room, because it can flood if the rain comes down so hard that my upslope drainage ditches overflow. They don't cost much, you can get a good one for $35.00 or so.

    2. got one notin area where water comes in and the sewer is separate
      very old house built with no utilities and then retro fitted am going to look into grey water system to take pressure off the minimal sewerage system in the town sewer man said it is the same most houses here
      he had spent the whole day reaming out pipes in the street but system is not engineered so very poor system
      thanks for idea though

    3. Wow. Sounds like you are doing your best at coping with a bad situation. One thing I like about living way the hell out here in the woods is I am not depending on outside resources other than electricity, and I get along without that, per force, lots of the time as our electric distribution system dates from the 1930's .

  9. It's sobering how the demographic has changed in such a rural place. I think the scanners are a good idea.

    1. Leigh, it didn't take long for things to change here. The building of the 4 lane road down to Atlanta was the harbinger of doom. Then more and more Hispanic illegals started showing up to work in the Apple orchards and the chicken plants. The real killer was the intentional importation of urban poor, middle eastern refugees, and above all border jumpers from Mexico and Central America. The state started moving those people up here to live in low cost (read, no cost to occupants) apartments. That was that.

      Scanners keep you up to speed on what's happening, as it's happening. Because cell phone reception is virtually non-existent outside the town, and because encrypted radio signals require massive power and access to repeaters to work, most important things wind up being transmitted "in the clear" and they try to "talk around" disclosing information but it's just about impossible to do that.

  10. The weather has been really scary!

    We have a lot of farmers in the midwest that can't plant anything this year. Everything was flooded. There's a lot of places that have toxic water. They said on the news to not go mushroom hunting. Morel Mushrooms should be popping up all over, but in flooded areas they can be bad to eat!

    I worry about our future as far as violence goes. It's not about gun control. People are just in a bitter nasty state. They could run their cars, trucks, vans into buildings and cause a ton of damage. Homemade bombs could happen. And more...

    Overall we're tired, overworked, and are never happy with things. People snap when they don't have love. I think some parents don't show their kids the time of day.

    Isaak has a horrible set of students in his class. I just shake my head when he talks about them! I'm so ready for him to change schools. He needs to get away from that toxic environment.

    1. for gadzooks! homeschool them! doesn't have to be 9 to 3 can be anytime you have time they are generally self starters and do not have to be hovered over.
      you will enjoy it and so will they.

    2. Alissa , we are in the same boat here. The crops in the field, which would normally be trucked down to the farmers market in Atlanta, are rotten and flooded out

      "The clash of cultures" has always been a problem in terms of violence, and now we are importing vast numbers of people from societies in which unbridled violence is the only way to get what you want. "Law" doesn't enter into it. These types don't change in any way, type or form when they hit U.S. soil. They remain what they were in Honduras, or El Salvador, or where ever.

      We had problems with violence on a large scale in America before all this "immigration" started and now it's off the scale and beyond redemption. It's the new normal and will just keep getting worse as the influx of Third World inhabitants flood into the country.

      I know you are having a lot of trouble with the schools for your kids. I home schooled mine, as you know, but that might not work for your family. It doesn't work for everybody. If you do decide to consider it, Texas Tech University has an outstanding Home School facilitation program. You can buy a great curriculum, materials, etc from them as a package.

  11. i think pelosi is beginning to smell the blood in the water--and it is hers.
    the moslems have contempt for her and she will be cast aside by them as soon as possible

    1. There are always individuals in decadent societies who facilitate their own destruction. The current crop of old school democratic politicians are experiencing that phenomenon right now. The problem is, as the "progressives" get rid of the Pelosi style pols and rebuild the party in their own image, they'll take the whole country down the toilet with them.